Meet Bette Midler, Mestruating Person

Pass the salt…

Bette Midler is a woman who, to me, looked like a man in 1982. She is also very outspoken on Twitter. She is ugly, feminist, and arrogant. The person, in a word, who would write on Twitter a lot.

Bette Midler has tweeted today that she is not happy that women are called “menstruating people”, and that she thinks every human on earth owes women. She also blabbered about her losing control of her body, possibly because she thinks that, if it wasn’t for Kavanaugh, there would be countless men willing to be instrumental in her next abortion.

It was, in the end, an anti-abortion rant with a dab of soft criticism towards the woke troops. But the menstruating person did not explicitly take position against the Trannie Gestapo.

Promptly, the criticisms started to rain anyway on the person with vagina, because the suspicion that she might have said something sensible should not be tolerated.

How can she make the equivalence between “female” and “menstruating”! This is quite, quite wrong! Does she want to exclude women who happen not to have a vagina? Where will it end, at “water is wet”?

But no worries, dear reader. Bette Midler will, if you ask me, promptly put herself on the right side of the Gaystapo and make clear that she wanted to protest against Kavanaugh, and that any thinking that a woman would have to be an adult person born with a vagina is, certainly, not approved. She will clarify, I suspect, that she merely thinks that every person “owes” a woman, with or without a vagina, and this is all.

Bette Midler was ugly forty years ago, and she has not become better looking in the meantime. But I think her brain has decayed even more than the rest.

We will soon know, and at that point we will assist either to the next abject apology of some leftist, non-thinking human with vagina, or to the next circus, with the woke lion dismembering the unfortunate leftists who, in a moment of carelessness, dared to write what every sane human thinks.

Get the popcorn ready.

The next woke tournament is about to start.

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  1. franciscofrancojr

    As a man/male him/his me/mine, I safely secured my vagina in Hillary’s lockbox. Well, I assume it’s safe and secure.

  2. Did Bette Midler’s vagina EVER matter?
    I will excuse myself now to go and purge that image.

  3. (((Bette Midler))) isn’t a “menstruating person” because she experienced menopause years ago.

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