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Stalingrad Revisited

When the German soldiers ended their “combat mission” in Stalingrad, they were evacuated. The successful evacuation meant that the battle is Stalingrad was “now over”.

“The Stalingrad garrison has fulfilled its combat mission”, Hitler declared.

“The Fuehrer ordered Feldmarshall von Paulus to save the lives of the personnel… Defenders of Stalingrad are the heroes of our time”.

If this looks like shameless Nazi propaganda, it’s because …. this is exactly what it is. Reality is nowhere to be found. We are solidly in cuckoo land.

Just change the nazis in Stalingrad and Berlin for those in Mariupol and Kiev, and you are quite there.

I am blaming not so much Cocaine Volodimir and his merry bunch of comedians. They do look stupid; but hey, they likely are!

Those I am blaming are the Western Media waiting for PR slogans, spin slogans and magic words from the Ukrainian government and parroting them without any shame, uncaring of the way this makes them look because their readers are stupid, too.

I have written yesterday about the pressure on the big media to go with the mob. But I don’t think that outlets like CNN, New York Times or Washington Post are exactly thirsting for every cent (cooperatives like the English Guardian certainly do, and there is no article without the embarrassing begging for money; it’s like walking along Piccadilly on a Saturday morning). They should play the long term game and try to establish themselves as reliable sources of information. None of them are and, if they had ten times the money, they would be just as bad, or worse.

No. The rot is the mind first. In these cases it’s not the financial need of the outlet. It’s the desire to be just another lemming running toward the cliff.

I am pretty sure the lemmings must feel good with themselves as they run, too.

Release The Decision Already!

I am informed that the Supreme Court of the United States releases its sentences at certain, predetermined times, most of them in June.

However, it seems to me that the sentence cancelling that murderous disgrace call Roe vs Wade should be an exception.

The (also disgraceful) leak has created a situation of constant intimidation, with Justice Alito now in an undisclosed location like he is a witness in a big mafia trial.

It is unworthy of the American institutions to allow this situation to continue for the sake of the respect of rules which have been neglected and undermined already.

The finalisation of the sentence should have been the Court’s priority number one since the moment of the publication of the leak. The work should have gone on full steam, putting everything else aside, until the entire affair has been finalised, published and made definitive.

If the Wide Latina and the Ugly Lesbian do not consider the fact that a Justice is forced to leave his home for security reasons, and the fact that the work of the court has been tampered with in the most egregious of ways, something worthy of strong, unanimous reaction, what does this say of them? Who else would, I wonder, object to reacting to a unique situation in a unique way?

Unfortunately, I am afraid that we will have to wait.

As the last elections have abundantly showed, the US institutions are not what they used to be.

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