Evil Clown Strikes Again

Hier, Francis is seen ruminating about just another motu proprio…

So, what worries Pope Francis at night? The rampant perverts among his collaborators and at all levels of the Church? The money mismanagement and all sort of scrounging and corruption with the money of the faithful? The slow but certain disappearance of Christian piety, traditions, even ways of saying, in the West?

Certainly not! What worries this toxic guy at night is, very clearly, that there must be an increasing number of new religious associations mushrooming up from the Catholic grassroots, as it is bound to be as a reaction to all the “Nighty Night” Cardinals.

How do I know this? Why, simple! Because Francis now wants to prevent it!

Notice the mechanism here: the Bishop must ask a Francisdicastery, which will clearly answer that all this desire to foster Catholic life is absolutely outrageous, and the members better tell their little boys to go play with the dolls.

It does not seem to me a catastrophe: the communities wishing to become public associations of the faithful will remain private associations of the faithful. Happened a lot of times. In fact, if memory serves Saint Philip Neri was told to erect his own “official” order merely in order to avoid the constant controversies with the Vicariate in Rome. Without those, the Oratorians would have worked in exactly the same way, without any need of being erected into a public association of the faithful.

In the end, no evil pope will ever manage to prevent Catholics from being such. He will be able to harass them in many ways, but he will never be able to win against Catholicism.

Poor guy. Even on his way to the grave, he seems not to grasp this very simple concept.

But again, I never said he was smart.

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  1. He is definitely consistent. He has his nose to the grindstone, stripping away large parts of the church day and night. But I don’t think God hands out points for that.

  2. Personal injury lawyers will love this. The Church will now be liable for every person injured or G*d forbid, molested, in damages. #DeepPocket

  3. I don’t think the aim is to prevent Catholics from being Catholics. I think the aim is to redefine what “Catholic” means. Most Catholics think that to be a goof Catholic is follow “approved” paths. If a group is not “approved” it won’t be followed, as it won’t be “in union with Rome”.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Un-catholicism introduced in the church so that people (whatever stories they might tell to themselves) stop being Catholic.

    • That is Modernism, well a form of it. Modernists use Catholic terms in heretical ways, leading the faithful astray.

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