Libs vs Unborn Babies: The Next Steps

You lose. And no consolation donut for you, either…

Let us assume, in a bout of optimism, that the Supreme Court will not be cowed into submission by the woke thugs and will leave the impending decision as in the leak.

The question is: what happens next.

It may seem, to a distracted or naturally pessimistic observer, that the battle is still all to be fought, then in the age of cheap transport flying to Maine or New Hampshire should be easy to everybody, actually creating a cottage industry of baby killing in a select number of particularly murderous States.

I think that, whilst the battle continues, the sentence would be a huge beach head, like a Omaha Beach on steroids. From there, the advance will be much easier. Let me explain why.

Firstly, consider the Italian saying: the laws of one generation are the morality of the following one. Once it is out there that yes, ma’am, you are killing a baby, the way abortion is seen will slowly shift. Gone will be the days of “hey, in the end: it’s legal. My government says it’s not bad, actually it’s a right! Why would I, then, judge myself?”. This will, mind, not happen tomorrow; still, I think that, slowly but surely, it will etch itself in the collective consciousness.

Secondly, the legal framework. Every State will, of course, have its own rules, but where I come from, the ability to do something abroad that is forbidden at home is not guaranteed. The German government tracks and jails Germans who fly to Thailand to rape children. I can well imagine that several US States will follow the example, if the legal framework allows it.

Thirdly, the reality of life. Whilst every supporter of baby-killing can make the joke that the abortion is only a fly ticket away, in real life distance will always constitute a problem. People will need to actually move their ass and plan a trip to go killing their baby. I think this alone will cause a lot of births.

Fourthly, the export effect. Countries like Italy, with a strong pro life culture, will have it easier to force their elected representatives to deal with the damn problem. What happens in the US tends to spread the other side of the Ocean. I can’t imagine this one will be an exception.

Lastly, the future effect. Big changes don’t happen overnight. Pervomarriage was preceded by pervopartnership. You don’t go from “abortion” to “no abortion”. You go through stages where an increasing high pressure is applied on everyone, from legislators to private individuals to, actually, even priests, to do what they are supposed to do instead of sweeping this horrible Holocaust under the carpet and pretend the problem goes away.

It will be a long road. But I think this is an excellent start.

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  1. catholictradition2

    I live in Maine one of the baby killing havens. So right. Late term abortions are readily available just 18 miles from my home. On the main highway that lies yards from my door, there is a sign warning of the seriousness of killing baby turtles which enjoy all the protection if the law. Non person creatures welcomed, innocent very young persons, at risk. We are the bluest if states in more than one way. If I did not have the precious gift of the Catholic Faith, I would be blue as in depressed. Our once beautiful state is deformed, ugly.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Hope you’re right, Mundabor. Yes, the feminazis and satanists have come into open view–declaring loudly that an abortion is killing a f**king baby! They endorse this as a great act. EWWW.

  3. Excellent start indeed. It’s the principle of gradual growth at play:+) May God have mercy on us all as we fight to make America pro life again:+) God bless~

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