Roe vs Wade Is Overturned. Now The Next Battle Begins.

Yesterday must have been one of the most important days in the history not only of the US, but of humanity in the last decades.

Finally, Roe vs Wade was overturned. It is impossible not to see in Donald Trump the man chosen by Providence to set the process in motion, which led to yesterday’s glorious decision.

Obviously, this victory does not end the war. But it truly is difficult to overestimate the legal and cultural reach of this decision. In the next years, abortion will be more and more in the defensive as new legislation protects life in many of the U.S. States. Similarly, the “wind of change” will unavoidably travel and, in time, invest Europe, where opposition to abortion is (particularly in the South) widely spread.

We see here how things are done. All those sanctimonious Judases who thought themselves too holy to vote for Trump have no part in this victory. This victory belongs to all those who have put the life of the unborn before their own vanity and virtue-signalling.

Similarly, this victory is, if properly exploited, a herald of things to come. The greatest taboo of the Supreme Court has just fallen. Why would pervomarriage think it is safe from attack? This is like the taking of a very important citadel, opening the way to a fertile plain rich in wealthy cities and fertile fields.

Of course, the war will be long and the battle will not end in our lifetime. But if you ask me, 2022 will be remember as the reversal of 1973, and this will do a lot of good both to the West and to the entire planet.

As I keep reflecting on this day (a day that I thought I would not see in my lifetime), I thank God for the joy of seeing this day in my lifetime. But I also say, from all my heart, the following words:

Thank you, Mr President!

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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Yes, Mundabor, rejoicing at this return to sanity. In 1970 NY State instituted abortion on demand; then the Supreme Court in a “raw exercise of judicial power” fabricated the right to abortion on Jan 22, 1973. I was in my twenties at the time and a speaker for a right to life group. Justice Clarence Thomas has already said the court should consider homosexual marriage and legal birth control! God bless the pro-life Justices and President Trump.

  2. Indeed, the same reasoning in Dobbs whereby Roe v. Wade was struck down applies equally to Griswold v. Connecticut (striking down anti-contraceptive laws), Lawrence v. Texas (striking down anti-sodomy laws) and Obergefell v. Hodges (striking down laws against same-sex “marriage”). Justice Thomas explicitly calls for the reconsideration of these three decisions in his concurring opinion.

    There are actually people who think this Supreme Court victory is just a part of the Whole Grand Scheme of the freemasons and we ought not to be taken in. As far as I’m concerned, the only thing we ought not be taken in by, besides the mentality that somehow God is not in charge, is the idea that Dobbs is the end of the war. It’s not. Some states will continue to be abortion factories, and I’m pretty sure there will be an effort to pass a federal law pre-empting and striking down state anti-abortion laws. I say this correction of a major evil in our country is the grace of a merciful God, so that we might deserve even more mercy.

    • “There are actually people who think this Supreme Court victory is just a part of the Whole Grand Scheme of the freemasons and we ought not to be taken in”.
      There are actually people who are, actually, stupid.
      Unable even to win.

  3. This is the song that does it for me:

    Sung during President Trump’s inauguration.

  4. I will begin to pray for same sex marriage laws to be ended.

    • Agree.
      I believe that “same-sex marriage” will self-destruct in a spectacular fashion.
      AIDS and Monkeypox is just a preview of the things that will destroy this degeneracy.

  5. Roe v Wade overturned on the feast day of the Sacred heart of Jesus. How wonderful a gift that is!.

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