When It’s About Betrayal, Niceness Be Damned.

Mundabor, Self Portrait, 2022

Somewhere on YouTube there is one of those torrential, never-ending, collective-stream-of-consciousness videos where a priest, a Father Murray, talks about (or at least I hope so) a bunch of stuff, among which the issue of being nice to the clergy who are betraying us.

I do not know Father Murray and, as far as I am concerned, he could even be, on the whole, Catholic. In fact, next time there is a video of him that does not require one to be an extremely bored pensioner without any hobby, I might even listen to him.

Still, it seems to me that, on this occasion at least, said Father has fallen in the usual trap of the Anglo-Saxon XXI Century: the niceness Ueber alles one.

Father Murray accuses Canon212 of making titles using words like “Thugcardinal ”. This is, in his eyes, bad. The way I understand it, Father thinks that, if there is a disagreement, one should express it in a polite way.

How nice.

It seems to me that Father has his priorities upside down. First comes the message. Niceness is, in the end, merely a nice-to-have, a disposable instrument.

It is my opinion – and, evidently, not only mine – that in front of the treason of our clergy, niceness is not fit for purpose. Niceness is all fine if we are discussing, with mutual respect, about our disagreement on, say, when is pasta al dente, how to deal with Elenski, or how much Erdogan will want to pave the way for Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership.

Alas, niceness becomes totally inadequate when a much stronger message must be conveyed, like the one of the treason of our clergy. In this situation, a Thugcardinal (see what I am doing here?) has the advantage that the sheep, whom he purposely left uneducated about their religion, would tend to naturally believe that the man is, actually, “talking Catholic”, unless a strong impression is made on him that this is not the case.

We don’t live in normal times. We can’t afford the usual ways of polite discourse. The scale of the attack on the Catholic faith perpetrated by Her own Bishops and Cardinals requires an answer that is commensurate to the attack and, in fact, forces the reader to question the “catholicity” of these Judases.

It’s not about disagreements, Father.

It’s about the most egregious betrayal, from the most insidious positions inside the Church.

When this happens, Christ comes first, and niceness be damned.

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  1. Mary K Jones


  2. catholictradition2

    Outstanding, rating a triple Bravo. When the sheep are being fed to the wolves by hirelings there us no time for the rules of gentlemen. This us a crisis, not a debate forum.

  3. grassrootgonzo

    A timely observation, Mr.Mundabor. Yesterday, a close relative of mine objected to Jordan Peterson’s lack of “manners” in his observations on the new policy of “Sports Illustrated” to feature obese models in their “swimsuit” issues, as Peterson’s opinion that they were not beautiful. Obesity normally being a disqualififer in sports excellence, the agenda of SI is clearly the destruction of yet another “iconic” American tradition (such as it was), and THIS was Peterson’s point. But niceness must be observed, Peterson should learn to “shut the hell up”, and this effectively eliminates any strong contrary opinions related to the controlled demolition of the Faith, or civilization itself. I ADORE manly Frank Walker’s headlines and spot-on descriptors. He is filled with righteous anger, as are many. He is getting flak because he is over the target. Political correctness=effeminacy.

  4. Total agreement here. Fr. Gerald Murray is typically excellent. He has been a regular participant in public conversations with Raymond Arroyo and Robert Royal as part of the “papal posse”, and Fr. Murray does not hide from hard realities in the church. He is not an apologist for the wreckovators, not at all. He is an extremely interesting person, warm, intelligent and educated in canon law, but a man who speaks the language of the average faithful Catholic. My impression of him over years is very favorable.
    On this point, he has just missed the mark. We are just so far past the days of politeness, which, as a woman of mature years, I much prefer, but, which has outlived it’s usefulness due to the dire times we are in. The days of polite speech were in 1990, when we knew something was terribly wrong but didn’t know what. Now we know. It would be very easy for clergy to fail to realize the deep and negative sentiment of faithful Catholics. Even if moving within that community, what opportunities are there for faithful Catholics to express their emotions about what we are living through, to anyone in the church. Who asks. So it is easy to see how clergy can completely miss how people on the ground really feel.

  5. Stephen Dalton

    When they say they want you to be nice, it’s really the first step in trying to shut you up!

  6. Alas, I have loved Father Murray for his past, solid proclamations about all things Catholic, but he really misses the mark here. Bravo, Frank Walker! Bravo, Mundabor! We must broker no ground in giving thugbishops a pass. How many souls have perished due to their malice, their negligence?!

    I will cut and paste this post and send to Father with hope that he will appreciate the righteous anger among the laity in regards to the rot at the top. If you would like to do likewise I believe this is a good address:


  7. the usual trap of the Anglo-Saxon XXI Century: the niceness Ueber alles one.

    Ironic that niceness should be the heritage of a group of peoples who, in ancient times, were known for procedures like locking their enemies up in wicker cages and burning them alive!

  8. St. Nicholas, who popped the heretic Arius (a bishop) in the face for his betrayal of Christ, would support your position:+) God bless~

  9. By the way, it was Fr. Murray who made the case against the validity of the excommunication of Archbishop Lefebvre. https://fsspx.org/en/concerning-fr-murray’s-thesis

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