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Monkeypox: NMFP!

Eltons of the world, listen to her!!

Biden is told to be about to declare Monkeypox a “public health emergency”.

From a Breitbart commenter:

Well at least shut down all gay bars, drag shows, and pride and fetish events. And, they should quarantine at home, stay away from the general public, and not go to work and close any business they should have.

Just two weeks to flatten the curve.

This comment is absolutely brilliant and, in fact, uses Biden’s “pro perv” narrative against himself.

Is this Faggypox so dangerous? well, shut all things perv down then!

Faggypox is demonstrably nothing to do with normal people and, therefore, not our freaking problem.

It really is time for Biden to shows he really caaaaaares for the minoree- tees and shuts them down in their own homes, as it was done with all of us when a nasty flu came around.

Nor should the gheee-ys complain:

“Flatten the curve”, remember?

“Protect the NHS”!

It’s for your own securee-tee!

*National Health System, the Socialist health care behemoth in the UK.

Brittney, Meet Russia!

“You have grown tall, Barack!!”

I was reading on Breitbart the article about the conviction of Brittney Griner and, immediately, it stroke me how “off” she looked, a mixture between a tall Obama with locks and a deranged Obama with locks.

Then there are the tattoos, of course. But in general, this one looked like quite the strange one.

Only shortly thereafter, I read the phrase at the bottom of the article:

“Today, American citizen Brittney Griner received a prison sentence that is one more reminder of what the world already knew: Russia is wrongfully detaining Brittney. It’s unacceptable, and I call on Russia to release her immediately so she can be with her wife, loved ones, friends, and teammates,” Biden said.

Notice anything strange here? Well I did:

“Her wife”

Look, we have here another example of the Mad Generation. One who thinks that her position, her protected category number one (lesbian) and her protected category number two (“of colour”) will protect her from trouble; or perhaps she just thought that unique snowflakes like her can do whatever they want and hey, who is Russia to judge? This woman seems, to me, the perfect example of a subculture of empty, woke, perverted entitlement that makes people think they cannot be touched by anyone.

Turns out, Russia judges very well, and very aptly. Smuggling drugs in the Russian Federation would certainly not be seen with favour whoever the culprit it, but a person who abuses of her privilege (methinks, she was accustomed to have VIP treatment at airports, not many questions asked and whisked off to the business class in no time) and behaves in a foreign country like she is in the middle of the Tenderloin District in San Francisco can really not expect a great degree of leniency. Nine and a half years seems about right. She will likely be exchanged for some Russian US detainee the Russians want out, so if I was her I would not be so overly worried.

I think what happens now depends, in part, from the media. If the mad crowd starts the chants of ho-mo-pho-by-a, I suspect that Putin will delight in keeping the woman in jail at the cost of the Russian taxpayer, trolling the West no end to the delight of the public at home.

If the matter is kept quiet and the diplomats on both sides are left free to do their job without media interference, I bet my pint that the woman will be out to Perv Central in less than a year. At which point, she will have “Martyr” status, and woke images of her will be painted on every wall in Los Angeles.

If you think that the US are declining as a Country and losing their position of preeminence, you have in front of you one of the reasons why: stupidity, entitlement and, above all, degeneracy will do exactly this to a Country.

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