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The Satanic Platforms

Would have liked a sea platform, too: Dr Mengele.

As I wrote years ago, it was good to approve anti-abortion laws in many States in the past years. Firstly, it kept the pressure high. Secondly, it creates a legal background for an eventual Supreme Court surprise.

The surprise has happened, and in many States anti-abortion laws have now already come into effect. This had on a lot of abortionists exactly the effect that holy water has on demons. Hence, the search for every possible means to keep killing babies.

A quite strange one is the extra-territorial abortion platform. The idea is that if, say, Alabama protects children, wannabe baby killers will be encouraged to have a boat ride offshore, where their baby will be swiftly (or slowly) murdered, courtesy of Dr Meg Autry’s team. Dr Autry must know something about killing babies, because she says the baby killing platform is her “life’s work”.

You are such a darling, Doctor Mengele Autry.

I honestly doubt this will work. In order for the platform to escape, say, Georgia or Alabama legislation, it must be, actually, really outside of the United States. This, again, poses an awful lot of legal questions impinging on whether the medical insurance pays, what is the legal position of these Sea-Mengeles, and what is the legal position of all who, from Georgia or Alabama, assist in the perpetration abroad of what is a grave felony in their own States.

Plus, the costs. Platforms, boats, or whatever it is that you plant in the middle of the sea, cost a lot of money to run and maintain. From food to medical equipment, from transport to structure maintenance (ships are extremely costly to maintain), this looks more like a fantasy for well-off east coast babykillers than a viable “solution” for Alabamians in the mood for killing Junior. The alleged costs alone (USD 20m, no idea how they were calculated) seems to indicate the madness, then in Alabama you can build an awful lot for a fraction of the cost, and this is only supposed to be a limited-space, dystopian killing machine.

I don’t think it will work. But hey, it will give some sorely needed Copium to the abortionist masses as they come to term with reality: the Supreme Court sentence is here to stay, we are now in the offensive, and they are, for more and more eyes to see, Dr Mengele’s Troops.

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