The Deranged Perverts And Their Evil Helpers

Now closed mutilation “clinic”, Land of Hope and Glory.

After my last post about the horrible perversion of tranniedom, reader Skeinster asks:

What will be the punishment for the parents who, for whatever reason, connive to push their innocent young children into this life? Many are predicting that their temporal end will be murder by the children they mutilated, once they fully comprehend what was done to them.

This is, I think, occasion for a couple of considerations.

The first one: I am pretty sure that such mutilations of teenagers have been going on for years, without the general population being even really aware that such things happen. I knew that there was a clinic, in the UK, specialised in such satanic exercise only when the clinic was shut down. From the same article, it is to evince that the same clinic has been operating for ten years!

You would think that such issues would cause a debate even much more ferocious than the one about Pervo”marriage”, as everybody in the UK actually claims to care for minors! But no. It seems like this stuff has been smuggled under the pretext of “health care” for people “suffering” of “gender dysphoria” (boy, how many stupid words people invent when they get mad…) and hey presto, you have a dedicated clinic for that as the perv groups (also mentioned in the article linked) complain that this taxpayer-paid service is not fast enough.

The article does not mention the lowest age involved in this. One case of hormone blockers at 16 is quoted. I don’t know what else happens, but I really cannot exclude that, if some satanic parents think that their child should be mutilated at a young age (say: 14) the NHS would actually say “no”. Mind, I hope they do. But we live in disturbing times.

Now, as to the “child”, or rather teenager, some harsh words from me. I refute to believe that a child who has reached the age of reason (say: 7, 8, 9 at the latest) can *ever* arrive to the point of clamoring for a mutilation without having already perverted himself in a massive way. A child of seven can commit a mortal sin. He has, therefore, already the fundamental principles of natural law etched in his consciousness. A youth of, say, 14 or 15 can, most certainly, not consent to, and desire, such stuff, and call himself innocent.

However, this statement must be integrated by the following ones: that a perverted adolescent can, by God’s Grace, go back to normality (I would say this is much easier in a teenager than in an adult), but the parents’ actions make it impossible for him to have a normal life afterwards (and, in fact, they will make it much more difficult for said adolescent to go back to sanity, after insanity has already disfigured and mutilated him), and that such satanic parents are also 100% responsible for all the suffering they inflict on their offspring. The earthly justice will not be able to touch them, as this stuff is, very obviously, legal; but the heavenly one will be, bar repentance, extremely harsh.

We live in a world where minors (I positively refuse to call a 14, 16, or 17 years old boy a “child”, this is stuff for the PC crowd who want to cry about all the huge Black teenagers a’ la Michael Brown) can be mutilated for life, and this is not even the object of a devastating, year-long, “front and centre” public debate.

This is what happens when the word “phobic” is weaponized, and used by a minority of perverts to cow normal people into submission.

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  1. This shows you where “tolerance” naturally leads: support.

    Tolerance is not a virtue. It has never been a virtue, which is why it is so important to accept *only* that teaching and Truth which comes to us directly from the Constant Magisterium of the RCC (as opposed to the RCnewC, or its close cousin the Protestant heretics).

    All the Virtues are given to us by the RCC. All the sins are similarly defined by the RCC. Both are codified and explained by valid Priests of the royal line of the traditional Roman Catholic Church. We are called to fight the fight of faith in defense of God and the advancement of virtue in His Kingdom on this earth and toward defeat of all sin that waits in opposition to His holiness and all virtues that flow therefrom.

    So … “tolerance” is merely quitting the race, laying down weapons and exiting the fight to allow evil to prevail over Good; ultimately, it is choosing evil’s side since there is no neutrality in the war of God and Lucifer for the souls of men.

    II Timothy 4: 7,8

  2. What an indictment of our perverted age! It’s hellish!
    St John Bosco, pray for us.

  3. Quite apart from the various mutilations that some cultures customarily inflict, we in the West have long been inured to various forms of medical mutilation for a really, really long time. Some of us are old enough to remember when tonsillectomies were all the rage. Lobotomies used to be relatively common. Sterilizing mutilation is the number-one, go-to solution for women’s health issues: I have had it recommended to me several times myself (and have never had it done). Many people undergo plastic surgery, not to repair the effects of a devastating injury, say, but simply because they are not pleased with their appearance. Or, all the tattoos and piercings. Then there is the whole business of organ donation — for which we invented the concept of “brain death” to cover up the fact that unpaired vital organs cannot be harvested without killing the donor. Behind it all is the refusal to acknowledge and revere the God Who made us to belong to Him, giving us each part of our body for a reason and giving us the qualities He wants to give us.

    After decades and decades of all this godless “medicine,” a war of mutilation against biological sex was only a question of time.

  4. I was speaking specifically of the younger children, 3, 4, 5 years of age who are co-opted into this by their parents in a Munchausen-by-proxy type situation.
    Too young to understand or defend themselves.
    I’m sorry for not being clearer.

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