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The Dettol Homily

Predictably (seen the day) we got, at mass, a homily about the Most Holy Trinity.

As this is the case in most homilies (at least for me), the homily was, as rule, sound, deprived of any questionable content, but utterly sanitized.

You would say that the Most Holy Trinity would be, in fact, a fairly controversial subject. You would, in fact, think that the subject would be explosive in a Country, like this one, notable for a vast mass of unbelievers.

You would think that, in fact, a homily would take note of the fact, bemoan the sadness of a situation that sees excellent candidates for hell walking among us every day, and encourage us to profess not a generic, antiseptic and, in the end, utterly useless “joy of Christ” (this is a currency by now more devalued than the Venezuelan Bolivar) but a more robust faith in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, together with the frank explanation of what this means for an unbeliever.

This is, as you know, controversial. You never know whether, sitting in the pews, there is some Sixty-eighter bitch* whose daughter is married to a Muslim, who is so, so nice, and who complains (the bitch, not the Muslim) to the Bishop that Father’s cruel, cruel homily shocked her with its utter reegeedeeteeee.

Cue the dreaded phone call of the bishop, the forced humiliation and apology, and the victory of the bitch.

Which is, I think, why we did not get any real meaningful, as in useful in daily life and for other people’s salvation, reflection on the Most Holy Trinity.

We got Dettol instead.

That wheelchair can’t remain empty too soon.

Who knows; after that, something may start to change for the better.

* “a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

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