Beware Of False Prophets: Jordan Peterson And The Illiterate, Devout French Peasant.

My Lord and my God.

I never understood the Western fascination with Jordan Peterson. Firstly, his YouTube videos go on for hours, and I believe in people who go straight to the point. Mr Peterson clearly doesn’t. Secondly, what I heard and read from him was never, even when it was really good, something that my uncle would not have said just as well.

Peterson was treated as if he was saying something new, and revolutionary. He wasn’t. He was a guy daring to say some things based on common sense whilst he was going on and on and on bloviating with that unpleasant, shrill, petulant voice of his. And boy, you had to wait for the good things….

And then, there were his religious outlook. Not a real Christian, but a guy who loved to get some emotions from it, Peterson loved to dabble here and to hint there; certainly, you would hope for the man and think his was a brilliant mind headed in the right direction. But seriously, in a post Christian world I apply this rule: if you can’t even get Christ, how can you claim any credentials of real wisdom?

Then there was the thing with the depression. I tend not to trust much people with grave mental stability problems: if the guy is mentally unstable, what could he come up with, that is the product of his instability rather than of reasoned thinking? If a guy has a depression and does not even get that any healing needs to start from Christ, what wisdom can he impart to me?

Then there was the thing with the money and the ego. The guy wrote a book with the second set of twelve rules. There never was a second set of Ten Commandments. One clearly gets the impression that the guy simply has to keep writing, and talking. Manzoni never wrote the sequel of I Promessi Sposi. Ask yourself why, Mr Peterson.

So: not a Christian, with mental health issues, and finding out new “rules” as time goes by. Not quite a rock, I would say.

As my rock, I will choose Peter, thank you very much.

Then, as always, the ego goes in the middle; and the guy, who has certainly dabbled with Christianity and is quite intelligent enough to know what is what, decides that his own personal system of values can improve on Christ, and apparently comes out with some form of assent to perverted lifestyle. No, I am not interested in the details. You get one centimetre beyond Christ’s line, and you and I are done.

Jordan Peterson has showed he is just another fake conservative seller of hollow slogans that sound – and are – sensible, but the product of a mind with no solid basis in truth. He thinks he can decide what is good and bad. He thinks he can peruse Christianity, praise the things he likes, and discard those he doesn’t. It does not work that way.

Beware of false prophets, and remember a concept I have often expressed on this blog: any illiterate, devout French peasant in the Eighteenth century had more wisdom in his head than one hundred Jordan Petersons, because he had the intelligence and humility to accept Christ and submit to His unchangeable truth.

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  1. I think Peterson is filling the void that common sense, Catholic human nature and natural wisdom have left since being thrown out the door after Vatican II. Men are/were so twisted in formation or not formed at all that they are desperate for any kind of sense, even from a broken and blind leader like Peterson. “Men need to be MONSTERS” he says…and then temper that “inner monster” down of course. No. Men need to be SAINTS, i.e. VIRILE in all things especially virtue. If Peterson would read the saints, seeing men cross oceans and continents with bare feet, no food and endure torture for Christ with a smile…he would find the real man he is looking for i.e. Christ. Agree he is a false prophet. God bless~

  2. We see here once again our starvation for heroes. It should be par for the course that a professor say a sensible thing, or that a bishop bar a notorious public sinner from Holy Communion; but in our time, such events are so rare that when they do happen, we are ready to ring all the church bells. Nor is our judgment very sound when it comes to selecting heroes: consider Milo Yiannopolous, who, upon announcing his reversion to the Church still was living with his alleged husband and still obviously possessed a monumental ego. As always, the full soul treads upon the honeycomb, and the starving soul will take even the bitter as sweet.

  3. Excellent points, especially about the 18th century French peasants. I’d rather be a peasant than an ‘agnostic’ or whatever.
    I remember when my sons (now adults with families) were small, and family & friends frequently criticised my choice to school them at home. My consistent answer: I would rather that they know, love and serve God, even if they were ignorant peasants, than to be wise atheists.
    God blessed them. They remain Catholic and their children are being schooled similarly. And they are successful businessmen, so the critcs were wrong.

  4. Mundabor, I share your aversion to people like Peterson who mostly enjoy the sound of their own voice. Agree with all the comments, as well. Give me 100 silent, hard working parents raising their kids to be real Catholics for every loudmouth like Peterson or Barron. Every time.

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