Doctrine develops. It starts from the hard base contained in the Gospels and revealed to the Apostles, then grows, organically and harmoniously, in the same way as an oak develops as it grows stronger and mightier.

Developing means, literally this: a completion, a flowering, an expansion of what is already there. An oak does not develop into a serpent, a girl does not develop into a cat.

Doctrine always develops in that it always enriches, but never contradicts, what came before. If the latter were to happen, it would be error or heresy or abomination, but never development.

This is not only the logical meaning of development. This is the way the Church Herself always looked at it.

Therefore, and by definition, a “development” that goes against what the doctrine states can never be a development, but merely a perversion of, and an attack to the teaching of the Church.

This attack, Francis has carried out from the aeroplane flying back from Canada, after the eskimos clearly showed very little desire to see him, much less keep him.

His stupid words about a development of the doctrine on contraception that says the contrary of what the Church says on contraception is nothing less that this: a frontal attack to the doctrine of the Church, an attack for which no excuse is conceivable.

As he nears the grave, this miserable individual shows he is more and more in the hands of Satan.

I think they will have to deal with each other for a very long time.

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  1. Yes, he is a tool of Satan.

  2. Joseph D'hippolito

    M, this is a comment a reader to “The Remnant” left in response to an article concerning JPII’s arbitrary revisionism concerning capital punishment. It’s more than appropriate for your post:

    “If the Catechism of the Church were to be rewritten to say that capital punishment is immoral and cannot be supported by Roman Catholics, there would be no way whatsoever to defend the indefectability of Catholicism in matters of faith and morals. Not with a straight face, anyway.

    “It would exactly as if the Catechism were to be changed to say that artificial methods of contraception were now acceptable and not sinful. Catholicism would become a complete intellectual joke. No one would be obliged to take it seriously.

    “If what was previously acceptable and defensible and practiced by the Church herself (capital punishment) were all of a sudden to be redefined as unacceptable; and if something previously condemned as mortally sinful (artificial contraception) were all of a sudden to be redefined as moral and acceptable, how could Catholics defend the volte-face? The entire world would consider us to be hypocritical buffoons.

    “And the world would be right.”

  3. sixlittlerabbits

    You’re so right, Mundabor. Poop Fransoros is going to visit Kazakhstan and inflict himself on Archbishop Athanasius Schneider. Pope Bergoglio must realize his time is short, and he is going out with a BANG.

  4. I have always taken the encyclical Humanae vitae as a signal proof of the charism of infallibility. Humanly speaking, the stage appeared to be set for the Church to change her perennial teaching on birth control: everybody who was anybody was in favor of it, and bringing immense pressure to bear on a weak, vacillating Pope who was much tossed and buffeted by modernist currents. Yet, in the end, the weak and vacillating Pope said: NO and gave us a prophetic document, every one of whose predictions about the universal acceptance of contraceptives has come true. It is clear that the credit for this goes, not to him, but to the Holy Ghost, Who uses whatever broken and even rebellious instruments He pleases in keeping His Church from falling into the abyss.

    Now — as if two public displays of idol worship were not enough — we have a Pope who apparently intends to try to reverse this doctrine a mere half-century after it was reaffirmed. The fact that he is cagey enough to do so without invoking the charisms of his office cannot save him: God will not be mocked. How terrifying it is to see an old man at death’s door just begging to have the earth open up underneath him.

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