This Made My Head Spin

Yes, now you know what this post is about…

This made my head spin.

Pope Benedict, always the naive tool of everybody and his cat, has an apparently homosexual secretary. His name is Clemens. He is made Bishop. We will call him Bishop Lavender.

Bishop Lavender remains is a position of influence (I wonder why?) with Francis.

A guy so suspected of being a homo, that Lifesitenews publish their suspicion quite openly and obviously without fear of consequences was in charge of (how could I not think of this?) organising “world youth” meetings with plenty of prey. It seriously looks like something you would see in a parody movie about the Vatican.

Francis sends this guy to (wait for this) investigate homosexual sexual abuse scandals in a faraway Abbey in Austria.

The guy in charge of the Abbey, and his Provost for 25 years, appears never to have noticed anything. Basically, “professionally deaf”.

A first guy accused of abusing boys was sent away quietly to a place where he still became a priest and went on to commit abuse. At this point, not even a Benedict-like level of naïveté (or conscious desire to shut his eyes) can justify him. In charge for 25 years.. In fact, the Provost likely helped the young pervert to save his backside and find a suitable place. Damn. Should be locked in a dark cell for the rest of his life. Did he? You’ll soon find out!

It goes on. Eminent Professor Roehrig, apparently a very learned TurboFag who was very strong in the abbey, was such a notorious degenerate that he had to be rebuked loudly, strongly, in front of everybody. Nobody seems to have thought of escalating, even anonymously, for years, which is how you get a reputation as “the greatest child molester in lower Austria” and stay out of jail.

If you think this is enough, you are wrong. How did Bishop Lavender’s investigation end? Predictably, with some small slap on the wrist and a very keen desire to shut down everything and “move on”.

In addition, Bishop Levender finds it appropriate to quote Dr TurboFag, evidently a leading light among perverted clergy.

It’s not only the coverage that is a scandal. It’s the arrogance coming from the certainty of impunity.

This is our beloved, indefectible Church in the early XXI Century. We are still loyal to her, of course. We will always be. But boy, this truly is beyond the pale.

We need another St Peter Damian, fast.

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  1. Kathryn Dresen

    Every word you write is reasonable. However, every word Maike Hickson writes about these clerical scandals makes me wonder about her and ” husband” Bob Hickson and how they sleep at night.

    You may not want to post my comment, but the marriage tribunals in the U.S. are full of deceit and scandal. I have to assume that Bob Hickson went through one to have his marriage to Sharon Hickson, mother of his EIGHT children declared null so he could “marry” Maike.

    If marriage is not sacred, neither are priestly vows, and, furthermore, leaving children fatherless, creates situations in which they are more vulnerable to perverts.

    Have I made myself clear without being too uncharitable? It’s the children I care about.

  2. Yes! We need another another St. Peter Damian, and another St. Bernardino, whom you wrote about in the past week. Dear God, please send us some saints!

  3. Of course they send one of the own to deal with one of their own who has gotten a little out of hand i.e. caught. The sodomites/pederasts run the show. How the Vatican hasn’t been blown to bits from the sky already is a testament to God’s patience. God bless~

  4. Oh and child rapists don’t deserve a slap on the wrist. If done once, they get a fair trial, and if found guilty, the sacraments before a public bullet to the head. If done to several children, repeat the process except this time burn them at the stake and force every seminarian and priest in the diocese to attend the execution…a warning of what will await THEM if they try to touch a child. God bless~

  5. Aaron Aukema

    Its called “dog and pony show”. I expect nothing else from the conciliar church. After, it opened its door wide to the world, for, as JPII said, we have a lot to learn from the world (but apparently little to learn from the Church and Her perennial wisdom).

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