The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The… Ukraine Map

Currently very active on Reddit: Dr Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister.

Every now and then, just for my amusement, I go visit those Reddit pages where people think that the Ukraine is winning. It’s like getting a history lesson in front of the mobile phone.

The self-deception that goes on there is quite astounding. Clever propagandists (or very dumb self-propagandists) create the narrative by creating new threads. The lemmings eat the lies willingly, avidly, desperately. They seem grateful that someone has, for one brief moment, helped them in their battle against reality. When the doubts assault them again, a new visit to Gaslighting Central will give them the craved injection of Copium again.

The method used by the propagandists is very simple: a lot of videos of unclear source, plus repeating all the obvious lies of the Ukrainian Government, plus belittling every loss.

Russia’s downfall is always about to happen. Their losses assume fantastic proportions for people who, actually, shell the Ukrainians 10 to 1 most of the time (this is, by the way, admitted by many Ukrainian sources themselves).

Severodonetsk was to be Putin’s Stalingrad. When it was lost, it became irrelevant in the great scheme of things because hey, we have Lisichansk. When Lisichansk, too, was lost, well that was a victory of sort because we inflicted to the Russians (de-humanised as orcs; it helps a lot by massacres) sooooo many purely imaginary losses we are now well, well in front of them. Then we keep retreating, and they keep advancing. But hey, they must be so, so demoralised!

It is, truly, a history lesson. This is Baghdad Bob on steroid, every day. This is Goebbels 24/7, but with a willed, chosen self-hallucination (plenty of sources to get the facts), a privilege that the Germans of 1944 did not have.

The truth is in the logic, and in the map.

The logic: the Ukrainians themselves admit a Russian superiority in artillery of 10 to 1. This was not so at the start, mind, where the relationship was likely 1.1 to 1 or 1.2 to one for the Ukrainians. This is because the Russians have taken out the Ukrainian artillery just like they have taken out the Ukrainian HIMARS, planes, or helicopters. They were there at the start, they are now dust, or rust.

Also, everyone admits 80% of the casualties in this conflict never saw an enemy, as they were killed or wounded from afar. Do your math.

The map: the Russians are advancing, bit by bit, through a huge number of extremely fortified positions, the fruit of 8 years of NATO money. There is nothing like that in Western Europe or the USA. Anyone who believes that the Russians only manage to advance a bit at a time in a normal situation ( that is: unaware of all the factories turned into fortresses, concrete anti-bomb tunnels, and the like), just because they have low morals, or no fuel, or are sad because they have left the cat at home, needs to get in touch with reality. Newsflash: the Russians are taking one heavily fortified position after the other, largely with artillery, rocket and missile work, and rolling over the position with their assault troops just at the end, against an enemy already brain damaged for life (look it up).

Slowly, methodically, safely, the Russians are taking out the Ukrainian army bit by bit, just as they are taking the Ukraine (or at least the part they are interested in) but by bit. Their casualties are very low, the ones of their enemies very high.

But no, keep listening to Dr Goebbels whilst the Ukraine shrinks like a towel washed at 95C.

Let’s see how good that proves in the end.

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  1. People cheered the Ukranians and pressed on for fighting, never seeming to care it was going to mean many men conscripted into fighting a doomed war and not being able to get out. At least that’s my interpretation. Suddenly the media is crickets about Ukraine, and Covid. On to the next thing!

  2. Ukraine is at JUST war with Russia. The situation on the frontline is stabilized thanks to the help with the HIMARS, and the map is actually unchanged during the past month due to the recent help with the HIMARS. If the HIMARS were provided earlier, many lives would have been saved.

    We live in Ukraine. What is happening in Ukraine now is genocide. Russia’s goal is not to take part of Ukraine or to change the Ukrainian government, but to annihilate Ukrainians as a nation. Russians continue to murder, torture, rape, and forcibly deport to Russia people in the occupied territories. Russians had stolen thousands of Ukrainian children and brought to Russia for re-education. This war is an abstract thing to you, and you look stupid when you publish your posts on Ukraine. Try to listen to Ukrainians, to the victims, or to people from countries bordering with Russia — the Poles, the Balts — people who know about Russia’s crimes.

    In your kindness, please pray for the lasting peace of just victory for Ukrainian people, and ask your government for continued support.

    • What a load of bollocks; and no, I have no sympathy for your position, though it is sad to see people like you brainwashed in this way, and paying the price of their brainwashing.
      YOUR Country has killed 14,000 Russian, or linguistic Russians, in 8 years of uninterrupted war crimes, and still keeps doing it. YOUR Country has taken civilians as hostages since the beginning of the SMO (that’s Special Military Operation. Pray that Russia never wages war against the Ukraine, because you’ll be in real trouble). YOUR Country is, as I write this, shelling a nuclear plant. YOUR Country is the one who is totally undemocratic, entirely corrupt, and completely infiltrated by Nazis. YOUR Country is the one killing scores of people who have collaborated with Russians and then make it look like a Russian massacre. Scum.

      And by the way: the one who look is stupid is, exactly, you, and – unless you are trolling – I would feel sorry for your plight if you weren’t part of the problem. You are like the Germans in Autumn 1944, but you don’t even have the excuses they had. The fact that you believe the rubbish about the “stolen children” really says it all about the sorry state of your mind – again, unless you are trolling -. Realise that millions of Ukrainian want to be part of Russia. Make no mistake, they will have their wish. Deal.

      Go cry somewhere else with that little, brainwashed brain of yours. There might, or not, be a Ukraine left when Putin is finished with you people. But I truly hope that you will be left in the amputated, humiliated, utterly impoverished, completely mad part of the Ukraine that is not worthy of being part of Russia. I just hope Putin denazifies that part of your sorry Country thoroughly, too.

      And don’t get me started on the Balts. More hysterical nutcases I have never seen outside of Afghanistan and Palestine.

      And by the by: you are also an accomplice of the massacre of the youth of your own country, sacrificed on the altar of your bigotry. But I guess this doesn’t count if you are trolling.

      You have access to English sites. You have no excuses.

      In my kindness, I will pray that you open your big eyes. Sadly, it is more likely that you will pay the price of your blindness.

      Unless, that is, you are trolling.

    • “YOUR Country has killed 14,000 Russian, or linguistic Russians, in 8 years of uninterrupted war crimes, and still keeps doing it” — That is a lie. I lived in Ukraine at that time and I never seen a Russian speaking person being offended or being treated differently. This lie was made up by Putin in order to justify his barbaric invasion.

      “YOUR Country has taken civilians as hostages…” — That is a lie. From what sources do you get your information? I speak from experience.

      “YOUR Country is, as I write this, shelling a nuclear plant.” — That is a lie. Russian terrorists placed military equipment and explosives in the engine room of the occupied Zaporizhia NPP. Russia has turned to nuclear terrorism. They shelled the plant and now they use it as a military base, stuff it with military hardware, and threaten the world.

      “YOUR Country is the one who is … completely infiltrated by Nazis.” I am 50 years old, lived in Poltava, Kyiv, Odessa, and in Western Ukraine, and never seen a single ‘Nazi’ in my entire life. Your statement is another lie made up by Putin in an attempt to justify the Russia’s invasion in the eyes of his own people.

      You know nothing about the nature of this war. Find Ukrainian Catholics in your area and listen to them.

      Russia devastates our cities, leaves mass graves behind, steals, rapes children in front of their parents. The violent nihilism of the Russians is beyond any reason. Come to any de-occupied village or town in Ukraine and talk to the survivors — you will then repent of whatever you said about Ukraine.

      May the Lord be with you.

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