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Social Media, The Killing Machine.

It seems to me that, whilst there are always several facets to an event like the conflict in Ukraine, the role of the Social Media has been quite decisive on this particular occasion.

Let us reflect on this: it would be very difficult for the USA to pass a bill meant to give a huge boon to their Military Industrial Complex without the emotional “wave” unchained by Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Similarly, it is difficult to believe that even mediocre politicians like the European ones would choose a clearly self-defeating and harming policy like the “sanctions” against Russia, without the strong push to “action” from all the Twitter warriors, the Reddit heroes, and the Facebook generals.

As it is, the wave of oestrogen released by the start of the Special Military Operation has been the catalyst that put this hysterical machine in motion: in Europe, moving (not “forcing”) stupid politicians like Scholz & Co. to do something clearly suicidal in its direction, albeit refusing to go on and actually proceed to commit Economic Suicide, like a sanction package very much akin to castrating oneself to try to spite the wife. At the same time, the US could profit (in part) from the situation (USD 150bn in weapons orders coming only from Germany in the next years, plus the already mentioned package, plus the pushing of a rod in the relationship between Europe and Russia, plus increased sales of energy to Europe in the next years) because Europe’s dumb and weak politicians were too girly to resist the pressure coming from the above mentioned Twitter warriors, Reddit heroes, and Facebook generals.

It’s a toxic loop of stupid people doing what they do best (being stupid) as they signal virtue with their little Ukrainian flags; mediocre and weak European politicians unable to resist the pressure of the Screaming Couch Dwellers; Ukrainian thieving government officials happy to pour fuel into the flames (and money in their own pockets) and US politicians making their generous lobbyists happy as they make more money out of weapons and energy. Yes, little people will suffer in the USA, too, but don’t expect Biden or Pelosi, McConnell or Raytheon to care. Plus, the advantage of seeing a GDP power like the EU quarrel with an energy and military power like Russia, a combination which would be the real nail in the coffin of America’s coveted “only superpower” status, is clearly reward enough from the point of view of the US geopolitical strategy.

The consequences of this for the Ukraine (or rather, what will remain of it) are also totally brutal: the wave of social media hysteria is exactly what allows Elensky and his bunch of colleagues and billionaire protectors to enrich themselves shamelessly out of the bonanza coming from the West, as the Country goes through the Russian meat grinder for far longer than it would have been the case without the armchair generals comfortably inciting the Ukrainian soldiers to utter self-destruction from their properly heated, extremely safe basements.

At the root of the dimensions (not its existence) of this mess, therefore, are the Basement Dwellers. They have decided that the Special Military Operation was to be the new Approved Virtue Signalling Exercise, and they will keep pushing the mess to continue (and the Ukraine to sink in a deeper and deeper hole) until they find a new Approved Virtue Signalling Exercise as the fun of this one rapidly diminishes and reality knocks at their tick skulls with ever increasing insistence, as it is abundantly doing already.

100 days on, and Ukraine is half invaded, half destroyed, completely humiliated, full of debts, and further away from NATO and EU than they ever were. Meanwhile, Russia is more powerful and richer than it ever was and Europe is preparing itself for an inflation and energy crisis entirely of their own making.

The US don’t care, as they are using the Ukraine as a (stupid) pawn to try to destabilise Russia even as they keep their armament donors and their oil companies happy.

The Ukrainian elites are very happy as they enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams.

The UK can believe again, for a moment, that they really count.

The Ukrainians plunge into a spiral of debt, death, desperation, and destruction.

Meanwhile, the Basement Dweller feel, as always, very good with themselves.

The Little June Crusade


June is upon us. In the last years, at least in my neck of the woods, June has been used as a “month of perversion” of sort. It’s the month in which enterprises terrified to be cancelled by the homo mafia want to let us know that they really, really like fags and dykes. In fact, this year I am expecting to see trannie schoolboys in chocolate advertisements, and the like.

How do we react to this? My suggestions:

1) Pray more. Do more penance. Try some fast. In fact, for many years now I have made a point to say a prayer to St Michael the Archangel every time I see sexual perversion on the street. These things work. Prayer counts. Perversion advances because people do not believe, and do not pray.

2) Be part of the resistance. From mockery of pervs (always an extremely effective weapon) to open statement of your Christian beliefs, let other people know that they are not alone in feeling uncomfortable.

3) Support sane companies. Try to Buy your pillows, and your other stuff, from companies which are known to support Christianity and, after that, from those who stay out of the pandering to perverts. Also, do not miss any occasion (Google reviews, mails of feedback to the company) to let them know where you stand. Make them know, in a word, that they pandering comes at a cost.

You may say it’s not much, but it will be much if many do it, and it will be very valuable in the economy of your salvation.

June is upon us.

Make it your little Crusade.

God Is Armed, Violent, And Extremely “Homophobic”

“Buddha was right and Christ is wrong, you know…”

So, after the Evil Clown has decided to lecture us all about this extremely unChristian thing called non-violence, it is good to point out a defining characteristic of our wonderful religion: justified violence. Let us see some aspect of it according of the very first examples that came to my mind.

Individual violence

Jesus was, clearly, not at all non-violent. Making a whip of cords and whipping with it so many merchants/moneylenders SO HARD that they all have to flee in disorderly retreat isn’t exactly Gandhi-like behaviour.

Plus, and very obviously, it’s clear from the Gospel that the Apostles went around armed, and I am talking swords here, not sticks, tasers, or pepper-spray. Therefore, private, one to one violence was very much in the cards for all of them, with Jesus clearly ordering it all.

Collective violence

Heavens, this one should need no explanation at all even to an evil, ignorant ass like Francis. From Joshua to the Crusades, our wonderful Religion (which is the only true one) makes of justified, or necessary war a really big deal. This, not only when the war is necessary for religious reasons, but for any valid reason. Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori. Military chaplains on both sides. Prayers for individual Arms. Take that, Frankie.

Divine violence

Frankie, get over it: God does genocide. Shall I mention the Flood here, or is it too banal? What about the Universal Judgment (not come yet, but be assured that it will come)? And what about the most famous destruction of “civilians” in all of the Bible, the brutal carpet bombing of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Yes, Frankie dear: any European “human rights” tribunal would condemn all of these episodes, and brand the last one with the terrible, terrible mark of “homophobia”!

So, what does this tell you, Frankie dear? It tells you that, when He has to be and according to His Infinite Goodness, God is armed, violent, and extremely, *extremely* “homophobic”.

If you don’t like it (which you clearly don’t) and want to erge yourself to judge of the Christian way (which you clearly do) I would suggest that you make your apostasy official, abdicate, and go off to some Buddhist temple very, very, very far away, where you will be able to, once in your disgraceful life, practice what you preach.

And now, please, excuse me.

I need to go surf on the “Guns and Ammo” website.

An Exercise In Catholicism

It has been announced that the Evil Clown – unfortunately not having died of cancer as sincerely hoped by Yours Truly – will proceed to appoint another batch of mostly very bad people to a red hat.

It is noted that the number of Cardinals will, at today’s count and with the latest addition, rise to 131, well above the 120 that are, so to speak, the guideline. It is hoped this will be the last Consistory of this satanical individual.

With the new batch of likely Reprobates, Francis will have appointed the vast majority of the group of Cardinals called to pick his successor (note the word: the Cardinals, not the Holy Ghost, pick the Pope).

This one is clearly one of those situations that seem hopeless. It would, likely, be so if we were one of those Protestant outfits who, once they have sold to the world, are past the point of no return and go the way of the Quackers. But we aren’t the Quackers. We are the Only Church. And the Only Church is, as we all know, Indefectible.

Francis may think that he has managed to sabotage the Church forever. If he does so, it is only because he is a) atheist and b) stupid. The Church will laugh at this little, arrogant scoundrel and will see him pass, turn to ashes and be forgotten as She has done with countless evils of the past 2000 years.

Granted, a pope at war with the Church is a special kind of evil. But then again – and, I think, the key to understanding these years – Vatican II and its aftermath were a special kind of rebellion.

The unprecedented subversion of the Church from within must perforce lead to an unprecedented corrosion and disfigurement of the Church also from within, then it is not realistic to expect that God would allow his shepherds and an awful lot of sheep to try the bittersweet taste of rebellion without forcing the consequences of this down their throats, and down the throats of their children, to who know how many generations (hopefully we will stop at two…)

V II is the key to the proper understanding of this situation. If you are struggling to grasp what is happening now, it means that you have not grasped the subversive reach of V II.

How to get out of this? Not with the usual, natural means. At this point, the rot is so advanced that to think that the bunch of perverts in the power of other perverts and the motley crew of assorted tepid sheep, atheist functionaries and wet kitten may come to the idea of actually appointing a Catholic pope seems preposterous. No: as long as they are left to themselves, this bunch of reprobates will pick a Francis II, then a Francis III, and so on until God’s Providence puts an end to this mess.

In a way, what is happening is another lesson in Catholicism. It is not the invitation to accept the lie, but the invitation to hold fast to the truths transmitted to us as we put ourselves in God’s hands.

I have no illusion that the end of this mess will come before my grave. It might well be that the mess will go on for another one, two, three generations, or for how many of those as God in His Justice will deem fitting punishment for a betrayal without precedent.

But then again: God can do everything, and we have many examples of wonderful turnarounds. It was not many years from Diocletian’s persecution to Constantine’s Edict of Milan. Napoleon made the persecuted Church to State Religion overnight. Mussolini metamorphosed from an activist atheist to “the man of Providence” within just a few years.

Yeah, the God of Surprises can everything, and judges everyone.

I think Francis will have a taste of the one and of the other as soon as he, hopefully today, ends his miserable existence.

Schools Need Guns

Once again, a mad person* has gone into a school and has killed a number of people before (far too late) the police sent them* to their* judgment. Once again, the Woke Troops are losing whatever senses they still retained. Once again, the Democrat Babykilling, perverted apparatus is screaming as loud as they come.

Once again, most people forget one simple fact: this mad person*, like many before him, choose to enter a school and to end their* earthly existence there because schools are gun-free zones.

Nothing could be further from the truth than saying that this massacre happened because there were guns around. In fact, it happened because there weren’t. It could have been a cinema, for example. But generally, it’s a school. School seem to provide plenty of unprotected prey. Nutcases in the mood for a bloodbath followed by suicide-by-cop seem to like the location.

I have, after this tragedy, no concern at all for the Second Amendment. However, it seems to me that the argument I have made above should be made forcefully, particularly in cases like this one.

If every teacher who chooses to do so were able to simply bring his gun at work (and I would, in my kindness, add training, ammo and gun money to a reasonable extent) we would not assist, at least in the vast majority of the cases, to school assaults. Suicidal Nutcase would know that there are armed people inside, possibly well trained, and willing to risk their life to take her* down fast.

It’s as simple as that, really: stop making of school the destination of choice of homicidal mad people*.

Mad persons* aren’t very many, and they should be in the madhouse in the first place. But if everything fails, it could just be a cheap Glock that puts an end to their dreams of going down in a lake of innocent blood.

Schools need gun, not woke idiots.

* see what I am doing here?

This Made My Head Spin

Yes, now you know what this post is about…

This made my head spin.

Pope Benedict, always the naive tool of everybody and his cat, has an apparently homosexual secretary. His name is Clemens. He is made Bishop. We will call him Bishop Lavender.

Bishop Lavender remains is a position of influence (I wonder why?) with Francis.

A guy so suspected of being a homo, that Lifesitenews publish their suspicion quite openly and obviously without fear of consequences was in charge of (how could I not think of this?) organising “world youth” meetings with plenty of prey. It seriously looks like something you would see in a parody movie about the Vatican.

Francis sends this guy to (wait for this) investigate homosexual sexual abuse scandals in a faraway Abbey in Austria.

The guy in charge of the Abbey, and his Provost for 25 years, appears never to have noticed anything. Basically, “professionally deaf”.

A first guy accused of abusing boys was sent away quietly to a place where he still became a priest and went on to commit abuse. At this point, not even a Benedict-like level of naïveté (or conscious desire to shut his eyes) can justify him. In charge for 25 years.. In fact, the Provost likely helped the young pervert to save his backside and find a suitable place. Damn. Should be locked in a dark cell for the rest of his life. Did he? You’ll soon find out!

It goes on. Eminent Professor Roehrig, apparently a very learned TurboFag who was very strong in the abbey, was such a notorious degenerate that he had to be rebuked loudly, strongly, in front of everybody. Nobody seems to have thought of escalating, even anonymously, for years, which is how you get a reputation as “the greatest child molester in lower Austria” and stay out of jail.

If you think this is enough, you are wrong. How did Bishop Lavender’s investigation end? Predictably, with some small slap on the wrist and a very keen desire to shut down everything and “move on”.

In addition, Bishop Levender finds it appropriate to quote Dr TurboFag, evidently a leading light among perverted clergy.

It’s not only the coverage that is a scandal. It’s the arrogance coming from the certainty of impunity.

This is our beloved, indefectible Church in the early XXI Century. We are still loyal to her, of course. We will always be. But boy, this truly is beyond the pale.

We need another St Peter Damian, fast.

Reality Vs Cocaine

Mr Zelenski made a short video appearance.

In the matter of the Ukrainian special military operation, we assisted yesterday in Davos to a quite funny spectacle. Bear in mind that this was, generally speaking, quite a rotten band, the very epitome of globalism and a hotbed of great reset hopes.

Mr Elenski, the new Cartoon Superhero and Clown Extraordinaire, really piddled outside of the pot. In a likely cocaine-fuelled, demand-rich, extremely arrogant video appearance, he said that the Ukraine: 1) must receive every weapon they ask (how does the West dare to give him only one part of his requests!) and 2) must also give the Ukraine 5 billions dollar a month, because hey, cocaine is getting more expensive by the day. Not happy about this, he also lectured the presents about the sanctions to Russia (yes, the ones that are seriously hurting common people and all of the European Countries), stating that they should have been applied last year.

Seriously: the guy needs a new brain, a new nose, and a hard rehab.

Mr Kissinger (yes, he is still alive!) also spoke. Being an old fox, Kissinger knew better than to say that the Ukraine is done. Therefore, he put his message in very flowery words, pretending that victory over Russia might, in theory, be possible, but then suggesting that the Ukraine gives up, cedes territories and remains neutral, clearly proposing a much worse situation than before the special military operation, just to make clear to anyone slow of understanding where he thinks things are (clearly) going.

Meanwhile, Liman and Severodonetsk are both under heavy pressure, the first might be half conquered already (I’ll know more by tomorrow, BBC and CNN readers/viewers by next week…) and the second will not be able to resist for very long. The dismantling of the Ukrainian Army will be slow, methodical, very painful, and irreplaceable. When you lose your best soldiers, no amount of sophisticated weapons can compensate for the absence of well-trained, battle-hardened troops.

It is clear here that the two speakers yesterday embodied a battle between cocaine and reality.

Alas, reality always win.

It’s Exactly His Job, Dude

Dude needs a lesson

Whoopi Goldberg has criticised Archbishop Cordileone, who – certainly defying the ire’s of Francis as one who “obsesses” about abortion – has excluded from Communion that old, satanic harridan known to the world as Nancy Pelosi.

According to Whoopi, it would not be his job to do that.

You know what? It’s exactly his job, dude.

As always, this now involuntary comedian is extremely good at opening her mouth about things she does not even begin to understand. I think she considers her credentials to be: a) Black, b) Lesbian, and c) ugly.

I can, otherwise, not understand this astonishing embarrassment. If this fat dyke had bothered I do not say to ask some Catholic friend of her (I am pretty sure she has none worthy of the name), but to use a search engine for, say, 64 seconds, she would have known who exactly has the job to exclude one of his sheep from Communion.

But no, fat dyke thinks that a Catholic Archbishop does not know his job, and needs a tool like her to tell him.

You have just embarrassed yourself, Dude.

Monkey Business

And just when the time is approaching to distract the West from the immense lies and planetary deception which allowed an extremely corrupt Country, riddled with Nazi bastards, to present itself as the very light of the Democratic world after shelling 14000 people to death, we have the news of the “alarming” spread of the “monkey pox” disease.

How convenient, uh?

No more having to explain that hundreds of millions of people have been shamelessly lied to! No more having to admit the deep influence of Nazis in the Ukrainian government! No more embarrassing explanation about how the Ukraine has been winning all the time, but at the same time is getting crushed like a can of Coca-Cola after Stacey Abrams sat on it! No more having to explain how all that lethal aid disappeared and will be popping up wherever we don’t want it.

No. The Western media and governments alike now have salvation in the form of monkey pox. A wonderful occasion to give the ones and the others precious weeks to dial the volume down on Ukraine, until it becomes nothing more than background noise, exactly as it happened with that other huge propaganda and gaslighting operation, Syria.

This is bad enough.

But you know what grates me the most? It is the absolute certainty that, if the Western media and governments decided that the Monkey Business needs to be elevated to the level of proper craze, our Bishops would be, AGAIN, the first in line, advocating for restrictions of liberties, suppression of masses, and general concern showing.

I know it. You know it. They know it.

We can only hope it never comes so far.

Accompaniment, Saint Bernardino Style

“Learn from Saint Bernardino!”

Ah, Saint Bernardino of Siena!

This fearless Saint is still very well known in Italy. A bit like a household name. Not many know the details about him, but everybody has heard his name!

Francis too, methinks?

You see, Bernardino (or Bernadine as I think some would say in English) was very good at doing exactly that stuff that Francis lurvs!

The guy met sinners where they were at*. He would preach, for example, in the middle of Piazza del Campo in Siena, exactly where all those sinners congregated! So accessible, so down-to-earth! A cura villero ante litteram! How pleased must our Pontiff be with him!

And then, then….

… when the people had gathered….

… the saintly man would….

… in his charity….

thunder against sodomy like there is no tomorrow!

He would advocate for a strict enforcement of sodomy laws. He would advocate for the execution of public, unrepentant sodomites! He was, actually, so good at that, so passionate, so full of zeal for Christ, that he managed to enflame the audience with a sacred desire to see the laws (both of man and of Christ) enforced and this scourge, as far as possible, eradicated!

Blessed enthusiasm! God-given zeal! Is it a surprise that Bernardino is remembered as a great Saint, his fame in Siena only surpassed (possibly) by the great Saint Catherine?

The great man did not sit in his ivory tower. He did not spend his days and night closed in a room, lost in studying, writing, or contemplation. Such a guy would, certainly, not suit Francis.

No, Bernardino was the active guy, the guy who “accompanies” the sinner, who moves and lives right in the middle of the sheep! Francis must be a great fan of his, surely?


Surely… ? ….

Oh well, never mind….

* I find that final “at” very questionable grammatically. I suspect the influence of some Protected Minority in this. But this is the language our clergy uses…

Libs vs Unborn Babies: The Next Steps

You lose. And no consolation donut for you, either…

Let us assume, in a bout of optimism, that the Supreme Court will not be cowed into submission by the woke thugs and will leave the impending decision as in the leak.

The question is: what happens next.

It may seem, to a distracted or naturally pessimistic observer, that the battle is still all to be fought, then in the age of cheap transport flying to Maine or New Hampshire should be easy to everybody, actually creating a cottage industry of baby killing in a select number of particularly murderous States.

I think that, whilst the battle continues, the sentence would be a huge beach head, like a Omaha Beach on steroids. From there, the advance will be much easier. Let me explain why.

Firstly, consider the Italian saying: the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one. Once it is out there that yes, ma’am, you are killing a baby, the way abortion is seen will slowly shift. Gone will be the days of “hey, in the end: it’s legal. My government says it’s not bad, actually it’s a right! Why would I, then, judge myself?”. This will, mind, not happen tomorrow; still, I think that, slowly but surely, it will etch itself in the collective consciousness.

Secondly, the legal framework. Every State will, of course, have its own rules, but where I come from, the ability to do something abroad that is forbidden at home is not guaranteed. The German government tracks and jails Germans who fly to Thailand to rape children. I can well imagine that several US States will follow the example, if the legal framework allows it.

Thirdly, the reality of life. Whilst every supporter of baby-killing can make the joke that the abortion is only a fly ticket away, in real life distance will always constitute a problem. People will need to actually move their ass and plan a trip to go killing their baby. I think this alone will cause a lot of births.

Fourthly, the export effect. Countries like Italy, with a strong pro life culture, will have it easier to force their elected representatives to deal with the damn problem. What happens in the US tends to spread the other side of the Ocean. I can’t imagine this one will be an exception.

Lastly, the future effect. Big changes don’t happen overnight. Pervomarriage was preceded by pervopartnership. You don’t go from “abortion” to “no abortion”. You go through stages where an increasing high pressure is applied on everyone, from legislators to private individuals to, actually, even priests, to do what they are supposed to do instead of sweeping this horrible Holocaust under the carpet and pretend the problem goes away.

It will be a long road. But I think this is an excellent start.

When It’s About Betrayal, Niceness Be Damned.

Mundabor, Self Portrait, 2022

Somewhere on YouTube there is one of those torrential, never-ending, collective-stream-of-consciousness videos where a priest, a Father Murray, talks about (or at least I hope so) a bunch of stuff, among which the issue of being nice to the clergy who are betraying us.

I do not know Father Murray and, as far as I am concerned, he could even be, on the whole, Catholic. In fact, next time there is a video of him that does not require one to be an extremely bored pensioner without any hobby, I might even listen to him.

Still, it seems to me that, on this occasion at least, said Father has fallen in the usual trap of the Anglo-Saxon XXI Century: the niceness Ueber alles one.

Father Murray accuses Canon212 of making titles using words like “Thugcardinal ”. This is, in his eyes, bad. The way I understand it, Father thinks that, if there is a disagreement, one should express it in a polite way.

How nice.

It seems to me that Father has his priorities upside down. First comes the message. Niceness is, in the end, merely a nice-to-have, a disposable instrument.

It is my opinion – and, evidently, not only mine – that in front of the treason of our clergy, niceness is not fit for purpose. Niceness is all fine if we are discussing, with mutual respect, about our disagreement on, say, when is pasta al dente, how to deal with Elenski, or how much Erdogan will want to pave the way for Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership.

Alas, niceness becomes totally inadequate when a much stronger message must be conveyed, like the one of the treason of our clergy. In this situation, a Thugcardinal (see what I am doing here?) has the advantage that the sheep, whom he purposely left uneducated about their religion, would tend to naturally believe that the man is, actually, “talking Catholic”, unless a strong impression is made on him that this is not the case.

We don’t live in normal times. We can’t afford the usual ways of polite discourse. The scale of the attack on the Catholic faith perpetrated by Her own Bishops and Cardinals requires an answer that is commensurate to the attack and, in fact, forces the reader to question the “catholicity” of these Judases.

It’s not about disagreements, Father.

It’s about the most egregious betrayal, from the most insidious positions inside the Church.

When this happens, Christ comes first, and niceness be damned.

Stalingrad Revisited

When the German soldiers ended their “combat mission” in Stalingrad, they were evacuated. The successful evacuation meant that the battle is Stalingrad was “now over”.

“The Stalingrad garrison has fulfilled its combat mission”, Hitler declared.

“The Fuehrer ordered Feldmarshall von Paulus to save the lives of the personnel… Defenders of Stalingrad are the heroes of our time”.

If this looks like shameless Nazi propaganda, it’s because …. this is exactly what it is. Reality is nowhere to be found. We are solidly in cuckoo land.

Just change the nazis in Stalingrad and Berlin for those in Mariupol and Kiev, and you are quite there.

I am blaming not so much Cocaine Volodimir and his merry bunch of comedians. They do look stupid; but hey, they likely are!

Those I am blaming are the Western Media waiting for PR slogans, spin slogans and magic words from the Ukrainian government and parroting them without any shame, uncaring of the way this makes them look because their readers are stupid, too.

I have written yesterday about the pressure on the big media to go with the mob. But I don’t think that outlets like CNN, New York Times or Washington Post are exactly thirsting for every cent (cooperatives like the English Guardian certainly do, and there is no article without the embarrassing begging for money; it’s like walking along Piccadilly on a Saturday morning). They should play the long term game and try to establish themselves as reliable sources of information. None of them are and, if they had ten times the money, they would be just as bad, or worse.

No. The rot is the mind first. In these cases it’s not the financial need of the outlet. It’s the desire to be just another lemming running toward the cliff.

I am pretty sure the lemmings must feel good with themselves as they run, too.

Release The Decision Already!

I am informed that the Supreme Court of the United States releases its sentences at certain, predetermined times, most of them in June.

However, it seems to me that the sentence cancelling that murderous disgrace call Roe vs Wade should be an exception.

The (also disgraceful) leak has created a situation of constant intimidation, with Justice Alito now in an undisclosed location like he is a witness in a big mafia trial.

It is unworthy of the American institutions to allow this situation to continue for the sake of the respect of rules which have been neglected and undermined already.

The finalisation of the sentence should have been the Court’s priority number one since the moment of the publication of the leak. The work should have gone on full steam, putting everything else aside, until the entire affair has been finalised, published and made definitive.

If the Wide Latina and the Ugly Lesbian do not consider the fact that a Justice is forced to leave his home for security reasons, and the fact that the work of the court has been tampered with in the most egregious of ways, something worthy of strong, unanimous reaction, what does this say of them? Who else would, I wonder, object to reacting to a unique situation in a unique way?

Unfortunately, I am afraid that we will have to wait.

As the last elections have abundantly showed, the US institutions are not what they used to be.

The New Opium Of The People

Let’s all feel good and inclusive, shall we?

The ongoing, useless massacre of Ukrainian soldiers (and the connected, useless suffering of Ukrainian civilians) has, if you ask me, four main drivers.

  1. The geopolitical one. The United States have decided to fight Putin to the last Ukrainian. This was stated officially by Lloyd Austin, the Raytheon-sent Defence Minister. As I have written in the past, as long as the Ukrainians are happy to do the dying, US and EU are happy to do the paying.
  2. The local political level. Your average XXI Century politician is, very often, nothing more than a common prostitute, happy to do whatever his/her johns at Twitter and Facebook clamor. There is this utterly idiotic idea that Twitter and Facebook actually reflect what the population thinks. A dumb politician will find it very difficult to refuse to sing with the choir and risk online boycott.
  3. The press. They have (as I have explained in the past) a huge social media problem: a huge percentage of their traffic comes from the social media. If they go against the prevalent narrative, they will be brutally cut off from the retweets and the sharing and, immediately thereafter, their clicks will plummet. They can’t afford it. Whatever the mob is screaming, they will be screaming, too.
  4. The new religion. The new religion is nothing to do with Christianity. The new religion is virtue-signalling. An army of people spend their day trying to show how virtuous they are. It’s no surprise this extends to all aspects of social life. No Russian classical music, or tennis players, or football teams anymore. Tchaikovsky is clearly beyond redemption; the others need to sacrifice at the altar of the new religion in order to get some slack.

What this engenders is a sort of competition to see who is the wokest defender of the Nazi Troops, and the most zealous follower of the New Religion. It’s getting so horrible that, at this point, I doubt even the weather forecast can be taken seriously. It’s quite amazing how the new Opium of the People has become all-pervasive.

On Saturday morning, yours truly woke up with the radio alarm clock, set on Classic FM; this is the biggest classical music sender in the UK, with more than 4 million daily listeners. I set the time so that I have a good chance of waking up with music rather than with ads or news, but it does not always work. On Saturday, it did not really work.

To my astonishment, the opening news (that I, at that point, awaited to see whether they would open with the Ukraine) was the rumour of an ongoing Coup against Putin in Russia. The “source” was (another astonishing development) an MI6 officer who, in an extremely posh English, informed us that their info is that Putin is gravely ill, but they don’t know of what.

I almost needed to pinch myself to be sure I was awake. Firstly, the “news” was a total absurdity unworthy of any media outlet. Secondly, the guy called to lend credibility to the tale was, actually, not confirming anything of it. Thirdly, MI6 has become a purveyor of cheap, and extremely stupid at that, war propaganda.

And then the penny dropped, and everything became clear.

Classic FM was not trying to state the truth. They were, in fact, not even trying to persuade their listeners of some falsehood!

It was all about virtue signalling (for the sender) and feel-good feelings (for the listeners) on a sunny Saturday morning. At this point, it’s not even about informing people. It’s about eliciting those emotions that will make the listeners tune in to the radio channel again.

It’s like that Eurovision contest stuff, ostensibly a song contest where song don’t count anymore, and which is now all about virtue-signalling and emoting like sixteen years old girls when the – alcoholic and drug addict – pop star is visiting their town.

Don’t get me wrong: I think that stupid people have always been present in great abundance. But when religion and decency had a strong grip on people, there were more antidotes to publicly displayed stupid behaviour. Nowadays, stupid behaviour is so appreciated, that a radio sender does not care about the absurdity of what it broadcasts, provided it complies with the commandments of the New Religion.

I always wondered how Goebbels could keep his people fighting and dying for him to the very end.

Now I know.

Immense Insolence, Or: Frankie Explains How Lacking Christianity Is.

This guy really is a threat to my health, as there are moments (like, you know, one minute ago) where he causes such an adrenaline spike that I think my lever is cussing at me as I write this.

It appears that, yesterday, the Evil Clown had a message for the Day of the Illegal Immigrant Scrounger, or something of the sort. He profited from the occasion to show us, once again, how much he despises the Church.

Frankie is, it appears, persuaded that – fasten your seat belts – other religions are an immense opportunity for our spiritual growth.

Read it again and understand what the statement means: Christianity is insufficient and gravely deficient for our spiritual growth. Christ gave us an amputated, underdeveloped spirituality, which, in itself, can never “accompany you” on your way to “spiritual growth “. However, you still have the immense opportunity of the “spirituality” of infidels.

If I thought the guy was drunk, or demented, or at least extremely stupid, I would be less enraged. But no, Francis isn’t as dumb that he can believe this stuff. He hates and despises the Church and tries to undermine it every time he open that darn, satanic mouth of his.

Sadly, we are now more than nine months after the much discussed operation, and there is no sign of a fast approaching departure of this guy towards his, very likely atrocious, “reward”.

I will tell you what I’ll do.

I will enjoy this beautiful morning, and the Friday. I will try to pray more and more fervently. I will ask the Lord to free us from this scourge.

And I will go on with my life knowing that God will not be mocked, and this guy will be made to pay for his immense insolence.

Cui Prodest? The Great Ukrainian Heist And The Ten Percent For The Big Guy

If you follow the real situation on the ground rather than the fantasies of the Western media, you know that the situation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is dire already, and it will become catastrophic in the months to come (unless, of course, their front collapses first).

In the Donbas, the Ukrainian troops have been split in two. More in the East, and in brutal contact with the Donbas militias, you have the positions in Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Heavily fortified with NATO money in the last eight years, these positions are being demolished piece by piece by the vastly superior, devastatingly effective Russian artillery; this happens slowly and methodically in order to minimise Russian/Allied casualties. The Ukrainian soldiers here should be at least 8,000, likely 10,000, possibly more.

More to the West (in what appears to be a much bigger, second line of defence) there is a vast concentration of troops in the agglomeration of Kramatorsk and Slaviansk, not directly in contact with the front. They are being attacked relentlessly from the air and, I think, from long-range artillery (the Russians can shell you from 30 miles away). They aren’t, for now, in the same dire situation as the troops in Severodonetsk, but they know they are next in line. They are likely 35000 or more. When they fall, the Ukrainian Army has lost an arm.

It appears that the Ukrainian soldiers in these two pockets are among the best troops the Ukraine Armed Forces have to offer (or to sacrifice). It appears also that the fanatical, Nazi element among them is less prevalent than it was (notice the past tense) the case in Mariupol. It is not unreasonable to assume that they will fight like brave soldiers and then, when they see no realistic way out, surrender.

The latter is, of course, not the wish of the Ukrainian Government and of their masters in Washington (I don’t consider London; they are merely a cute Yorkshire Terrier trying to appear angry at the Russian Bear). They want their soldiers to fight to the bitter end, just as Hitler wanted his troops in Stalingrad to do.

What are their motivations?

The official American intent is clear: use the Ukraine to try to wear down, possibly destabilise, and, if luck helps, bring “regime change” in Russia. They are ready to do the paying as long as the Ukrainians do the dying. They will also not pay so terribly much, as the puppies of the EU will likely pick a substantial part of the tab.

The Ukrainians have, in fact, no interest at all in this announced massacre. The idea that they can lose their best troops and keep the fight going thanks to huge arms deliveries is stupid, and they know it. Once their long-trained, NATO-hardened fighting troops are dead or prisoners, they only have young boys and fat forty-somethings with beer bellies, both of them with no idea how to fight, no possibility to get a halfway acceptable training, and very little intention of being sent to the slaughterhouse so that Uncle Sam can conduct a real-life test of the Bear’s resolve, military tactics, and technical capabilities.

Still, it seems to me that there is an absolutely important aspect of this conflict that I don’t hear mentioned anywhere near enough: the bonanza coming the way of one of the most corrupt Countries on earth.

The $40bn now about to be “sent” to the Ukraine (it’s not really like that: it’s for the replacement with modern weapons of the old ones Uncle Sam sends to the Slaughterhouse) are not only four time the cost of the Wall, for which money was so difficult to find. They are, more to the point of this post, a once-in-a-century opportunity for enrichment for the higher echelons of the Ukrainian military and Government. With all those weapons coming in, with eager buyers anywhere from Palestine to Afghanistan to Africa and to Central America, the Ukraine is about to become the biggest arms exporter of the planet, procuring untold riches to a very limited amount of people even as their soldiers are cut to pieces in their trenches.

And talking of Ukrainian corruption: who has a good familiarity with how the “system” in the Ukraine works? Who has the contacts with the intermediaries, and the access to the power brokers, over there?

Yep, you got it right: Hunter Biden.

“Ten percent for the big guy”, again?

A Confession

This is something that I don’t do often.

I just don’t like talking about my private life.

But there is a confession that I have to get rid of. Something that keeps putting me more and more at variance with this side of the Planet. Something that, I think, my readers have the right to know. And here it is….





I have no “gay” friends.

Not one.

Not even a suspicion.


And you know why? Because perverts disgust me.

I have a normally functioning brain. I have the hormones, thinking processes, and view of the world which normal people have. Therefore, I am disgusted by those people and their lurid practices.

Before it being Christianity, it is just decency. It is normality. It is a brain and an organism functioning exactly as they should!

Even if I were Agnostic, or – quod Deus avertat! – Atheist, I would think and behave exactly in the same way. Atheism does not, it itself, perverts one’s brain into thinking that that filth is normal. In fact, on the matter there was a remarkable uniformity of mind, in Italy when I was growing up, irrespective of the political ideas (of which we had an extremely bright spectrum).

The problem began when too many minds, deprived of solid Catholic education, started to blame themselves for their own feeling of disgust, also noticing that this is an issue which, well, can cause you to lose friends or having to go through some tough conversations. But mainly, it’s the fact that the brainwashing of our society tells people that their instincts are wrong, and they should be ashamed of them.

Against this, the Church does almost nothing. It’s not only the – not unlikely perverted – Evil Clown himself. It’s the hundreds, thousands of Bishops clearly not allowing good and faithful priests to talk frankly about the matter.

It is about time that we reclaim the right to be normal, and stop apologising for not being, and not liking, a pervert.


Some judgmental opinion for you, right there.

You are welcome.

No Shit, Sherlock! Or: Judgment In The Age Of The Alphabet.

The most atrocious of fake UK non-Catholic “c”atholic magazines has aired its views about how, in their own estimation, the laity of the Church in the UK looks at the way the Church deals with perverts. The rag the opinion that, always according to fake Catholics, the Church is judgmental and condemning.

No shit, Sherlock!

At Her very core, the Church is to do with judgment. This is, in fact, the reason why the Church exist in the first place. It’s called the Barque because it is there to help the faithful not to drown. To criticise the Church for being judgmental is to criticise her for the crime of existing. To blame her for being condemning is to demand that She makes the work of Satan.

How rotten this “catholic laity” is, is already seen by the fact that, if you listen to them, the Church is undermining her very own legitimacy for the very act of doing Her job.

This is, basically, perverts and their friends stating that they question the legitimacy of a Church daring to be the Church. Let that sink in, and reflect on what it says of these people.

Go right on, you bunch of deviants. Go away from the Church and make your own non-judgmental sect, or else join the army of dying, mickey-mouse sects already crowding the fake Christian space: Presbyterians, so-called CoE, Quackers (a couple of dozen still exist somewhere), non-denominational sects, or the like!

Go where you won’t be judged. Disappear in PC, inclusive, sodomy-affirming, trannie-encouraging cuckoo land. But don’t keep polluting the Bride of Christ with your perverted, truly judgmental, truly God-defying, thinking.

And oh, I forgot….

You will be judged anyway.

When it is too late.

Meet Francis, Worker Of Iniquity

“God will not disoooown youuuu”

But he shall say, I tell you, I know you not whence ye are; depart from me, all ye workers of iniquity.

Luke 13:27

These words, which probably every child knows who has been to catechism, are, very obviously, unknown to that evil piece of work sadly known as Pope Francis.

Francis is, as you might know by now, trying to justify Father Georgina in the quite disquieting predilection of the latter – and I this point I would say, likely of the former, too – for homosexual “pastoral activity”, which indicates faggotry as nothing else on the planet does.

What does, then, Francis do to justify Father Georgina’s very obvious homo obsession? He completely forgets Christianity, and, after having created a new religion of faggolatry, proceeds to announce the novel to the world. Apparently, in Francis’ nuReligion God does not disown His children.

Well, you dumb clown: he actually does. Big time.

There are no stronger words of disowning than the ones I have quoted above. They are so brutal, so clear-cut in their meaning, that nobody even remotely acquainted with Christianity can doubt what they mean.

God does disown some (likely very many) of His children, and sexual perversion is a clear sign of reprobation.

Nor should it be said that, as Frankie The Clown could be considered to be talking of the perversion (which, in itself, is not a sin), his words should be put in the “context”. No. On the contrary. By saying that God does not disown any of his children, this Evil Clown is positively encouraging homos to go down the path of their filthy perversion.

Notice, too, that the guy finds not one single word to, at the very least, condemn the perversion. Which is strange, as the questions to him were put by a guy who makes Liberace look like Clint Eastwood in his prime.

This guy really has Satan in his every pore.

He will die in God’s good time.

I suspect that, on that day, he will know what being disown by God is.

Clowns Everywhere

Bishops are seen posing for the cameras here after discovering their true vocation

And it came to pass that the COMECE (The European Bishops’ Conference; there, there is something like that…) issued an urgent invitation to the Governments of Europe.

When I read it, I wondered what the issue would be.

Would it be the reality of abortion, that is killing millions in Europe even as the United States begin to wake up from their genocidal slumber?

Would it be the tragedy of homosexualism, and the sad fact that so-called “gay marriage” is perverting the brains of an entire generation into thinking that perversion is normal and, actually, to be celebrated?

Would it, perhaps, at least be a strong condemnation of gender theory with all the abominations it is creating, abominations which, more often than not, punish young women who want to be free to compete among themselves in sports, or be in a locker room without seeing penises dangling around them?

Well, erm, ah (cough), no.

It was because of this.

If a Protestant were to tell me that the Catholic Church is on its way to becoming a planetary joke, I would answer that the Church is indefectible, and I am faithful to it no matter the level of disfiguration.

But yes, I would have to admit that we have descended now into the “planetary joke” stage.

Francis can’t die one day to soon, and the process of repair will, even if we are lucky, be slow and painful.

Because, truly, the clowns are everywhere now.

How To Be Irrelevant And Let Everybody Know It

It is widely known that, when Dementia Joe called the Saudis to ask for an increase in oil extraction to counter the idiotic sanctions against Russia (genius never thought of having such calls *before* adopting the sanctions) the Saudis refused to even talk to him. Well done, Mr Dementia! You have found a new way to make an ass of yourself!

More recent, though, is the news of another ass managing to show his own utter irrelevance. The Evil Clown, Francis Of The Wheelchair, revealed days ago that, at the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he contacted Putin and offered his mediation. As Francis himself admits, he never received an answer.

I suspect that, in the Kremlin, Francis isn’t more relevant than the inmates of psychiatric clinics. The guy still having quite the job, the decision to not even answer the (formal) head of all Orthodox Christians can only mean, if you ask me, that Francis’ own complete and utter irrelevance had to be shown to him.

Francis, always the genius, made this humiliation public. Don’t laugh, but I think he thought he would make Putin look bad…

There is, in truth, no cure for stupidity.

Useful Idiots

The battle of Lepanto marked the end of the Ottoman bid for supremacy at sea. Still, it is a little-known fact that, just one or two years after the battle, the Ottomans had completely reconstituted their fleet.

Why, then, was Lepanto such a great event? Because on that glorious day, the Ottomans lost much more than ships: they lost irreplaceable military expertise, most notably their veteran archers.

The same is true of the current conflict. All the Western boasting of “modern” weapon systems is pure propaganda, a feel-good exercise for the benefit of domestic audiences. The “cunning plan” of the West has glaring holes. Let us see them.

1. The weapons systems are a) not so modern, and b) inadequate in number. When you have lost both tanks and tank like vehicles (like self-propelled howitzers) in more than one thousand each, 100 German tanks here, 200 (old) Polish tank there and a bunch of Gepards taken out of the German depots after decommissioning more than 10 years ago are not going to make up for the losses. These aren’t M1s. And even if they were….

2. The expertise cannot be improvised. The Ukraine cannot switch to Western material like that, like it’s a videogame when you change vehicle and start again. The talk of F-16s is pure fantasy. The same, on a reduced scale, applies to the efficient use of modern weapon systems. The Germans needed many months to train their personnel in the use of a Gepard . With three, or even six weeks only, those Gepards are rolling coffins against the Russian air forces. But it gets worse still…

3. Good soldiers are irreplaceable. All those troops, trained by NATO for up to eight years, now being cut to pieces in Kramatorsk, Slaviansk, or Popaska, cannot be replaced by fat, old reservists, territorial guards without a proper military formation, or conscripts sent to the slaughterhouse after 2 days of training. Once the experienced soldiers are gone, there is no amount of metal that will replace them. Plus…

4. … that metal might not even arrive at destination, then the railways are now being systematically targeted by the Russians, the roads are slow and horrible, and the Russians have gained a clear air superiority.

What is, then, the Ukrainian plan? Do they really hope that the countless boys they send to die will allow them to avoid the collapse of their front, until a Magic Mountain of western weapons help them to counterattack? Or, more cynically, are they fuelling the military help machine so that their generals and politicians can enrich themselves stupid selling weapons and food to the highest bidder, who could be an Islamic terror group or a Mexican drugs cartel?

The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. The brainwashing has been relentless for 8 years. There is no scarcity of Nazis willing to fight to the death. Huge numbers of young men are being sent to die so that generals and ministers may enrich themselves.

The US get the proxy war they wanted. The arm producers get the business they wanted. The Nazis get the death they wanted. Russia gets the territories it wanted.

The only losers will be the inculpable, peaceful Ukrainians sent to die for nothing, their own nation now slowly reduced to mince meat, and the very culpable Europeans, so proud to be the lapdog of Uncle Sam and so happy for the recession about to it them in the face like the fist of a young Mike Tyson.

The Ukraine has become the useful idiot of an awful lot of people.

I wonder how many will have to die before it’s inhabitants realise it.

Of Broken Clocks, Bears, And Vicious Attack Dogs

Every now and then, life surprises you, big time.

For example, there is a guy known all over the planet for having an impressive ability to say something wrong, or stupid, or outright heretical every time he open his mouth, which is far too often.

Still, this guy has recently managed to say something that, in fact, makes perfect sense: if you go on poking the bear, don’t be surprised if the bear attacks you.

Broken clocks come to mind.

The particular bear our broken clock is talking about has been constantly poked for the last thirty years; but it was, at the beginning, a weak, fat, incapable, actually drunk bear, and it could not do much to prevent the poking.

In time, the bear got stronger, and more assured of his now growing ability to react to bullying, harassment, and encirclement. 2007 came, and the bear, for the first time, let the world know, from a wonderful city called Munich, that the time of the poking had now come to an end.

The warning was not heeded, because the bear was thought to have the attributes of a kitten. Soon later, in 2008, the bear roared, and the world should, at that point, have paid attention.

But the world – or, better said, those who have appointed themselves its Only True Anointed Representatives – did not listen, and kept poking. When, in 2014, the poking took the form of a shameless, open coup d’etat against the bear’s extremely strategic neighbour, the Bear reacted fairly strongly, sending an unmistakeable signal that, unless the poking goes to an end, someone will get seriously hurt. As a result, the Little Friends of the bear were systematically targeted. Fourteen thousand of them were killed in 8 years. The bear was very, very angry.

You would think, at this point, the Only True Anointed Representatives would listen. They did not. Instead, they started to train an attack dog to harass and intimidate the bear.

The attack dog was vicious, but quite dumb. He had grievances against the Bear, and it was whispered in his ear that, if he kept harassing the bear, the Only True Anointed Representatives would appoint him Very Important Dog, line his dog house with fine paper and, in general, allow him to eat classy dog food forever. Vicious Attack Dog also loved the Svastika, but this was conveniently ignored.

Being dumb, Vicious Attack Dog did not understand that it was being merely used by the Only True Appointed Representatives: if he kept the bear intimidated and silent, so much the better. If not, the expendable dog would be torn to pieces, hopefully after inflicting mortal or, at least, serious wounds to the Bear. This would only cost, to said OTAR, dog training and dog food. The massacring would be, instead, suffered by Vicious Attack Dog.

And this is, my dear friends, exactly how it went, with Vicious Attack Dog currently being literally torn to pieces, whilst the OTAR incite him to keep fighting until total annihilation and physical dismemberment.

This is, meanwhile, so evident, that even broken clocks manage to indicate it.

Woke Idiocy

The US Woke Army screams hysterically about the alleged targeting of innocent civilians by the Russians.

Meanwhile, they advocate for the very real killing of almost one million innocent Civilians a year, in their own Country alone.

Let that sink in.

It will tell you something about the state of the once Christian West.

Roe vs Subversive Activity

Yesterday it was a very beautiful and, at the same time, horrible day.

The leak about the incoming sentence of the Supreme Court putting an end to the murderous abomination called Roe vs Wade was an event of truly historical proportion, an earthquake signing the beginning of the swing of the history pendulum in the other direction.

But then again, it was a leak. Make no mistake, this was an unprecedented event of clearly subversive nature. I hope that the responsible party will be brought to justice and get a long jail sentence for subversive activity.

The decision will be of huge magnitude. This is, clearly, known to the bastards who leaked it. The aim here is clearly to put under pressure the weak links of the decision (certainly Coney Barrett, possibly Kavanaugh) and make them backpedal after their spouses, children and dogs have received death threats from several sides.

I doubt that Kavanaugh will be that cowardly.

About Coney Barrett, I am not so sure.

What the Democrats will do now is try to stage riots all over the country, hoping that the dead militant will come out soon. At that point, said that militant will be canonised in the same way as Saint Fentanylius was (George Floyd to you and me), and everybody who does not espouse the cause of the martyr will be declared a non-person.

That the tactic is so arrogant, so obvious, and so subversive does not make it less effective. The Democrats know it very well, and they have abandoned any notion of decency a long time ago.

Coney Barrett is the weak link. This leak is clearly targeting her. The mob will be coming for her hard and fast.

Are the US a Banana Republic?

We’ll soon know.

Pray for the unborn, and that those behind this subversive act are brought to justice.

#shetoo!! Two Words On Turds, Drugs, Perversion, And Violence

The defamation trial against a mediocre lesbian pretending to be an actress is revealing, for those who have eyes to see, quite interesting factoids.

1. Both of them are, or were, drug addicts. Yes, two out of two had problems of addiction to cocaine, other strange stuff, or – in the case of Depp – alcohol. Already there, the image of the do-good Hollywood wobbles rather impressively.

2. Amber Heard is a dyke. What a waste, you will say. Alas, God might give you beauty, but this is not enough if you allow yourself to be perverted. I must say, this was public knowledge before; but the dyke having such a high profile marriage, I am pretty sure many were not aware.

3. Depp is a Supercuck. The guy not only marries a lesbian, but has to witness some friend of the dyke “making up” with her, in his presence. I cannot express with words how emasculating this would be for any man, whether famous Hollywood star or street sweeper. What was the guy smoking? Oh, wait… still: of the two, Depp comes out as the lesser evil, and he is a pretty smart cuck, too.

4. Heard is a deeply disturbing individual. Her new nickname, “Amber Turd”, says it all. Please don’t make me go into the details. Yes, there is a turd involved, and I am not speaking figuratively.

5. Amber Turd is quite violent. Stunner blonde had the police called on her previous, officially lesbian, relationship, and several witnesses have now relayed how she repeatedly hit SuperCuck, to the point of leaving marks on his face. Ouch. This is like the violent Barbie doll. Would Mattel sell many of those?

5. Drug addiction, perversion, extreme character disturbance, and a lot of violence. This is just one high-profile Hollywood couple. I wonder how many other couples, out there, work pretty much in the same way.

No worries, though: Amber Turd being a human wreck, and a violent one to boot, did not prevent her from lecturing us all about toxic masculinity.

Watch out, people. This dyke can punch!

This is, I think, well representative of the entire Hollywood crowd: a bunch of perverts, addicts, violent scoundrel lecturing us about pretty much everything.

When Amber Turd gets out of her current dyke relationship, I have the perfect next partner for her.

Alec Baldwin.

That is a match made in heaven Hollywood.

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