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Laziness, Entitlement, And Utter Lack Of Spine, 2.0

I have written yesterday about how the evils described in the title are driving kaputt the Country in which I live. Allow me, now, to expand on an important consequence of them; the reason, in fact, why I have thought for many years now that obesity plays a big role in the spread of approval for sexual perversion.

Where I grew up, people didn’t make excuses. They did not make them for themselves and therefore, quite naturally, they did not make them for others. Life had rules, and these rules had to be followed. The rules impinged on all aspects of daily life: proper dress, proper look, proper communication, proper behaviour, proper eating and drinking, proper sex roles.

The result? Obesity, drunkenness, tattoos, pink hair, or suicide were extremely rare. When people start berating you because you are not properly combed, suicide is a long, long way away. When children throw stones at you for being fat, it does more for the fight against obesity than countless books.

Fast forward to today’s England. Young twenty-something Miss Zeppelin has no will of her own, no discipline, and no spine. What she is afraid of, is being ridiculed. No one throws stones at her, though, so the public humiliation is merely implied. Still, Miss Zeppelin craves acceptance. She will, also, not be really able to criticise, say, sodomy. Her instinctive disgust for it will be tempered by her big, fat ignorance. She will not be able to properly distinguish between her issue and the issues of those others. Her predictable move will, then, be acceptance. I accept everybody so that everybody accepts me. I will not criticise anybody’s lifestyle lest they criticise mine.

I see this mechanism instinctively at play all around me, because I see around me people unable to discern right from wrong, and even desiring to be “affirmed” in what, deep down, they know is destructive to them. Therefore, the obese young man and the perverts of all stripe will be natural allies. They both know that. The rule is “everybody as he pleases, and he who talks is Vladimir Putin”.

It’s mutual complicity. It is, also, mutual self-destruction.

Those around them, as always, go with the vocal minority. They have obese friends/relatives, or perverted colleagues. They are not interested in the ultimate destiny of either. They are interested in getting along, not being criticised, being “nice”.

The mother of old, who harshly rebuked her daughter at the first sign of getting fat, and told her she will never find a decent husband if she does not discipline herself, really loved her. The mother of today, who “affirms” her “body positive” apprentice whale, loves her Facebook profile more. This is, again, disinterest, laziness, unwillingness to do what is difficult, desire to go with the flow.

When the daughter dies at 42, her friends will make tributes pour from all corners of Facebook, swearing how wonderful she was.

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