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Keep Your Faith Whatever Happens

In hoc signo vinces

“Therefore let all Israel be assured of this: God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord and Christ”.

These famous words of St Peter are not only remarkable in themselves. They are remarkable because they came from the mouth of a man who, mere hours before, was cowering in a room, fearing that a fearful blow would be struck against him and his companions.

The Holy Ghost made of the fearful man a fearless warrior.

We all know the event, but we should not make the mistake of relegating the event in the past and neglect the implications that it has for us, today. At the same, we should not expect miracles to happen every day.

God can do everything. God can make of Peter a fearless warrior for Christ. He could make of Cardinal Burke a fearlessly Catholic Pope. Heck, He could make of the worst among the cardinals who will, hopefully, soon gathered in a Conclave a fearlessly Catholic Pope! He can make all this happen instantly.

But it can go the other way, too. God can punish the unprecedented rebellion called Vatican II (and its aftermath) with an unprecedented period of chaos and doctrinal confusion. God can make this mess go on up to a Francis III, IV, or V if he so chooses. What punishment would be too harsh, when the offence has been so egregious?

Pray every day that God may put an end to this mess. But keep your faith whatever happens.

It is not for us to decide when we have been punished enough. It is not for us to question the wisdom or the harshness of a punishment obviously decreed in heaven. It is not for us to escape into a fantasy world, in which we decide for ourselves not only who is pope (a popular sport, this one), but where is the Church to be found nowadays (apparently, somewhere in my drawers, or in some micro community of people who, like a common tranny, just can’t deal with reality). Those people who were in church with you this morning, they are the church. The guy the Church says is the pope, is the pope. The sun goes up in the east. Two and two is four.

When the time has come, God will put an end to this; and, if He so chooses, He will make of the healing a spectacularly fast process rather than a slow and gradual one.

On this day of Pentecost, I am reminded once again that I will likely die in the midst of this confusion. But I am also reminded that everything is under control, nothing is happening that does not have a profound sense and purpose, and my only job is to live and die in the religion of my forefathers, without escaping in a fantasy world or losing faith in the Church.

The Holy Ghost changed Peter in a moment. Saul become Paul in a matter of seconds. Pentecost tells us that there is no crisis that cannot be ended, if God so wills, in a second. But if God does not so will, I will keep being grounded in reality, and know that, one day, everything will make perfect sense and bespeak God’s infinite Goodness.

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