This might be changing soon…

The entire liberal world is in turmoil because of the now impending purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk.

If there was need of a confirmation, this is it: Elon Musk is on our side in one of the most important issues of our time: freedom of expression and the way social media are trying to influence minds and, in fact, world events on a planetary scale.

The issue is not only one of freedom of speech. It is, very obviously, one of religious freedom. When more and more Christian voices are censored as “homophobic”, and kept out of the biggest “distributors” of news links on the planet, it is obvious that Christianity is being slowly marginalised, which will make it easier to switch to outright persecution.

Now, Musk is certainly not perfect, nor is he a paradigm of Christian life. But it is evident enough by now that he cares for freedom of expression deeply. This development is very, very good.

Plus, Truth Social is (slowly) trying to leave the starting blocks, with the legal and technical process now being (slowly) worked through. When Truth Social works as it is intended to work (social media, streaming, TV productions and, one day, internet hosting), it will constitute another massive help for Christianity and, in general, for wholesome thinking all over the West.

Yesterday it was a good day for us, more so than many think. It may well be remembered as the day Elon Musk, acting at “Tesla speed” (yes, it’s a word) and anticipating even Trump, gave the first massive blow to the liberal, globalist, anti-Christian, Great Reset mentality trying to poison the planet.

Congratulations, Mr Musk. May the newly acquired power be utilised for good, and may the Lord prevent you from the temptation of abusing it.

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  1. Now Musk needs to buy out Facebook and YouTube and win have a hattrick!

  2. Amen!

  3. God bless Elon Musk:+)

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