Incompetence, Arrogance, And Total Denial.

Yesterday evening, after my post about the clearly reached end of the road for Boris Johnson, the latter started a theatre that will, I am afraid, become the defining moment, together with Brexit, of his time as Prime Minister.

The guy started throwing toys out of the pram and having a hissy fit, his inner spoiled, privileged child utterly unable to understand what even Greta could, at that point, grasp: his time was up.

Spoiled child needed another tidal wave of resignations, and pretty frank comments from members of his own party, in order to finally get in touch with reality. His idea is now to resign today and stay in office (as customary in the UK) until a successor is elected in some 8 to 10 weeks (it’s a very complex procedure involving, in theory, even a national vote among the party members). However, spoiled child has broken so much porcelain that many now, in his own party, want to kick him out immediately. I doubt it will happen, but this is the mood.

Incompetence, arrogance, and total denial have moved Johnson to behave in the way he behaved. The very same character traits have marked Johnson’s Ukraine stance from the very start. The same can, of course, be said for the vast majority of his European counterparts.

We are, all over Europe, governed by a bunch of spoiled, incompetent, arrogant children who have been throwing toys out of the pram from the start of the “sanctions”, are totally unable to recognise and admit that Putin has been running circles around them for almost 5 months, and are totally unable to understand the consequences of what they are doing. Plus, to the extent that they see the trouble brewing (they must, because it’s now hitting them in the face, hard) they are totally uncaring for the suffering they are inflicting on their own, or the Ukrainian population. This is really, really typical of detached, elitist, wealthy good-for-nothing like von der Leyen, who was born and married into privilege and is, also, from a powerful political background via her father, Ernst Albrecht, a big wig in Germany in the Eighties.

These people live on another planet, from which the suffering of the people on earth is but the stage they chose for their self-aggrandisement. They will keep insisting in suicidal policies because they don’t care for the trouble of their citizen; they can’t, in fact, even have a clear picture of them, as their reality is a totally different one.

The USA have, at least, some long-wished geopolitical results from this situation: a deep quarrel between Russia and Europe, a modernisation of their army via “slava Ukraini”, a lot of money from arms sales, and a vastly increased influence as Europe tries to annihilate itself. But Europe is marching towards the shock of the century, with Germany clearly leading the pack, and they are shooting themselves in the foot every day like it’s an enjoyable thing to do.

Boris, van der Leyen, Draghi, and Macron are four faces of the same problem.

It’s no surprise we are where we are now.

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  1. And it will only get worse. All of these “leaders” are beholden to Davos.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, I am doing a happy dance because Boris has resigned. Alleluia.

    There’s a catch, which is no surprise with Boris. The NY Post reports: “Johnson announced Thursday that he would step down, but remain at Number 10 Downing Street until a new leader of the Conservative Party is chosen — a process that could take months, and could still be cut short by a parliament-wide confidence vote triggering an arly election.” (

    I’m praying that Parliament will vote “no confidence” as soon as possible and get this clown OUT!

  3. Describes our usurper in chief here too. He just gave five million barrels of our strategic oil reserve to China while we are being bled at the pump. The sooner Biden is impeached the better. He and Boris are of the same cloth. God bless~

  4. Estimado Mundabor: Gracias por esta reflexion y por este profundo analisis de la realidad.
    Quiera Dios que esta situacion mundial cambie para bien de todos.

  5. franciscofrancojr

    Welcome to WWIII. Peasants: make sure you have a nice day.

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