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Fagghiarchy, Or: Some News From The Alphabet Paradise

We get, from a very official source, some insights about the Alphabet Paradise.

In this island of concord and tolerance, the mutually supporting same sex “partners” contribute to a serene atmosphere and to mutual understanding, creating in their own household (though I think some of them love to call it “family”) that environment of inclusion and respect for the “other” they so sorely miss in the cruel, cruel world out there.

“Toxic masculinity”, as they love to call it, is not part of their experience. If they are Romeo and Romeo, they treat each other gently, in a slightly shrill but very cordial voice. If they are Juliet and Juliet, they support each other in their fight against fat phobia and ugly phobia, exchanging tips for reinforced chairs and digestive salts.

It is a world filled with acceptance. Tolerance. Understanding. Non-violence.




Is it?

Ouch! Turns out, the apostles of tolerance are so violent, they make a drunken, angry Irish daily labourer around 1910 look positively pacific! The figures are staggering, and they are quite a revelation even for us, the normal people!

Look: we knew there must be a reason why the stereotype of the Lesbian is: ugly, acidic, and violent. In a way, the news of their high rate of violent behaviour is not really a surprise, and all those pounds of fat will, once launched in a swing, certainly have an unpleasant effect.

But it is the staggering amount of violence among sodomites that is most surprising.

You would imagine Romeo and Romeo spend half their time whining and bitching at each other with unnaturally high voices, as they frantically gesticulate in an attempted imitation of some old theatre diva. You would think they are pathetic, cringeworthy, utterly embarrassing, but at least peaceful.

Not so. Apparently, there are a lot of Romeos who actually love to exercise some quite violent piece of, well, fagghiarchy on the other Romeo! I don’t want to know, or even to think about, whether scratches or fists play the bigger role. What is clear is that the violence is there, and it’s absolutely massive.

If I weren’t the absolutely tolerant and inclusive person I am, I would almost think that the devil destroys the lives of these people, and makes of them a living hell, in every aspect of their existence.

Thank God I don’t have the horrible prejudices of those ho-mo-pho-bi-c Catholics!

Imagine the stress and the pain, having to think with your own head!

Finding Out

It baffles me to read the fantasies of well-off, pampered Westerners about the conflict in the Ukraine. You think they would, at this point, understand where this goes, but no: blind belief in an unavoidable victory reigns supreme on echo chambers like r/Ukraine on Reddit (visit if you want to have a laugh) or the “Ukraine has already won” Twitter accounts with the obligatory flag.

The thinking seems to be as follows:

1. Ukraine has unlimited soldiers at its disposal

2. Ukraine has the ability to train and prepare for battle a virtually unlimited number of men.

3. The West will never tire of giving arms and financial help to the Ukraine.

It is quite delusional.

Point 1 is possibly the most absurd. A country of perhaps 40 million before the start of the conflict, with 7 million now abroad and a good part of its Eastern population actually supporting the Russians, would find, as if by magic, enough soldiers to contrast a 140 million country ferociously determined to fight this thing to the end. Make no mistake, the fact that the Russians have used extremely mild methods up to now does not mean that they will not do whatever it takes. The day the gloves come off, God have mercy on the Ukraine, because the Russians won’t.

Nor do we see the fighting spirit in the Ukrainian streets. Instead, we see unfortunate boys summoned because they couldn’t run fast enough, or had nowhere to run at the local swimming pool.

Point 2 also defies logic and common sense. NATO needed eight long years to train the very soldiers that are being slowly but surely cut to pieces. These soldiers are simply irreplaceable. Hastily trained recruits, sent to the battlefield after mere weeks of training, are no substitute for well-trained troops. They are going to get massacred without any doubt, their existence on the front limited to being endlessly shelled until the projectile meant for them shows up. Sad, but true, and the reality so many have already experienced.

Point 3 lives in a logic-free space. Apart from the rapid depletion of the Western European Armies, the West will never have the stupidity necessary to partially convert their Countries to war economies (because nothing less would be necessary to pare the wall of fire coming from the Russian side) in order to help one of the most corrupted, undemocratic countries on earth to flood terrorists and criminals all over the planet with sophisticated weapons. This, without considering the obvious technological superiority of the Russians in matters of missiles andanti-aerial defence, besides their sheer endless firepower.

My impression is that those cheerleaders of Elenski have no idea, no clue at all, about the might of the Russian Army. They are like the mouse thinking he will manage to wear out the cat who is playing with it. It’s not happening.

The result of all this cheerleading is, however, tragic: more soldiers will die, and more infrastructure will be destroyed, because of this senseless ra-ra-ra-ing, as the continued hysteria in the West encourages politicians to do what they can to please the social media mob, short of getting all Europe into a disastrous war, but apparently already enough to plunge the entire Continent into a recession, or depression as the case may be.

The bigotry of a limited part of the population and of the leftist media hating Christian decency has already caused enough damage, but it is completely impossible that the insanity will be pushed to the point of total self-destruction of both the European economies and the Ukraine as a Country. At some point, something will have to give, and it will not be the Country which is, after the sanctions, making as much money as never before, and with its people all supporting the extremely smart leader God has blessed them with.

Still, as Putin himself had to realise, this will apparently go on until untold suffering has been self-inflicted.

As they say in the US: fool around, find out…

Dances With Worldlings

It is commonly said that, at times, one picture says more than one thousand words.

The picture above is one of those.

I am not, primarily (but see below) interested in the details about the, no doubt, incredibly stupid things Francis said whilst in Canada. I am sure he apologised for Christianity in a subtle way, but he would not say so openly, so there…

No, what interest me is the picture, as I am entirely sure many more people, among the Canadians, will see the picture than are going to read the details about the clown’s antics.

The picture says this: that Francis is, like a third-rate politician, bent to please the world in every possible way, and wants everybody to see it.

Can you imagine Pius XII doing something of the sort? Me neither. The reason for that is that Pius XII travelled to bring Catholicism near, or nearer, to the people he visited.

This guy, on the other hand, travels to bring the world, its often stupid grievances, and its countless false idols, nearer to Catholics; as if the Catholics had to conform themselves to the above mentioned stupid grievances instead of the world going (back) to Christ.

This picture is a picture of abject apology for the specific, salvific message of Christ, and of capitulation of the Church as a force that changes the world. Francis does not want to change the world. He wants to change the Church. He expresses this in the visual manner you see above.

A third-rate, petty, uneducated man, with no faith or decency, but with a great desire to show himself in agreement with the world outside, Francis makes of himself a Redskin* instead of making them Catholic.

Francis seems, to me, to apologise for something that is, today, very easy to say, and not necessarily with any degree of righteousness: the damage to the “culture” of the Natives.

Catholic priests arrive in a territory dominated by heathens. What should they do, teach them to have pride in their heathenism? Or, actually, bring Christ to them?

If a primitive** population is, in its ways, deeply intertwined with heathenism (as it was, most certainly, the Redskins’ case), it will be very difficult, and likely not even desirable, to bring Christianity to them without destroying the heathenish, primitive culture which preceded it and in which they are deeply steeped.

This is not a bellicose statement against “the natives”. It is just common sense. It’s the way things go. Christ must, as the light does, forcibly disperse the darkness that was there before His arrival.

But no: instead of praising the wonderful Catholic culture that brought salvation to so many, Dances With Wordlings is all concerned with their own grievances, which – at least from what is given to read – do not concern abuse etc., but simply the way Catholics go on with the business of being Catholic. And mind, there might be more, and something wrong, with what has happened; but this does not change the fundamentally different outlook that a Catholic Pope is supposed to have when visited people Catholics have, actually, Christianised.

Dances with Wordlings speaks, as always, with forked tongue.

* no interest whatsoever in the PC word for “Redskin”, thank you very much

** same as the above

The Exorcist 2.0

A new movie about Father Gabriele Amorth’s activity as an exorcist is in the making.

As I read the article, I was puzzled.

It seems to me that the age of Hollywood movies treating the Church in a halfway decent way is gone. Rather, any movie dealing with the Church would, in the current Hollywood climate, deal with paedophile priests (obviously without telling us that these priests are, in their absolutely vast majority, homos), or other ways that try to portrait the Church in an unfavourable way.

Therefore, I immediately started to think how you can deform and turn against the Church the activity of an exorcist. Well, I think it will be difficult.

Any movie dealing with exorcism in a serious way will have to forcibly recognise:

  1. The existence of God
  2. The existence of the Devil
  3. The reality of demonic possession
  4. The Church as the authority which can deal with it, and
  5. The courage, faith and dedication of the exorcists.

All the points above to straight against the current Hollywood narrative; in fact, they undermine it.

It will be very, very difficult to twist this against the Church without turning utterly ridiculous. Plus, the movie is going to be, from what I understand, explicitly linked to the life of Father Amorth. This means that a “fictional” character who, say, dresses as a woman in his free time or is secretly attracted to children – as, no doubt, many a projecting Hollywood screenwriter would be tempted to do – is just not going to be in the cards.

It seems to me that it will be very difficult to make a film on this subject and avoid millions of cinemagoers going out of the projection room without thinking that demonic possession is a real issue, and the Church is, with the brave men She trains for the purpose, the right institution to deal with it.

Still, it seems also difficult to think that this issues might be dealt with in a purely “un-woke” matter, as this nowadays exposes a big investment to the risk of a massive boycott. The idea that this will be 90 or 100 minutes of movie, without some kind of perverted twist in it, seems not in line with the times.

I think I will have to wait a year to see how this pans out.

Meanwhile, I’ll say a prayer for Father Amorth; a guy who would have eaten these Hollywood guys for breakfast and spit their rest from his mouth before having a thorough mouthwash.

The Bear, The Clowns, And The Rainbow

Larry Johnson asks why the West hates Russia.

One hypothesis he makes is: because Russia is the only Country which visibly extirpated royalty. I disagree with the hypothesis: most Europeans are, whilst on average, possibly, better educated than their American counterparts, very far away from the level of knowledge of history that would allow even the beginning of such reflections.

The second one is: because of the Oligarchs. I agree with Mr Johnson that this cannot be. Oligarchs are, in Europe, a matter of fascination and curiosity. One of them could, for around 20 years, own one of the most famous football (soccer) clubs on earth without ever any detriment (for him or the club) deriving from his being a Billionaire. Until now, that is.

The third is: because Putin has the reputation of being corrupt. This also does not work. Zelenski has likely rewritten the book about corruption, and the Clintons are still loudly celebrated among Western liberals. In fact, I will go as far as to say that the average Westerner understands that, for Putin and his close collaborators, accumulation of riches is nothing more than life insurance.

The fourth hypothesis was, I think, added after reading the comments, because I don’t remember it when I first read the article. Several comments touched on this very issue, and the issue, if you ask me, hit the bull’s eye: because Putin defends Christian values.

Putin has become, all over the West, the walking-talking Chief Hoi-moi-phoi-beec. He is a symbol of Christian thinking and decent living. He is, in a word, sanity coming to us from the cold.

Nor can you make the argument that in Russia, say, abortion is still allowed. Putin is an extremely cautious, careful man (again, much differently from the caricature of him spread in the West). His modus operandi does not consist in big societal changes par ordre du mufti, but in the slow, constant shaping of the Country in a way that reflects its traditional mores and ways of thinking.

Putin was mocked for pushing Christianity when only 3% of the Russians defined themselves as Christian, but he pressed on. Nowadays, it is more like 70%. This slow, constant re-shaping of the Country is what Putin will be remembered for, much after his victorious campaign in the Ukraine is forgotten.

Putin has done the same in every main aspect of Russian life. He has not staged a massacre of Oligarchs, but he has reduced their influence and restituted the immense riches of the Country to the public hand. He has not killed Capitalism after the disastrous Yeltsin experience, but he has adapted it to the needs of the Country. He has, also, slowly and tirelessly worked on the recovery of the Russian dignity in the world: repairing the economy, repairing the administration, caring for the army, and making of Russia the real powerhouse in military development (yes, I have bad news for you: the Russians are, as per today, way in front of the Americans in missile technology, and this superiority is so marked and gravid with consequences that it makes of them the First Military Superpower).

Putin’s action, the steady and relentless push for the desired outcome, is also visible in the Ukraine. Slowly but surely, Russia keeps advancing beyond extremely fortified, NATO-sponsored enemy lines. The, actually, quite formidable Ukrainian army (vastly superior, in February, to anything Germans, French or Brits could dream of) is being methodically hacked to pieces. Russia goes forward slowly and steadily, and will retake, at the very least, all of the Donbass and, very likely, all or much of old Novorossiya (means that you can add all the ports on the Black Sea, and likely some other big prizes like Zaporozhie, Kharkov, and Krivy Ry).

Look now, if you please, on the other side. The Ukrainian Regime is not tired of staging alphabet stuff on the streets of Kiev. They really want to show the West that they deserve the West’s help, because they are made in the same way (of course, the population isn’t asked, as you would likely know the answer very fast). The Zelensky Gang wants to flatten itself on the West’s degeneracy, because they want to put their snout in the West’s trough.

This, not historical considerations about Russian history, is what is, today, immediately perceived by the Western populations. On the one side is the old, God-willed order, in the form of a mighty Russian bear. On the other side is the satanic perversion circus, with his assorted motley crew of self-important, utterly incompetent clown politicians and their perverted loudhailers. This is, really, all you need to know.

This is, incidentally, why the BBC is so (again) flattened on the American positions: the percentage of perverts working there must be quite, quite scary, and they must see that anti-Putin propaganda is more important than any discomfort about blatant American power-grabbing.

When you understand this, you understand everything: the Russophobia, the shameless propaganda, the bigotry, the sheer hate.

And by the way: look at the lyrics of the wonderful hymn above, and tell me if it has references to God, or to Communism.

Worried Sick

Bishop Barron is “worried sick” about gun violence. He seems to think everybody is.

Well, I would like to state here that I am not one of that crowd.

Gun violence is just violence. Violence can be carried out with forks, kitchen knives, or baseball bats. Violent people will be violent, and one needs to take care that they are punished if they do. But no, I am not worried sick about it, particularly considering that most violence happens among criminals.

There are, however, some things about which I am worried sick. A short list would include the systematic killing of the unborn, the constant barrage of institutional support for sexual perversion, the constant attempts to pervert children , grooming them with trannie shows and with other disgusting “invitations” to “discover their sexuality” and assign a gender to themselves.

These are, just off the cuff, some of the things about which I am worried sick.

If Bishop Barron puts these issues on the same level of his beloved “gun violence”, I start wondering for which team he is batting.

Beware Of False Prophets: Jordan Peterson And The Illiterate, Devout French Peasant.

My Lord and my God.

I never understood the Western fascination with Jordan Peterson. Firstly, his YouTube videos go on for hours, and I believe in people who go straight to the point. Mr Peterson clearly doesn’t. Secondly, what I heard and read from him was never, even when it was really good, something that my uncle would not have said just as well.

Peterson was treated as if he was saying something new, and revolutionary. He wasn’t. He was a guy daring to say some things based on common sense whilst he was going on and on and on bloviating with that unpleasant, shrill, petulant voice of his. And boy, you had to wait for the good things….

And then, there were his religious outlook. Not a real Christian, but a guy who loved to get some emotions from it, Peterson loved to dabble here and to hint there; certainly, you would hope for the man and think his was a brilliant mind headed in the right direction. But seriously, in a post Christian world I apply this rule: if you can’t even get Christ, how can you claim any credentials of real wisdom?

Then there was the thing with the depression. I tend not to trust much people with grave mental stability problems: if the guy is mentally unstable, what could he come up with, that is the product of his instability rather than of reasoned thinking? If a guy has a depression and does not even get that any healing needs to start from Christ, what wisdom can he impart to me?

Then there was the thing with the money and the ego. The guy wrote a book with the second set of twelve rules. There never was a second set of Ten Commandments. One clearly gets the impression that the guy simply has to keep writing, and talking. Manzoni never wrote the sequel of I Promessi Sposi. Ask yourself why, Mr Peterson.

So: not a Christian, with mental health issues, and finding out new “rules” as time goes by. Not quite a rock, I would say.

As my rock, I will choose Peter, thank you very much.

Then, as always, the ego goes in the middle; and the guy, who has certainly dabbled with Christianity and is quite intelligent enough to know what is what, decides that his own personal system of values can improve on Christ, and apparently comes out with some form of assent to perverted lifestyle. No, I am not interested in the details. You get one centimetre beyond Christ’s line, and you and I are done.

Jordan Peterson has showed he is just another fake conservative seller of hollow slogans that sound – and are – sensible, but the product of a mind with no solid basis in truth. He thinks he can decide what is good and bad. He thinks he can peruse Christianity, praise the things he likes, and discard those he doesn’t. It does not work that way.

Beware of false prophets, and remember a concept I have often expressed on this blog: any illiterate, devout French peasant in the Eighteenth century had more wisdom in his head than one hundred Jordan Petersons, because he had the intelligence and humility to accept Christ and submit to His unchangeable truth.

Redde Rationem: What Eugenio Scalfari’s Prestige Is Worth Now.

Eugenio Scalfari has died some days ago, and the reaction of not only the Press, but the Vatican and the coterie around Francis was boringly predictable.

Cardinal Ravasi told us that he really liked the man’s beat. Francis reminds the conversations with the man with affection. Everybody has a nice word. Everybody is so eager to clap with the world.

What is not said is this: that this is a guy who managed to get to the rather advanced age of 98, in a very sound state of mind, and never gave any hint that he might, his last stop now approaching, have had at least a movement of hope, a hint of conversion, a doubt in his heart. For all we know, he died exactly the hardened atheist he had been for all his adult life.

You would think a Cardinal, or a Pope, would actually profit from the occasion to – gently, but firmly – make of the man a cautionary tale. You would think that they would, gently but firmly, remind their sheep that all the prestige Scalfari enjoyed in life, and for a very, very long time, has now turned to ashes. Gone are the pretty salons, gone the interviews given and taken, gone the constant aura of “great old man” of Italian journalism he took from a man far bigger than him, Indro Montanelli. The moment he died , the man was in front of his Creator, naked and miserable like, certainly, all of us, but with, in addition, that baggage of who knows how many decades of militant atheism.

It is customary, on these occasions, to say that to God nothing is impossible, and if He, in His mercy, has decreed that the man be saved, He has, unfailingly, put in his heart, in the last minutes, the faith and perfect contrition (I doubt a confessor went anywhere near the man) which would allow the wretched man to give his own small contribution to God’s providence and die at peace with Him.

The above is, obviously, true. Whether it has happened, it is a different matter altogether.

As I am neither a Ravasi, nor a Bergoglio, I will tell you what those strange people called Catholics would, in any age before ours, think in moments like this: that God’s majesty is terrifying, and must appear even more so to the likes of an Eugenio Scalfari.

The probability of Eugenio Scalfari *not* burning in hell as I write this is very, very thin, and I will *not* bet my pint on him saving his hide. I have, as it is my custom, said my “eternal rest” for him, for the very improbable case that God allowed the man to avoid hell. But this is, in the end, merely an exercise in charity and, if you wish, a remedy against the mortal sin of “deciding” that the guy is damned. For the rest, Scalfari’s salvation is not something to which I attach any appreciably measurable degree of probability. We are, I think, in the realm of the zero point zero something percent. All the rest – nay, all his life – points to the guy being barbecued in a way that makes the scorchers we are going through (37C today, 38C tomorrow) look like a veritable freezer.

And so this is where we are. Decades of smiling, fawning, admiring men. Cardinals and Popes included.

And at the end, unavoidably, the redde rationem.

Dr Goebbels and Us

behold the retarded prophet of countless millions…

When I lived in Germany I saw many documentaries about Nazi Germany, particularly concerning the war. One thing that always struck me is how it was possible that most Germans actually believed that they would win, even after the situation had become clearly untenable. Say, it’s Autumn 1944, your army is retreating on all front, and you know with the retreat will come the loss of factories, coal mines, and oil fields, whilst your own soldiers will, as they get out of combat due to death, wounds or prison, not be replaced by soldiers of the same combat capability. It really does not take a genius. At the latest when that pitiful, sadistic joke called Volkssturm was invented (October 1944), every German with a brain should have known that the game was up.

Apparently, it wasn’t so, and it is baffling. I would myself, in the past, struggle to believe that most Germans actually believed in victory until very late. I thought that, to a certain extent, it must have been all a pretence, because the uttering of any doubt would lead to incrimination for Wehrkraftzersetzung (“undermining of the army”), with a death sentence very likely. But no: apparently, it was real belief.

The cognitive dissonance must have been huge: on the one side, Goebbels in the newsreel every week or so, telling you how you are unavoidably going to win; on the other side, the map of the Reich shrinking every other week. It must have required a conscious effort of self-deception, I thought.

Well, not so fast.

I could, in my lifetime, live inside several mass phenomena of cognitive dissonance, and I am now reading about an additional one, though luckily I am not living in the middle of it myself.

Entire Continents believe in utterly senseless urban legends, notwithstanding the reality screaming in their face how false these legends are. Sixteen years after “an inconvenient truth”, very few want to see the real inconvenient truth: they have believed a colossal lie for sixteen years, and their man made religion of climate change is a fraud. People who, actually, have attained an education – or so says their university diploma – believe that keeping a piece of cotton in front of your mouth is decisive in stopping a virus from spreading. In fact, the same people are able to believe something even more astonishing: that those who are not vaccinated are those who make those who are vaccinated contract the same disease against which they took the vaccine; vaccine which, they believe, actually works, but is hampered by those who don’t take it. It beggars belief, but it is reality of countless millions of voters around us. Without even a Goebbels threatening you with death for daring to speak.

The situation in the Ukraine must – though I don’t live there – be something similar. Whilst I am sure that the people who have opened their big blue eyes are, in the meantime, in the millions, there can be no doubt that the Ukrainian propaganda works. Pro-Russian sites are full of comments of people whose Ukrainian friends are utterly convinced that the Ukraine will prevail. I think their number is decreasing by the day, but that they have come to this point before opening their eyes is quite astonishing.

Meanwhile, the Ukraine Army is between a big crisis and the onset of decomposition. The Caesar self-propelled howitzers that the Russians have managed to buy (no, really) are truly an indication of where things are. Those two (I think) howitzers are now being closely examined beyond the Urals, to see what can be learned from them. Yesterday, the savage rumour spread (which is, as I write this, unconfirmed), that even one of those all-destroying, all-capable, all-singing and all-dancing HIMARS would have been, again, not captured, but sold. If this proves true and not a propaganda stunt, well I hope that in Washington there is still someone who has an IQ above 70 and has got his job for a reason different from being a lesbian. But hey, there is a glorious counter-offensive in the making for August, so it’s all fine…

The map, again, speaks a very clear language. Just a short time after the fall of Severodonetsk and Lisichansk, the next line of defence (Severn, Soledar, Bakhmut) already sees combat in the first two of these cities, meaning that most of the fortified villages between these cities and the Russians have fallen or have been encircled or made useless. This, as 30 or 40 thousand Russian soldiers are apparently resting in Russia after the end of the battles for Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. Basically, the Russians are advancing quite rapidly without even trying hard. If this does not tell the tale, I don’t know what does.

The moral of all this?

Humans are extremely credulous. They can be manipulated to believe pretty much anything. Given enough time and effort, they will believe that there are 32 “genders”, that a sodomite is “gay”, and that perverts need to be “affirmed”.

What is needed is a strong Christian matrix, that keeps the natural credulity of man in check and gives a solid foundation not only for salvation after death, but for sensible thinking and living before it.

Thank you, Lord, for Vladimir Vladimirovic Putin. Please guide him in his and his team’s decision, and help us, through his influence, to protect the Christian thinking and living that we cherish.

War Of The Worlds

*****He******* opposes Putin

Imagine a world in which the United States are the the only real power and can impose their will on other states at will, either through sanctions or through military means.

What would happen to those Countries who, say, do not accept the perverted narrative now very much a la page in Washington? They would be cut off from any or all of fuel, medicines, technology, and all that they need to function properly. If sanctions are not enough, “human rights” would be brought into the discussion. As your “human rights” situation is deficient, your neighbours (who are fully sold into the perverted narrative) would be encouraged to become aggressive towards you, either because they have old grievances or because they invent new ones. At some point, it would be war and, make no mistake, you would be the “aggressor” as you would be provoked, starved, or shelled until you react.

What I have just described is a good explanation of what has been happening between Russia and Ukraine. Granted, the geopolitical interest of the United States (myopic, but real) in keeping Russia down is separate from Russia’s Christian stance, but we see here the same mechanism at work. Provoke, harass, and actually shell ethnic Russians, killing 14000 people, until Putin reacts, then he is the invader and you can start saying that he eats children, all the *perverted* TV channels of the West gladly following you in your narrative.

One of the reasons (not the only one) why the West is so bent on defeating Russia and make it insignificant on the global scene is exactly this: Putin’s Russia promotes Christian values and refuses to bow to the winds of perversion coming from much of the West. (No, they are not perfect. No, it does not mean anything).

The Ukrainian Government perfectly understands this, which is why you see, on the pro-Russian Telegram channels, the videos about the pro-alphabet initiative and street fests they organise. If you want the West on your side, you need to pay tribute to its ideology of sexual perversion. That the Ukrainian people, themselves, certainly have a quite different attitude does not count: the Rich Masters want the celebration of perversion and, if you want their assistance, you will have to comply.

It works the other way, too. It is, after almost 5 months of special military operation, almost impossible to notice that, after the first wave of knee-jerk reflex, an awful lot of socially conservative people start to either side with Russia, or call for a disengagement of the West from the conflict.

If they are properly informed, they know, and if they aren’t, they feel, that Russia is on their side, and Biden isn’t.

Globalisation is not only very bad in itself, but it is bad in another, very special way: that, far from having no dominant power because everybody is interconnected, it creates one super dominant power who can, alone, direct this global interconnection against whomever it pleases. If this dominant power espouses the cause of Satan, we are in trouble on a planetary scale.

This is, my dear readers, exactly what is happening now, with more and more Christians slowly but surely opening their eyes on the implications of a crushing Russian defeat on our religious freedom and even on our freedom of speech in the West, whilst the others are left in a state of open servitude to Master Uncle Sam.

If you ask me, a patriotic American should wish for the humiliation of his Country in Ukraine and the unavoidable result of it: the United States being pegged down two or three levels in their perceived Global Dominance Scala. The United States, a Great Country in so many ways, have gone astray in their desire to not only exert global dominance, but to exert it to impose their perverted values on everybody. It is fitting that this be stopped.

We are in the middle of a global confrontation, which will decide whether the next decades see a Super Dominant Rainbow Power, or a multi polar world respecting national sovereignties.

I wish Russia a glorious victory in Ukraine, and an outcome that leaves the United States humiliated and forces them to understand that the New World Order is gone.

The Russian soldiers are fighting for all of us. They are fighting for a Christian future in every Country that chooses it. Let us pray for them, and wish them the victory Putin will decide is enough to send a clear signal.

The Satanic Platforms

Would have liked a sea platform, too: Dr Mengele.

As I wrote years ago, it was good to approve anti-abortion laws in many States in the past years. Firstly, it kept the pressure high. Secondly, it creates a legal background for an eventual Supreme Court surprise.

The surprise has happened, and in many States anti-abortion laws have now already come into effect. This had on a lot of abortionists exactly the effect that holy water has on demons. Hence, the search for every possible means to keep killing babies.

A quite strange one is the extra-territorial abortion platform. The idea is that if, say, Alabama protects children, wannabe baby killers will be encouraged to have a boat ride offshore, where their baby will be swiftly (or slowly) murdered, courtesy of Dr Meg Autry’s team. Dr Autry must know something about killing babies, because she says the baby killing platform is her “life’s work”.

You are such a darling, Doctor Mengele Autry.

I honestly doubt this will work. In order for the platform to escape, say, Georgia or Alabama legislation, it must be, actually, really outside of the United States. This, again, poses an awful lot of legal questions impinging on whether the medical insurance pays, what is the legal position of these Sea-Mengeles, and what is the legal position of all who, from Georgia or Alabama, assist in the perpetration abroad of what is a grave felony in their own States.

Plus, the costs. Platforms, boats, or whatever it is that you plant in the middle of the sea, cost a lot of money to run and maintain. From food to medical equipment, from transport to structure maintenance (ships are extremely costly to maintain), this looks more like a fantasy for well-off east coast babykillers than a viable “solution” for Alabamians in the mood for killing Junior. The alleged costs alone (USD 20m, no idea how they were calculated) seems to indicate the madness, then in Alabama you can build an awful lot for a fraction of the cost, and this is only supposed to be a limited-space, dystopian killing machine.

I don’t think it will work. But hey, it will give some sorely needed Copium to the abortionist masses as they come to term with reality: the Supreme Court sentence is here to stay, we are now in the offensive, and they are, for more and more eyes to see, Dr Mengele’s Troops.

Incompetence, Arrogance, And Total Denial.

Yesterday evening, after my post about the clearly reached end of the road for Boris Johnson, the latter started a theatre that will, I am afraid, become the defining moment, together with Brexit, of his time as Prime Minister.

The guy started throwing toys out of the pram and having a hissy fit, his inner spoiled, privileged child utterly unable to understand what even Greta could, at that point, grasp: his time was up.

Spoiled child needed another tidal wave of resignations, and pretty frank comments from members of his own party, in order to finally get in touch with reality. His idea is now to resign today and stay in office (as customary in the UK) until a successor is elected in some 8 to 10 weeks (it’s a very complex procedure involving, in theory, even a national vote among the party members). However, spoiled child has broken so much porcelain that many now, in his own party, want to kick him out immediately. I doubt it will happen, but this is the mood.

Incompetence, arrogance, and total denial have moved Johnson to behave in the way he behaved. The very same character traits have marked Johnson’s Ukraine stance from the very start. The same can, of course, be said for the vast majority of his European counterparts.

We are, all over Europe, governed by a bunch of spoiled, incompetent, arrogant children who have been throwing toys out of the pram from the start of the “sanctions”, are totally unable to recognise and admit that Putin has been running circles around them for almost 5 months, and are totally unable to understand the consequences of what they are doing. Plus, to the extent that they see the trouble brewing (they must, because it’s now hitting them in the face, hard) they are totally uncaring for the suffering they are inflicting on their own, or the Ukrainian population. This is really, really typical of detached, elitist, wealthy good-for-nothing like von der Leyen, who was born and married into privilege and is, also, from a powerful political background via her father, Ernst Albrecht, a big wig in Germany in the Eighties.

These people live on another planet, from which the suffering of the people on earth is but the stage they chose for their self-aggrandisement. They will keep insisting in suicidal policies because they don’t care for the trouble of their citizen; they can’t, in fact, even have a clear picture of them, as their reality is a totally different one.

The USA have, at least, some long-wished geopolitical results from this situation: a deep quarrel between Russia and Europe, a modernisation of their army via “slava Ukraini”, a lot of money from arms sales, and a vastly increased influence as Europe tries to annihilate itself. But Europe is marching towards the shock of the century, with Germany clearly leading the pack, and they are shooting themselves in the foot every day like it’s an enjoyable thing to do.

Boris, van der Leyen, Draghi, and Macron are four faces of the same problem.

It’s no surprise we are where we are now.

Bye Bye, Boris

Yes, again!!

As I write this, the situation of Boris Johnson, Warmonger Extraordinaire and King Size Clown, is becoming more desperate by the hour. I will tell you only this: that the Chancellor of the Exchequer he appointed yesterday is apparently going to ask him to resign today. Not only has his government lost more wheels in 24 hours than a Ukrainian truck convoy spotted by a Russian drone, but there is, at this point, a serious political danger in not jumping out of the sinking ship. Truss and Wallace are, no doubt, living nervous hours.

Boris was, according to many, a walking dead already. The many scandals and the humiliation in the recent elections had showed that his time was up. However, the Conservatives don’t like the sudden knifing. They take their time, and consummate their deed in a calm, well thought-after way.

The appropriate time for the knife was not after the electoral defeat (because this makes the party look bad), but after the latest episode of lying. The storm that ensued ensured that the Party looks good whilst he looks bad. A surge of virtue unsuspected in people who call themselves conservative and have nothing against sodomarriage was the consequence. They can now abandon the ship without looking like traitors, or quitters, or opportunists. It is a moral imperative, now, to do so.

Boris was – and this is why I write this blog post – the face of Britain in the Ukraine affair. Whilst Truss and Wallace have made themselves abundantly ridiculous, everybody in the UK knows that it is the PM who sets the policy, and it is the others who march in lockstep.

With Boris – most likely – gone by breakfast time tomorrow, and the complex mechanism of new leader election likely completed in 6 to 8 weeks, there is all the time to get a new PM that has not lost face with the Ukraine before the weather gets cold.

This would, in turn, allow the fresh face to set up a fresh policy, distancing himself from Boris’ senseless cheerleading of a corrupt, bloody, Ukraine-hating cabal of corrupted and incompetent politicians led by a true, both voluntary and involuntary, comedian.

The new guy will have a wonderful occasion to ditch Sleepy Joe and start thinking of what is sensible for the UK. He will also be able to decouple the Country from a policy which, by September, will be so evidently amateurish that even the BBC will have to recognise the catastrophic price it requires Brits to pay. New brooms sweep better, they say, particularly when the old brooms (Truss and Wallace) have compromised themselves so much, even for the lapdogs they are.

With Boris – and his insufferable wife – gone, we would have a good chance of setting a couple of policies right, just in time for the Mid-terms in the US.

It will be fun, I think.

Bye bye, Boris.

Good riddance, Carrie.

You will not be missed.

Meet Bette Midler, Mestruating Person

Pass the salt…

Bette Midler is a woman who, to me, looked like a man in 1982. She is also very outspoken on Twitter. She is ugly, feminist, and arrogant. The person, in a word, who would write on Twitter a lot.

Bette Midler has tweeted today that she is not happy that women are called “menstruating people”, and that she thinks every human on earth owes women. She also blabbered about her losing control of her body, possibly because she thinks that, if it wasn’t for Kavanaugh, there would be countless men willing to be instrumental in her next abortion.

It was, in the end, an anti-abortion rant with a dab of soft criticism towards the woke troops. But the menstruating person did not explicitly take position against the Trannie Gestapo.

Promptly, the criticisms started to rain anyway on the person with vagina, because the suspicion that she might have said something sensible should not be tolerated.

How can she make the equivalence between “female” and “menstruating”! This is quite, quite wrong! Does she want to exclude women who happen not to have a vagina? Where will it end, at “water is wet”?

But no worries, dear reader. Bette Midler will, if you ask me, promptly put herself on the right side of the Gaystapo and make clear that she wanted to protest against Kavanaugh, and that any thinking that a woman would have to be an adult person born with a vagina is, certainly, not approved. She will clarify, I suspect, that she merely thinks that every person “owes” a woman, with or without a vagina, and this is all.

Bette Midler was ugly forty years ago, and she has not become better looking in the meantime. But I think her brain has decayed even more than the rest.

We will soon know, and at that point we will assist either to the next abject apology of some leftist, non-thinking human with vagina, or to the next circus, with the woke lion dismembering the unfortunate leftists who, in a moment of carelessness, dared to write what every sane human thinks.

Get the popcorn ready.

The next woke tournament is about to start.

Bananas, 2022 Edition

My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril.

Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.

Joe Biden, on Twitter, 2 July 2022

There was a time I read this kind of nonsense from extremely corrupted banana republic dictators, or communist rulers. Hey, gasoline price is high! Bring it down!

Alas, in 2022 the guy with his finger on the big, fat button is willing and able to send out a tweet like this one. It’s like watching Father Georgina lecture people on chastity.

Joe Biden is, of course, half-demented now and was totally incompetent even in his pre-dementia state. But what worries me is that his handlers would write for him, and make him send out, something as dumb as this.

Here in old Europe, the profit a gasoline station makes from the gasoline it sells is so tiny, that it is very difficult for a gas station to survive without an attached grocery store. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I have seen a petrol station without the attached grocery store; and the one I must have seen last must, by now, have closed, or opened a grocery store.

For Biden (and his handlers) to think that ordering/telling the gasoline station owners to lower their prices, likely renouncing to their entire profit for 1% or 2% (after the station’s costs) of the price you pay (we have a lot of taxes in Europe; it might be more in the US), is so dumb that I almost think that Biden has been left alone with the Twitter login data without supervision, and has decided to give us this pearl of wisdom.

But no, it cannot be. Can’t imagine Biden is allowed to tweet. It would be like leaving him, alone, near a gas stove.

Apart from that, I think that every American should resent the rhetoric. It’s a time of war in the Ukraine, whilst the United States enjoy a state of total peace. If Biden and his handlers weren’t as reckless as they are, the US would also enjoy a period of relative prosperity even after the Biden-induced inflation. But no, this guy has to hide behind a war that does not concern most Americans, but which Biden wants to drag everybody in.

At least, this time he hasn’t blamed Putin.

Laziness, Entitlement, And Utter Lack Of Spine, 2.0

I have written yesterday about how the evils described in the title are driving kaputt the Country in which I live. Allow me, now, to expand on an important consequence of them; the reason, in fact, why I have thought for many years now that obesity plays a big role in the spread of approval for sexual perversion.

Where I grew up, people didn’t make excuses. They did not make them for themselves and therefore, quite naturally, they did not make them for others. Life had rules, and these rules had to be followed. The rules impinged on all aspects of daily life: proper dress, proper look, proper communication, proper behaviour, proper eating and drinking, proper sex roles.

The result? Obesity, drunkenness, tattoos, pink hair, or suicide were extremely rare. When people start berating you because you are not properly combed, suicide is a long, long way away. When children throw stones at you for being fat, it does more for the fight against obesity than countless books.

Fast forward to today’s England. Young twenty-something Miss Zeppelin has no will of her own, no discipline, and no spine. What she is afraid of, is being ridiculed. No one throws stones at her, though, so the public humiliation is merely implied. Still, Miss Zeppelin craves acceptance. She will, also, not be really able to criticise, say, sodomy. Her instinctive disgust for it will be tempered by her big, fat ignorance. She will not be able to properly distinguish between her issue and the issues of those others. Her predictable move will, then, be acceptance. I accept everybody so that everybody accepts me. I will not criticise anybody’s lifestyle lest they criticise mine.

I see this mechanism instinctively at play all around me, because I see around me people unable to discern right from wrong, and even desiring to be “affirmed” in what, deep down, they know is destructive to them. Therefore, the obese young man and the perverts of all stripe will be natural allies. They both know that. The rule is “everybody as he pleases, and he who talks is Vladimir Putin”.

It’s mutual complicity. It is, also, mutual self-destruction.

Those around them, as always, go with the vocal minority. They have obese friends/relatives, or perverted colleagues. They are not interested in the ultimate destiny of either. They are interested in getting along, not being criticised, being “nice”.

The mother of old, who harshly rebuked her daughter at the first sign of getting fat, and told her she will never find a decent husband if she does not discipline herself, really loved her. The mother of today, who “affirms” her “body positive” apprentice whale, loves her Facebook profile more. This is, again, disinterest, laziness, unwillingness to do what is difficult, desire to go with the flow.

When the daughter dies at 42, her friends will make tributes pour from all corners of Facebook, swearing how wonderful she was.

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