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How To Be Irrelevant And Let Everybody Know It

It is widely known that, when Dementia Joe called the Saudis to ask for an increase in oil extraction to counter the idiotic sanctions against Russia (genius never thought of having such calls *before* adopting the sanctions) the Saudis refused to even talk to him. Well done, Mr Dementia! You have found a new way to make an ass of yourself!

More recent, though, is the news of another ass managing to show his own utter irrelevance. The Evil Clown, Francis Of The Wheelchair, revealed days ago that, at the start of the conflict in Ukraine, he contacted Putin and offered his mediation. As Francis himself admits, he never received an answer.

I suspect that, in the Kremlin, Francis isn’t more relevant than the inmates of psychiatric clinics. The guy still having quite the job, the decision to not even answer the (formal) head of all Orthodox Christians can only mean, if you ask me, that Francis’ own complete and utter irrelevance had to be shown to him.

Francis, always the genius, made this humiliation public. Don’t laugh, but I think he thought he would make Putin look bad…

There is, in truth, no cure for stupidity.

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