Bye Bye, Boris

Yes, again!!

As I write this, the situation of Boris Johnson, Warmonger Extraordinaire and King Size Clown, is becoming more desperate by the hour. I will tell you only this: that the Chancellor of the Exchequer he appointed yesterday is apparently going to ask him to resign today. Not only has his government lost more wheels in 24 hours than a Ukrainian truck convoy spotted by a Russian drone, but there is, at this point, a serious political danger in not jumping out of the sinking ship. Truss and Wallace are, no doubt, living nervous hours.

Boris was, according to many, a walking dead already. The many scandals and the humiliation in the recent elections had showed that his time was up. However, the Conservatives don’t like the sudden knifing. They take their time, and consummate their deed in a calm, well thought-after way.

The appropriate time for the knife was not after the electoral defeat (because this makes the party look bad), but after the latest episode of lying. The storm that ensued ensured that the Party looks good whilst he looks bad. A surge of virtue unsuspected in people who call themselves conservative and have nothing against sodomarriage was the consequence. They can now abandon the ship without looking like traitors, or quitters, or opportunists. It is a moral imperative, now, to do so.

Boris was – and this is why I write this blog post – the face of Britain in the Ukraine affair. Whilst Truss and Wallace have made themselves abundantly ridiculous, everybody in the UK knows that it is the PM who sets the policy, and it is the others who march in lockstep.

With Boris – most likely – gone by breakfast time tomorrow, and the complex mechanism of new leader election likely completed in 6 to 8 weeks, there is all the time to get a new PM that has not lost face with the Ukraine before the weather gets cold.

This would, in turn, allow the fresh face to set up a fresh policy, distancing himself from Boris’ senseless cheerleading of a corrupt, bloody, Ukraine-hating cabal of corrupted and incompetent politicians led by a true, both voluntary and involuntary, comedian.

The new guy will have a wonderful occasion to ditch Sleepy Joe and start thinking of what is sensible for the UK. He will also be able to decouple the Country from a policy which, by September, will be so evidently amateurish that even the BBC will have to recognise the catastrophic price it requires Brits to pay. New brooms sweep better, they say, particularly when the old brooms (Truss and Wallace) have compromised themselves so much, even for the lapdogs they are.

With Boris – and his insufferable wife – gone, we would have a good chance of setting a couple of policies right, just in time for the Mid-terms in the US.

It will be fun, I think.

Bye bye, Boris.

Good riddance, Carrie.

You will not be missed.

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  1. sixlittlerabbits

    Hope Boris exits quick. What a joke he has been–incompetent, stupid, smug. Hope the new PM changes a lot of the woke policies that need to be dropped.

  2. franciscofrancojr

    I’d like to agree with you. I wish and hope to agree with you. But it doesn’t seem to really matter who his replacement might be – the UK is fully invested in the NWO & the Great Reset. Just like most Western leaders are. The 3 Days of Darkness will be diminished in relevance by how the West will destroy Ukraine.

  3. “Warmonger Extraordinaire”?

    How many wars has he started, exactly?

  4. This is delightful. Every time one of these WEF ghouls takes a powder, the world wins.
    The alum of the WEF must be identified and that info given to the people. Looking at the Netherlands right now, the riots and protests going on there (but hushed lest we be inspired) it is becoming more obvious by the day the elites have plans. Info on the situation in the Netherlands can be found on Twitter or Gettr, few other places. In case readers don’t know, the government is saying to reduce nitrogen (!?) about 1/3 of the Dutch farms need to go. The Dutch are not in agreement with this and are fighting back. They shot manure over the government office buildings.
    Anyway, out with the WEF types, in with someone who can do some good for the actual people of GB. God be with them, and hooray, one gone.

  5. My understanding of British politics and the personalities involved does not rise even to the level of amateur. If Boris is out, is there in fact someone waiting in the wings who matches the description you set forth of what the country needs?

    By the way, on this momentous day, feast your eyes on the abatement of another public nuisance, this one in Elbert County, Georgia, U.S.A.

    • It’s difficult to say. In the past, the process of selection of a new leader (which is long) has allowed the emergence of “young talent” not considered before. However, “new guy” will have a wonderful excuse to decouple from the Ukraine, which Boris would not have been able to do.
      Guy has not resigned yet, though. I think he is damaging himself and his legacy at this point.

  6. ‘Cause I’m leavin’ on a jet plane
    Don’t know when I’ll be back again
    Oh babe, I hate to go.
    Hopefully, Trudeau will be the next WEF puppet to fly away.

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