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Dances With Worldlings

It is commonly said that, at times, one picture says more than one thousand words.

The picture above is one of those.

I am not, primarily (but see below) interested in the details about the, no doubt, incredibly stupid things Francis said whilst in Canada. I am sure he apologised for Christianity in a subtle way, but he would not say so openly, so there…

No, what interest me is the picture, as I am entirely sure many more people, among the Canadians, will see the picture than are going to read the details about the clown’s antics.

The picture says this: that Francis is, like a third-rate politician, bent to please the world in every possible way, and wants everybody to see it.

Can you imagine Pius XII doing something of the sort? Me neither. The reason for that is that Pius XII travelled to bring Catholicism near, or nearer, to the people he visited.

This guy, on the other hand, travels to bring the world, its often stupid grievances, and its countless false idols, nearer to Catholics; as if the Catholics had to conform themselves to the above mentioned stupid grievances instead of the world going (back) to Christ.

This picture is a picture of abject apology for the specific, salvific message of Christ, and of capitulation of the Church as a force that changes the world. Francis does not want to change the world. He wants to change the Church. He expresses this in the visual manner you see above.

A third-rate, petty, uneducated man, with no faith or decency, but with a great desire to show himself in agreement with the world outside, Francis makes of himself a Redskin* instead of making them Catholic.

Francis seems, to me, to apologise for something that is, today, very easy to say, and not necessarily with any degree of righteousness: the damage to the “culture” of the Natives.

Catholic priests arrive in a territory dominated by heathens. What should they do, teach them to have pride in their heathenism? Or, actually, bring Christ to them?

If a primitive** population is, in its ways, deeply intertwined with heathenism (as it was, most certainly, the Redskins’ case), it will be very difficult, and likely not even desirable, to bring Christianity to them without destroying the heathenish, primitive culture which preceded it and in which they are deeply steeped.

This is not a bellicose statement against “the natives”. It is just common sense. It’s the way things go. Christ must, as the light does, forcibly disperse the darkness that was there before His arrival.

But no: instead of praising the wonderful Catholic culture that brought salvation to so many, Dances With Wordlings is all concerned with their own grievances, which – at least from what is given to read – do not concern abuse etc., but simply the way Catholics go on with the business of being Catholic. And mind, there might be more, and something wrong, with what has happened; but this does not change the fundamentally different outlook that a Catholic Pope is supposed to have when visited people Catholics have, actually, Christianised.

Dances with Wordlings speaks, as always, with forked tongue.

* no interest whatsoever in the PC word for “Redskin”, thank you very much

** same as the above

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