War Of The Worlds

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Imagine a world in which the United States are the the only real power and can impose their will on other states at will, either through sanctions or through military means.

What would happen to those Countries who, say, do not accept the perverted narrative now very much a la page in Washington? They would be cut off from any or all of fuel, medicines, technology, and all that they need to function properly. If sanctions are not enough, “human rights” would be brought into the discussion. As your “human rights” situation is deficient, your neighbours (who are fully sold into the perverted narrative) would be encouraged to become aggressive towards you, either because they have old grievances or because they invent new ones. At some point, it would be war and, make no mistake, you would be the “aggressor” as you would be provoked, starved, or shelled until you react.

What I have just described is a good explanation of what has been happening between Russia and Ukraine. Granted, the geopolitical interest of the United States (myopic, but real) in keeping Russia down is separate from Russia’s Christian stance, but we see here the same mechanism at work. Provoke, harass, and actually shell ethnic Russians, killing 14000 people, until Putin reacts, then he is the invader and you can start saying that he eats children, all the *perverted* TV channels of the West gladly following you in your narrative.

One of the reasons (not the only one) why the West is so bent on defeating Russia and make it insignificant on the global scene is exactly this: Putin’s Russia promotes Christian values and refuses to bow to the winds of perversion coming from much of the West. (No, they are not perfect. No, it does not mean anything).

The Ukrainian Government perfectly understands this, which is why you see, on the pro-Russian Telegram channels, the videos about the pro-alphabet initiative and street fests they organise. If you want the West on your side, you need to pay tribute to its ideology of sexual perversion. That the Ukrainian people, themselves, certainly have a quite different attitude does not count: the Rich Masters want the celebration of perversion and, if you want their assistance, you will have to comply.

It works the other way, too. It is, after almost 5 months of special military operation, almost impossible to notice that, after the first wave of knee-jerk reflex, an awful lot of socially conservative people start to either side with Russia, or call for a disengagement of the West from the conflict.

If they are properly informed, they know, and if they aren’t, they feel, that Russia is on their side, and Biden isn’t.

Globalisation is not only very bad in itself, but it is bad in another, very special way: that, far from having no dominant power because everybody is interconnected, it creates one super dominant power who can, alone, direct this global interconnection against whomever it pleases. If this dominant power espouses the cause of Satan, we are in trouble on a planetary scale.

This is, my dear readers, exactly what is happening now, with more and more Christians slowly but surely opening their eyes on the implications of a crushing Russian defeat on our religious freedom and even on our freedom of speech in the West, whilst the others are left in a state of open servitude to Master Uncle Sam.

If you ask me, a patriotic American should wish for the humiliation of his Country in Ukraine and the unavoidable result of it: the United States being pegged down two or three levels in their perceived Global Dominance Scala. The United States, a Great Country in so many ways, have gone astray in their desire to not only exert global dominance, but to exert it to impose their perverted values on everybody. It is fitting that this be stopped.

We are in the middle of a global confrontation, which will decide whether the next decades see a Super Dominant Rainbow Power, or a multi polar world respecting national sovereignties.

I wish Russia a glorious victory in Ukraine, and an outcome that leaves the United States humiliated and forces them to understand that the New World Order is gone.

The Russian soldiers are fighting for all of us. They are fighting for a Christian future in every Country that chooses it. Let us pray for them, and wish them the victory Putin will decide is enough to send a clear signal.

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  1. Agree. God bless the Russian soldier:+)

  2. Mr. M, as much as it pains me to say this, you are absolutely right. As an American I’m been praying to God that this nightmare will stop and we will reclaim our hijacked country. What pretends to be the USA is a satanic sick joke. Mother Mary, please pray for us free us!

  3. The reality of persons given over to sodomitical acts is that they consider themselves, precisely on that basis, to be superior to those who aren’t. The proof lies in how quickly we went from “the alphabet brigade just wants to be left alone” to “condone the alphabet brigade or die!!!” But the time is coming when that will not even be enough for them. Next it will be “actively engage in perversion or die!!!” We shouldn’t be surprised if those who are willing to violate natural and divine law against sexual immorality, are also willing to violate the natural and divine law against murder. These are people who ultimately recognize no limits whatsoever on anything.

    And they are in charge. That most Americans disapprove of the alphabet agenda counts for exactly as much with our rulership as the Ukrainian people’s disapproval does with their rulership.

  4. klausmarienburgef2ea65bd9

    Danke lieber mundabot! 100% einverstanden!
    It is a pity that many tradi-circles are incapable of seeing this.

  5. There is no “United States of America” any longer, at least not on any real sense. What exists now is the US federal government, and its allies in various states, as well as grifters in business and politics. There is nothing, save nostalgia, that “unites” the states.

    In an odd way, if the US is to be saved, the states need to withdraw. It won’t end the inherent faults within the republican system, but it will break the hold on governments and businesses that is currently occurring.

  6. Mundabor, I am an American woman, and I love my homeland. I’m proud of what she was, not what she is right now. Our nation was a benevolent giant, as someone put it at one time, and the world has been fortunate up to now that this was the case. What the world needs to understand is, our political leaders are acting against the American people as well. We are tormented day and night by these people who infest our country. While there are many people in America with progressive values, there are also many who do not share them at all. America is still a very Christian nation, but unfortunately the Christians are typically not in the power seats right now. The co-opted rainbow, is doing everything it can to crush freedom and satanically, corrupt even children. Please pray for our America and the American people. Just as in Ukraine, there are many who do not agree with the progressive agenda at all. We need God’s help now maybe more than ever. God saved Israel 12 times it is said, but never unless Israel repented and asked God for his help. Progressive Americans have a problem with Russia, the average American does not.

  7. If you don’t mind, anyone with a memory can recall the world started having a big problem with Russia when Putin put the brakes on LGBT advertising at the Olympics, or some big sporting event they had, that had global involvement. He then banned propaganda for LGBT in Russia. That was when the hate began pouring in, which makes perfect sense when realizing LGBT is being used as a hammer to smash individuals, families, societies, cultures, and freedom.
    There is appreciation growing for what Putin is doing and what he now represents. Many Americans realize what he is defending and ultimately, Who he is defending.

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