Monkeypox: NMFP!

Eltons of the world, listen to her!!

Biden is told to be about to declare Monkeypox a “public health emergency”.

From a Breitbart commenter:

Well at least shut down all gay bars, drag shows, and pride and fetish events. And, they should quarantine at home, stay away from the general public, and not go to work and close any business they should have.

Just two weeks to flatten the curve.

This comment is absolutely brilliant and, in fact, uses Biden’s “pro perv” narrative against himself.

Is this Faggypox so dangerous? well, shut all things perv down then!

Faggypox is demonstrably nothing to do with normal people and, therefore, not our freaking problem.

It really is time for Biden to shows he really caaaaaares for the minoree- tees and shuts them down in their own homes, as it was done with all of us when a nasty flu came around.

Nor should the gheee-ys complain:

“Flatten the curve”, remember?

“Protect the NHS”!

It’s for your own securee-tee!

*National Health System, the Socialist health care behemoth in the UK.

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  1. These people need to keep their mouths shut and their backs against the wall.

  2. It is important to control language because language is the medium between thought and action.

    Leftists are talented at using language to their deformed intent by making a word suggest its opposite. “Gay” is a great example – sodomites are the farthest thing from gay you can imagine … violent, angry, deprived, vengeful. So gay is no longer a word we can use, because leftists stole it and broke it. And from that broken word, which expresses broken thoughts (intents) comes personal and social brokenness, depravity – like spiritual cancer.

    Catholics, and all others of good will can reclaim individual and cultural souls through the reclamation of language. Use words that are essentially true and describe essential Truths and send them out as antidotes to cancerous language deformations.

    Which brings me to the point of my comment: “Faggypox”. You just created a word that best describes the reality of this physical and spiritual disease. Use of this word, if widely accepted, will facilitate healing by guiding us to the true cause of the disease and thus make it more likely we find a true cure.

    Language. A forgotten art, but so important in the reclamation of a lost civilization of deceived and deceiver pagan leftists.

  3. So we are going to have a replay of the whole AIDS thing, which, unfortunately, is now so long ago that we have a couple of generations of adults who don’t remember it (or the fact that the big players in that drama are the same as those in the corona drama). We were advised insistently that AIDS was going to be a plague that affected everybody, not just homosexuals…and then that didn’t happen, and now we hardly ever hear about AIDS. But we did get a new word out of it that we are still being beaten over the head with: “homophobia.”

    We keep getting hit with crisis after crisis which never materializes, and yet we keep falling for it. Too bad our memories are so short and our virtues are in such scant supply.

  4. podkamien59885a193b

    Language also changes over years. Catholics still use the word “Democracy” to mean the same thing the Greeks meant. Modern day “Democracy” and “Republic” is understood through Enlightenment and their Masonic supporters mentality. When one uses these words, enemies understand us as accepting their ideas, a “Republic” or “Democracy” without a True God, or a God of subjective realities.

  5. Homo-Shingles. Time and time again God shows that he does NOT approve of this lifestyle. God have mercy on these disturbed people!

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