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This Is What Woke Looks Like

Pray for us, o Holy Mother of God!

I can’t post the mugshot here because it’s in the wrong format, but you will see it here (Achtung! Strong stuff!). As an antidote, enjoy the Blessed Virgin on this page.

If you think this is a Trump Republican, whatever you are smoking is killing you very fast.

The worse is to think that this guy might be a fairly common sight on European streets in 10 or 20 years, as the non-judgmental virus infects vast parts of the population who grow up thinking that Twitter is actually a church. This guy will, then, look good (so to speak) in the company of trannies and pervs of all stripes and colours. The likes of AOC will praise all them as symbols of transgression, and demand that everybody accepts them. Those who disagree will be branded with words not coined yet, but certainly ending with “phobic”.

The guy deals, on the side, in human parts, like bones. Interesting chap, this one. Even more interesting is that there is a market for such “products”. No, that’s not MAGA merchandising, either.

This is what abandoning God does to you.

Look at the picture again.

This one smells of reprobation from Kiev. Actually, he looks like a Satanist, or like one who wants to look like one (I don’t any any experience in Satanism; I should ask Mr John Podesta, he certainly knows more…). But there was, I am sure, a time where even Satanists did not go around like cartoon characters and, in fact, in those times perhaps there were not even the cartoon characters this guy is trying to look like!

Now, we are confronted with the mugshot of The Walking Evil and told that this guy lives in, pretty much, Small Town Pennsylvania (yes, I have looked).

No, this is not a Trump Guy.

This is a Podesta/Clinton guy.

Funny how well they actually manage to look the part.

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