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Moments Of Sanity

It starts with the loss of faith. Faith gives one, at a most elementary level, the sense of right and wrong, of reward and punishment. Faith also unequivocally teaches that, in the end, it’s you.

The loss of faith leads, as it must, to what I have discussed so often from this little effort: the desire to feel good. With no objective measure of right and wrong, this desire to feel good will lead to an emotional search for reasons to feel less empty, or less of an animal (which is what we all are in the absurd hypothesis of there being no God), and actually a good person. Atheists worship themselves on the altar of fuzzy feelings. They need those feelings like the drunkard needs alcohol.

This emotional search will, unavoidably, end up with all sort of distortions: nobody is really guilty, the thief is a victim of society, the vandal needs a social worker, the culprit is – always – someone else: the Capitalist society, racism, Trump, but never the one who actually did it.

At some point, this leads to Chesa Boudin. The son of a convicted terrorist (and, if memory serves, with mama not a stranger to a prison cell, too), elected District Attorney in San Francisco, Chesa Boudin is the poster boy of the “not their fault” crowd. He is the very embodiment of this utopian desire to remake the world starting from a totally erroneous understanding of the human being. He is, so to speak, a distilled version of everything that I have just mentioned.

In short: Chesa Boudin is where the journey must end once one has decided that Christ should not be part of it.

Unexpectedly – for me – San Franciscans have just decided to get rid of this scourge. The cognitive dissonance of desiring progressive policies even after seeing, time and again, that they don’t work has, finally, given way to a moment of sanity. In this case, sanity manifested as a reaction to one too many nutcase literally defecating outside of the place where rich utopian liberals live, or one too many car stolen or vandalised, or one too many company leaving San Francisco because dirty, squalid, and simply unsafe.

Mind: these are still the same people who voted for Brandon to the tune of 85%. But even libtards, at some point, switch their brains on, and decide that enough is enough.

I can well imagine that this will, in some people, lead to some thinking: if the liberals idea – that everybody told me since a child are the only way – failed so miserably here, where else might I have been deceived? What else is there that, if I had not been told what to think all this time, would look clearly out of whack?

Chesa Boudin, basically the hen in the hen house, has been recalled.

Who knows: one day, this rare exercise in thinking might extend to male swimmers, gender madness, and celebration of sodomy.

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