It’s Exactly His Job, Dude

Dude needs a lesson

Whoopi Goldberg has criticised Archbishop Cordileone, who – certainly defying the ire’s of Francis as one who “obsesses” about abortion – has excluded from Communion that old, satanic harridan known to the world as Nancy Pelosi.

According to Whoopi, it would not be his job to do that.

You know what? It’s exactly his job, dude.

As always, this now involuntary comedian is extremely good at opening her mouth about things she does not even begin to understand. I think she considers her credentials to be: a) Black, b) Lesbian, and c) ugly.

I can, otherwise, not understand this astonishing embarrassment. If this fat dyke had bothered I do not say to ask some Catholic friend of her (I am pretty sure she has none worthy of the name), but to use a search engine for, say, 64 seconds, she would have known who exactly has the job to exclude one of his sheep from Communion.

But no, fat dyke thinks that a Catholic Archbishop does not know his job, and needs a tool like her to tell him.

You have just embarrassed yourself, Dude.

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  1. Whoopsy Goldberk blabbers on and on! What an insufferable bore.

  2. I can’t even imagine the level of arrogance it requires to spout your opinion on something you know absolutely nothing about but which millions of people who may hear you, do. And this is the person so many ladies in Amerika listen to every day. No wonder we’re stupid.

  3. Maybe she thinks she’s an expert in these matters because she was in a nominally Catholic-themed comedy years ago—-“Sister Act”. As I recall, it was harmless fun. She donned a habit in the movie. Not many, if any, at the time knew of her embrace of female sodomy or other heinous sins.

    • NO, JUST NO. That movie pushed the notion of Protestant “Gospel” music and theatrics as being suitable for the Catholic Mass.

  4. walktothewater123

    Off-topic, but for amusement value (better to laugh than read it and weep):

    Almost 1,500 words and not a single one of them Catholic (excepting the Bible quotes), some of them openly hostile to Catholicism. Offered the opportunity on a plate to make a point on euthanasia, he doesn’t even bother with a token statement that as Catholics we believe it is wrong, but rambles about new exciting imaginative agendas and similar psychobabble.

    And yes you’ve guessed it, he’s a Francophile:

  5. grassrootgonzo

    Goldberg considers herself an expert on abortion because she openly spoke of having 6 or 7 before the age of 25. “Birth control pills didn’t work”. So…apparently killing babies is worth her sex activities. This is SO, SO sad, SO oblivious to evil. Her claims of lesbianism are dubious, since her lesbian partners could not have impregnated her. In Hollyweird, homosexuality is a career booster.

    • IDK why a grandmother with a fake stage name (her real name is Caryn Johnson, she was born in a typical Protestant marriage that ended in divorce) thinks anyone would believe her claims about anything. She has been married thrice, she has a daughter with her first husband. She gained notoriety by having an affair with a married actor, Ted Danson, that led to his very expensive divorce. Her claims of having Jewish origins were also found to be false.

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