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Clowns Everywhere

Bishops are seen posing for the cameras here after discovering their true vocation

And it came to pass that the COMECE (The European Bishops’ Conference; there, there is something like that…) issued an urgent invitation to the Governments of Europe.

When I read it, I wondered what the issue would be.

Would it be the reality of abortion, that is killing millions in Europe even as the United States begin to wake up from their genocidal slumber?

Would it be the tragedy of homosexualism, and the sad fact that so-called “gay marriage” is perverting the brains of an entire generation into thinking that perversion is normal and, actually, to be celebrated?

Would it, perhaps, at least be a strong condemnation of gender theory with all the abominations it is creating, abominations which, more often than not, punish young women who want to be free to compete among themselves in sports, or be in a locker room without seeing penises dangling around them?

Well, erm, ah (cough), no.

It was because of this.

If a Protestant were to tell me that the Catholic Church is on its way to becoming a planetary joke, I would answer that the Church is indefectible, and I am faithful to it no matter the level of disfiguration.

But yes, I would have to admit that we have descended now into the “planetary joke” stage.

Francis can’t die one day to soon, and the process of repair will, even if we are lucky, be slow and painful.

Because, truly, the clowns are everywhere now.

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