#shetoo!! Two Words On Turds, Drugs, Perversion, And Violence

The defamation trial against a mediocre lesbian pretending to be an actress is revealing, for those who have eyes to see, quite interesting factoids.

1. Both of them are, or were, drug addicts. Yes, two out of two had problems of addiction to cocaine, other strange stuff, or – in the case of Depp – alcohol. Already there, the image of the do-good Hollywood wobbles rather impressively.

2. Amber Heard is a dyke. What a waste, you will say. Alas, God might give you beauty, but this is not enough if you allow yourself to be perverted. I must say, this was public knowledge before; but the dyke having such a high profile marriage, I am pretty sure many were not aware.

3. Depp is a Supercuck. The guy not only marries a lesbian, but has to witness some friend of the dyke “making up” with her, in his presence. I cannot express with words how emasculating this would be for any man, whether famous Hollywood star or street sweeper. What was the guy smoking? Oh, wait… still: of the two, Depp comes out as the lesser evil, and he is a pretty smart cuck, too.

4. Heard is a deeply disturbing individual. Her new nickname, “Amber Turd”, says it all. Please don’t make me go into the details. Yes, there is a turd involved, and I am not speaking figuratively.

5. Amber Turd is quite violent. Stunner blonde had the police called on her previous, officially lesbian, relationship, and several witnesses have now relayed how she repeatedly hit SuperCuck, to the point of leaving marks on his face. Ouch. This is like the violent Barbie doll. Would Mattel sell many of those?

5. Drug addiction, perversion, extreme character disturbance, and a lot of violence. This is just one high-profile Hollywood couple. I wonder how many other couples, out there, work pretty much in the same way.

No worries, though: Amber Turd being a human wreck, and a violent one to boot, did not prevent her from lecturing us all about toxic masculinity.

Watch out, people. This dyke can punch!

This is, I think, well representative of the entire Hollywood crowd: a bunch of perverts, addicts, violent scoundrel lecturing us about pretty much everything.

When Amber Turd gets out of her current dyke relationship, I have the perfect next partner for her.

Alec Baldwin.

That is a match made in heaven Hollywood.

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  1. IhVe also learned that she was raised a Catholic in Texas in a two-parent home. She was given all of the keys to a happy, healthy life as a Christian, but she turned her back on all of it. This makes it far far worse for her and her soul. Sad. Johnny had it bad growing up with a mentally unstable mother. I hope one day he finds healing and peace and God.

  2. Johny Depp has said not one of the characters he has played is straight, he played them all as homosexual. Including Jack Sparrow, of course, an undeniably cool character. Depp seems a talented guy. I haven’t followed the proceedings, but that’s a mess. And the world loves it.

  3. Mary Ann Kreitzer

    Amber and Alec — will they sell tickets to the matches?

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