Clown World

We are truly living in a clown world .

The entire “affair” is something inconceivable, on all possible levels -medical, moral, of pure sanity – only two generations ago.

I live in the UK, and I did not know that – as I evince from the article – there is something like private sperm donors who can go around peddling their sperm like it was cigarettes, or candies. Then, some dyke would read the ad on a social media page for dykes (??!!) and say “yep, I am in need of some sperm. Where do I sign?”

Even more shocking, but certainly not surprising, is that would be dykes aching for motherhood can be actually so stupid they can’t even read what they are signing.

But the top of it all is that the judge ( who looks very much like a lesbian herself) seem to think that the only abnormal person here is the guy, not the lesbians!! The lesbians are vulnerable, because desperate for motherhood, or such like.

It’s like reading of a world of children, where everybody (including the judge) thinks and behaves like a child, and all parties are desperately trying to give some sense to the clown world in which they operate and which they, clearly, wholeheartedly support.

This kind of childish, senseless, utterly mad degeneracy is exactly what we need to extirpate from our societies.

I have the impression that the current conflict will, with the massive kick in the genitals about to happen to the First World Degenerate Globalist Madness, actually work for us.

Because as it is now, it looks like “Fragile X syndrome” is quite the standard among all of them.

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  1. Yeah, that story makes one wonder if there is any hope. We have sunk to the moral abyss, and the stupid abyss, and the embarrassing abyss…etc. We plainly have too many rank, stupid people, I’m sorry, but that is the takeaway. They probably wouldn’t be this stupid, but being poorly educated in gubmint schools, they are. Illiterate, not even able to read the document of the slob who impregnates her, then has a relationship with him. “Wow, you sell your sperm publicly, you’re the one for me!”. What a low bar. It looks like lesbians are looking for the same thing non-lesbians look for, a man and a baby. I mean, didn’t Gloria Steinem teach having children was a drag? Women had so many more important things to do than have a baby. Now it’s all the rage and what children have to grow up in, if they’re allowed to grow at all, is depressing to think about. Children are treated exactly like anything else you’d buy. I do wonder what holds back the arm of God.

  2. This whole story is one of misfits who are shocked that their imaginary worlds don’t always turn out the way they imagined. On first and wecond readings, I thought the judge was one of the wounded lesbians, or perhaps her ‘partner’ was one. And it is interesting to look at the poor creature who so desperately wanted a child that she would go through the trouble of paying a stranger rather than meeting an actual male and learning about him. She was excused but the mentally ill man was not. She may have been equally mentally ill.

    God bless and help these poor children!

  3. “You reap what you sow” comes to mind here. When the lesbians deny the Natural Law and go outside the sane parameters, they get the wild west and the consequences. When the 37 guy peddles his own sperm for money to sexual perverts and then demands access…well the low IQ disease came with it. How can this man be a “danger” to his children? If he was ok enough to use his sperm why is he not ok to meet? Ah, the emo. God bless~

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