Schools Need Guns

Once again, a mad person* has gone into a school and has killed a number of people before (far too late) the police sent them* to their* judgment. Once again, the Woke Troops are losing whatever senses they still retained. Once again, the Democrat Babykilling, perverted apparatus is screaming as loud as they come.

Once again, most people forget one simple fact: this mad person*, like many before him, choose to enter a school and to end their* earthly existence there because schools are gun-free zones.

Nothing could be further from the truth than saying that this massacre happened because there were guns around. In fact, it happened because there weren’t. It could have been a cinema, for example. But generally, it’s a school. School seem to provide plenty of unprotected prey. Nutcases in the mood for a bloodbath followed by suicide-by-cop seem to like the location.

I have, after this tragedy, no concern at all for the Second Amendment. However, it seems to me that the argument I have made above should be made forcefully, particularly in cases like this one.

If every teacher who chooses to do so were able to simply bring his gun at work (and I would, in my kindness, add training, ammo and gun money to a reasonable extent) we would not assist, at least in the vast majority of the cases, to school assaults. Suicidal Nutcase would know that there are armed people inside, possibly well trained, and willing to risk their life to take her* down fast.

It’s as simple as that, really: stop making of school the destination of choice of homicidal mad people*.

Mad persons* aren’t very many, and they should be in the madhouse in the first place. But if everything fails, it could just be a cheap Glock that puts an end to their dreams of going down in a lake of innocent blood.

Schools need gun, not woke idiots.

* see what I am doing here?

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  1. Ben Shapiro had a good point. Every airport and Federal Building has armed security…why can’t we extend that security to the most precious i.e children? And you are right, if the gunman knows there will be armed guards (banks come to mind) he won’t go there to pick off fish in a barrel. God bless~

  2. A little louder please, for the sheep in the back!

  3. Stephen Dalton

    Years ago, many American schools used to have firearms training and shooting classes I think it’s time to bring them back!

  4. There are a handful of armed men at my church. One of my sons has joined the Knights of Columbus because the pastor wants him to be one of the armed faithful. Perhaps there will be fewer attacks in the churches in Texas if madmen are aware of this policy.

  5. Some school districts in Texas do allow teachers to conceal carry and give them extra training. They advertise that they do this ( but don’t advertise which teachers are carrying). Curiously, despite the presence of extra guns, these schools have had not had any shootings.

  6. Aaron Aukema

    As a former public school teacher, I agree. Although, there are different types of training, from self-defense, personal protection training to small-scope “offensive” or tactical training. Should teachers carry, they should be trained, preferably together, on proper techniques.

    Oh, a “well regulated militia” wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

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