Useful Idiots

The battle of Lepanto marked the end of the Ottoman bid for supremacy at sea. Still, it is a little-known fact that, just one or two years after the battle, the Ottomans had completely reconstituted their fleet.

Why, then, was Lepanto such a great event? Because on that glorious day, the Ottomans lost much more than ships: they lost irreplaceable military expertise, most notably their veteran archers.

The same is true of the current conflict. All the Western boasting of “modern” weapon systems is pure propaganda, a feel-good exercise for the benefit of domestic audiences. The “cunning plan” of the West has glaring holes. Let us see them.

1. The weapons systems are a) not so modern, and b) inadequate in number. When you have lost both tanks and tank like vehicles (like self-propelled howitzers) in more than one thousand each, 100 German tanks here, 200 (old) Polish tank there and a bunch of Gepards taken out of the German depots after decommissioning more than 10 years ago are not going to make up for the losses. These aren’t M1s. And even if they were….

2. The expertise cannot be improvised. The Ukraine cannot switch to Western material like that, like it’s a videogame when you change vehicle and start again. The talk of F-16s is pure fantasy. The same, on a reduced scale, applies to the efficient use of modern weapon systems. The Germans needed many months to train their personnel in the use of a Gepard . With three, or even six weeks only, those Gepards are rolling coffins against the Russian air forces. But it gets worse still…

3. Good soldiers are irreplaceable. All those troops, trained by NATO for up to eight years, now being cut to pieces in Kramatorsk, Slaviansk, or Popaska, cannot be replaced by fat, old reservists, territorial guards without a proper military formation, or conscripts sent to the slaughterhouse after 2 days of training. Once the experienced soldiers are gone, there is no amount of metal that will replace them. Plus…

4. … that metal might not even arrive at destination, then the railways are now being systematically targeted by the Russians, the roads are slow and horrible, and the Russians have gained a clear air superiority.

What is, then, the Ukrainian plan? Do they really hope that the countless boys they send to die will allow them to avoid the collapse of their front, until a Magic Mountain of western weapons help them to counterattack? Or, more cynically, are they fuelling the military help machine so that their generals and politicians can enrich themselves stupid selling weapons and food to the highest bidder, who could be an Islamic terror group or a Mexican drugs cartel?

The Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries on earth. The brainwashing has been relentless for 8 years. There is no scarcity of Nazis willing to fight to the death. Huge numbers of young men are being sent to die so that generals and ministers may enrich themselves.

The US get the proxy war they wanted. The arm producers get the business they wanted. The Nazis get the death they wanted. Russia gets the territories it wanted.

The only losers will be the inculpable, peaceful Ukrainians sent to die for nothing, their own nation now slowly reduced to mince meat, and the very culpable Europeans, so proud to be the lapdog of Uncle Sam and so happy for the recession about to it them in the face like the fist of a young Mike Tyson.

The Ukraine has become the useful idiot of an awful lot of people.

I wonder how many will have to die before it’s inhabitants realise it.

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  1. If Ukraine is so corrupt then there are not many innocent people there except maybe the Russian separatists who want out of the woke west…and they have been suffering for 8 years now already. God bless~

    • I can tell you from personal experience (Italy) that, when there is rot at the top, it’s not easy at all to eradicate it from the bottom, albeit clearly a basic, “systemic” corruption also needs to exist.

  2. grassrootgonzo

    Tucker Carlson stated yesterday that US intel and military are bragging about “helping” to kill Russian generals, and sinking a battleship. So Ukraine is all a smokescreen for yet more US “government” (WEF) aggression to oust Putin.

    • Nancy Hitlerosi already refers to this as her war. Quite a revealing attitude. Meanwhile, I am told Austin, the defence secretary, comes from Raytheon’ s board.

  3. Very true and equally tragic.

  4. As an American, I just want everyone to understand that here, as in so much else, there is a distinction between the U.S. government and the people of the United States, who are only nominally in charge of affairs. Our elites have been spoiling for war with Russia for years, but I see no signs that regular, ordinary Americans want a war. Where I live, you don’t even see Ukrainian flags.

    Is it just me, or has humanity been in a period of almost non-stop, genocidal war ever since we got the “Reformation” and the “Enlightenment”?

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