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Pope Francis is, here, seen not wrestling

Pope Clown has made another one of his interventions, in which he has invited the faithful to “wrestle” with God.

Mind: in a different context, this might have a sense of its own. If St Catherine of Siena had spoken of such “wrestling” (I don’t know whether she has), we would immediately understand the broader context of this, that is: a context of total submission to God’s will.

However, we live in the time of Francis, when the context is diametrically opposed to obedience to God, an opposition incessantly promoted by Francis himself. Therefore, it seems to me that the Evil Clown’s words have a subversive potential which, in another time, they would not have.

Your average, garden variety Catholic nowadays lives in a state of constant wrestling with God, in the sense that he either thinks that he is right and God is wrong or, hopefully in most cases, that somehow the Church was always wrong then and he and God are right now. All those people who add to “I am a Catholic” that fateful little word, “but”, are doing just that, all the time.

The idea of prayer is not wrestling, it is accepting. It is, when you ask, an asking that must come from a position of perfect obedience, or total acceptance of whatever humiliations, troubles, or pain the Lord has seen fit to let us have, for reasons which, whilst unknown to us now, are surely for our good.

Thy will be done. Full stop.

XXI Century “wrestling” (no doubt, the one Frankie has in mind) has nothing of it. It suggests, rather, the rebellion of the one who cannot accept what Christ says about his homosexual son, her divorced and remarried daughter, and their unbaptised nephews.

It’s the wrestling that opposes to God’s law my own law. It’s the wrestling that makes one decide that his lurv for the adulterous wife of another must be god-given, and therefore infallible and sacred. It is the belief that “muhh conscience” trumps what the Church says.

It is easy stuff. It makes one feel pleasantly rebellious, but righteous at the same time. It is quite after the spirit of the age.

My suggestion is: never wrestle with God.

You will lose every time, and will run a serious risk of ending up barbecued for eternity, together with countless other wrestlers.

Keyboard Cardinals

One day, it has been said, the Church could consider the election of Francis invalid.

Beautiful, say I. Let us hope and pray that such a moment comes, no matter how far in the future, so that it is easier to excise all the poison of this guy from the body of the Church.

However, if such a day comes, it will be the day that the Church has made a decision. The Church; not a grumpy old man in the pew, or a blogger at his desk.

Nor can anybody say that, if the Church, one day, decides that Francis’ election was void, these grumpy old men and Keyboard Cardinals will be “proven right”.

They won’t. They would be just as wrong on that day as they are wrong now, because it is not for them to say “I told you so”. In fact, it is not for them to tell, full stop.

We are not at liberty to decide who is Pope, or whether the Pope is legitimate or not. That basic humility is required of a Catholic. We aren’t a Protestant mini-outfit where everybody decides which rules he adheres to, and three people can get together and create another mini-outfit with the rules they like.

If the Pope is a disgrace – this one is a huge disgrace; his successor, very likely, too – then it is our duty to say so, stick to what the Church has always taught, and deny obedience to such a disgraceful Pope in everything in which he goes against what the Church teaches.

We are no pope-makers. It is extremely arrogant, and very possibly gravely sinful, to think that we can decide who is Pope and who isn’t. The Church says that Francis is Pope. Even Benedict says that Francis is Pope. Not one single Cardinal denies to Francis the fact of life that he is the Pope.

The sun goes up in the East. Francis is Pope. Live with it.

We don’t decide who is Pope. We can – and should – pray for the return of worthy Popes in an authentically Catholic Church. We need to also understand that the horrible disfiguration of the Church we are living now is – as everything else – God-willed, and most likely a punishment for the sins of both the clergy and the laity. The solution is, then, not more arrogance but more humility.

Pray more. Do penance. Hope for a better day, but realise it might never come in your lifetime. Hope you will die believing in the Catholic teaching. Be faithful to the end, knowing that sixty-five generations of Catholics are on your side.

We are no Pope-makers.

It’s as simple as that.

Catholic Teddy Bears: Is Shia LaBeouf Playing You?

Catholics do the Church no favor by suspending warranted skepticism for the easy gratification of prematurely claiming a pop culture ally in the liturgy wars. 

Before you accuse me of plagiarism, the quote comes from here.

The article repeats, in an excellent way, the theme of one of my posts of some weeks ago, when I warned from the ueberschnell promotion of Mr LaBeouf to new Catholic hero for our times.

The article makes for very interesting reading, in that it touches on two issues that were – my bad, of course – new to me: the plagiarism, and the vastly different language registers in different interview about the same issue (his conversion/repentance/redemption).

As to the first, the man appears to have such a history of plagiarism that you would think he is a relative of Joe Biden. Not only that, he goes very stupidly about it, which does not engender any confidence in the solidity of his intellect and, therefore, of his proposits.

The second, much more ominous in my eyes because extremely recent, is the frequent use of expletives and the careful avoidance of the Latin Mass theme in repeat videos on his troubles (and conversion) destined to a different audience from the Catholic one.

To me, this is sheer marketing.

If you have had a sincere conversion, you don’t go around spitting expletives to look cool with the atheist kids. More disquietingly, if you have found the Latin Mass a touching, spiritual, growth-inducing experience, you want those who don’t go to mass or are not interested in Catholicism to be the first to know.

There is nothing of this in Mr LaBoeuf’s performances. There is, in fact, an actor.

Mind, this does not necessarily mean that the man is lying. Like many actors, he might merely be in love with the idea of his conversion (or with himself as converted) whenever it is useful to him, reverting back to the usual A-H mode when he is in a different company. He might, also, have experienced a very tepid, slow-burn, conversion, again in contrast to the big proclaims and interviews. But as a whole, this whole affair is screaming at us to be prudent.

Let me quote the author of the linked article again:

Sentimentality is the enemy of true compassion. It is the self-centered substitute of one’s own feelings, one’s druthers, for conscientious appraisal of reality.

This is, I think, exactly what has been happening. Emotional (probably, largely female) Catholics can’t wait to adopt the new Famous Guy like he is the latest Catholic Teddy Bear. But there is no sound reasoning behind this.

Sound reasoning would command, first of all, prudence, and a truckload of salt.

Italy: Curb Your Enthusiasms

That flame at the bottom (the symbol of the old MSI, the most Catholic party Italy ever had) still makes me dream…

Fratelli d’Italia (FdI), the most right-wing mainstream party available to the Italians, has just achieved a stunning victory. At 4% of the votes just a handful of years ago, the party achieved, on Sunday, a stellar 24% of the vote. This is a historic victory and a testament to the health of the Italian Democracy and its efficient, fair, representative electoral law (I might write more about this in future).

However, I would like to curb my readers’ enthusiasm, as it seems to me that the International press is making, in my eyes, too much of it. Allow me to explain why this is going to be, in my estimation, a welcome adjustment, but not a revolution.

The first: FdI has won together with a coalition comprising the Lega and Forza Italia (FI), Berlusconi’s party. Both of them, but particularly the latter, are “left” of FdI in social matters (the Lega, not so much; FI undoubtedly so). Giorgia Meloni will not be able to exert any of the executive power a French President (without Cohabitation) or a British PM would have. She is the dominant force of a not entirely compact group. For example, FI would never consent to the demolition of civil partnerships and would, likely, have a far more pro-American stance than the other two formations.

The Second: Meloni’s record is sketchy. She was courageous and vocal in not aborting her child when she discovered the, most likely unwanted, pregnancy, but she still isn’t married to her child’s father, with whom, as I understand, she is living in sin. She can talk beautifully about Christianity, but her track record is very mediocre at best. She seems to like the cultural aspects of Catholicism way more than the religious ones.

The third: it would be a big, big, BIG mistake to think that one quarter of the Italian voters are now “far right”. This is, most assuredly, not the case. Rather, the really representative Italian voting system allows the Country to bring a party quite up, quite fast, and make it fall just as fast, because the strictures of a strictly “first past the post”, two-parties political system are not there to stifle progress and innovation as is, quite clearly, the case in the UK and USA.

Let us put it in another way: Meloni’s success is, in great part, the fruit of her personal popularity and of the belief in her integrity, not the identification with her most controversial ideological positions. This is something that has tradition in Italy, where many voters punish their own party in order to send it a message, but are only too willing to vote for it again if conditions change. In this case, it is not unrealistic to think that a lot of FdI’s votes are “on loan” from the Lega, some of them even from the (anti-globalist, “integrity first”, but far more to the left) Five Star Movement.

In the last decades, Italians have been more and more willing to reward a politician merely because of the trust in his integrity and quality as a leader, with ideological stances taking the back seat compared to honesty and patriotism issues. This can change anytime, or when a less controversial Lega leader than Salvini emerges.

FdI chose to remain in the opposition when offered Government positions, a temptation the Lega would not resist. This stance alone brought a lot of votes on Sunday.

Still, really good politicians are, exactly, those who are able to shape a country’s thinking. This is what Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher did. Meloni is a Ronald Reagan fan, an unashamedly right wing position in Italy. Will she be able to move the Country on her, reasonably deeply felt, positions?

We shall see.

Just don’t uncork the bubbly yet.

Poor Lazarus And Socialist Francis

Clearly, Francis did it again.

In the mind of this man, everything needs to be instrumentalised to further a socialist, or commie, agenda.

He has, in one of his latest bloviations, taken the story of Lazarus and the rich man and has profited from it to blather the usual stuff about worldwide redistribution.

The guy had, for once, not started badly. Yes, the rich man has forgotten God. Yes, our dignity does not depend on the things we have. Yes, Lazarus was, whilst suffering, still safe in his love for God.

But then Francis, being Francis, forgets that he is supposed to be catholic and launches in quite hefty tirade.

“the injustices, the inequalities, the unequal distribution of the earth’s resources, the abuse of the powerful against the weak, the indifference to the cries of the poor, the abyss we dig every day generating marginalisation,” cannot , he said, “leave us indifferent.”

It is very clear from the words above that Francis thinks that the unequal distribution of the earth’s resources is supposed to be an injustice (in fact, it is a subspecies of it).

Ah, well, no.

The world’s resources have always been unequally distributed; the poor will always be with us; Jesus never condemns the rich man, or Joseph of Arimathea, or Nicodemus, for the fact being rich. It means that Jesus never saw a problem in the earth’s resources being unequally distributed.

Who sees a problem in this? Typically, people who don’t believe in God. If you don’t believe in God, inequality is not a God-given way to teach humility to the poor and generosity to the rich, it is a fundamental flaw of the only life people will ever live; for socialists and communists, inequality is, as they say, not a feature, but a bug.

Francis speaks like them, because he is one of them. However, in view of the job he has, he pretends to go along with Catholic doctrine before he releases on you his Socialist Bomb. He does it, actually, all the time.

He the same of those trolls on political sites who start their message pretending to be on the right side, and then – when they have your confidence – veer the message in a different direction, and when they are finished only attentive readers have understood what was the plan all along.

Besides: has Francis been listening to the full story?

27 He answered, ‘Then I beg you, father, send Lazarus to my family, 28 for I have five brothers. Let him warn them, so that they will not also come to this place of torment.’

29 “Abraham replied, ‘They have Moses and the Prophets; let them listen to them.’

30 “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’

31 “He said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be convinced even if someone rises from the dead.’”

Francis can blather about socialism as much as he can.

It is very clear that he is not listening to Moses, or the Prophets, or Christ.

Living Rooms And Cool Minds.

“Rouble to rubble, did you say?”

The vote on the request for annexation to Russia in the four traditionally Russian provinces in the Ukraine begins today. The outcome is quite obvious, as the annexation is the best thing that can happen to the local populations, particularly after the loss of territory in the Kharkov region.

I think this annexation (about which I have no doubt, as the Duma clearly favours it in case of favourable outcome of the referenda) will shift the game on globalism and homo agenda significantly.

Please note this: since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, anti-homo (to variable extent) forces have won in Hungary, Serbia and, soon, Italy. They have also advanced in France. They will, no doubt, make inroads in Germany in the coming months.

Conservative Europe tends to have a different attitude towards Russia than its Regressive part. This they do because, other than the Regressives, they do not feel the obligation to hate Putin just because they deem him ho-mmo-fffpho-bicc. They look at things in a more neutral way, do not care for the Alphabet, are generally no friends of globalism, and consider a warm home, a job, and a future for their children very valuable things to have.

If I am right (but I have often been wrong in life), the suicidal policies of most Western Governments will cause a general shift to the right. Why would someone who has been lied all year about Russia’s ability to withstand the sanctions, and Europe’s inability to cope with those very same sanctions, keep believing those same politicians when they talk about refugees, homos, or trannies? No. I think that the huge cry of “enough” that will soon rise from Europe will extend to a lot of stuff (globalism, degeneracy, vaccines!) that has been supinely accepted or tolerated in years past.

A cold living room should help a lot to think about these matters with, so to speak, a cool mind.

We shall see. Winter is coming and it will, I think, not care much for virtue signalling and little flags on the Twitter handle.

The Going Gets Though

NATO now running furiously against it

For now almost seven months, Russia has conducted a military operation with white gloves, and very much “on the cheap”.

I have a feeling this all ends now.

It becomes now clearer what the plan was all along: make a ton of money all Spring and Summer whilst Europe is left half-starved of energy, before turning on the pain factor for Ukraine and, well, the West when it starts to get colder and harsh realities count more than virtue-signalling.

It is also clear, to me at least, that all the events of yesterday were carefully planned and coordinated: the referendums – not only in the two Donbas States, but in almost all of old Novorossiya – put to sleep once and for all the naive idea that Putin might agree to end the hostilities and go away with Lugansk and Donetsk only.

Russia is going to be enlarged by four historical provinces. More soldiers are needed for the harder push that will follow, and to make those territories really Russian rather than aspiring territories defended by militias. The legal framework for the new situation must be created. All this has been announced in, basically, one day. It’s all part of the new phase of operations.

Make no mistake: Zelensky is shitting his pants. Scholz, Truss & Co., too.

All points to the fact that, at some point in October – perhaps as early as the first or second of October – the Western help to Ukraine (the satellites, the intelligence personnel, the weapons, and the “mercenaries”) will have to be seen as direct hostility towards the Russian people and land.

If my analysis is correct, this means that the Western powers will very soon be put in front of the choice to a) back off or b) face direct military action. A total loss of face in the first case, and a total humiliation – and immense tragedy – in the second.

No matter what the Baghdad Bob Media say, the situation on the ground is very simple: in a conventional war, Russia can obliterate NATO every day of the week. As it is, NATO has ammo for perhaps two weeks, three weeks max, but I doubt they would have many tanks or howitzers left after that time. The only thing that Putin will have to do – and he will most certainly do it – is to avoid attacking the American soil. The immense losses he will cause to NATO soldiers and military infrastructure in Europe will soon persuade even the most stubborn “Slava Ukraini” do-Gooder that staying alive and living in a functioning country comes first.

Will NATO listen? This is the same as to ask: are they really as stupid as they look? Or was it all posturing to please the Twitter crowd? On one hand, I trust that reason will prevail. On the other hand, these people might be so stupid as to think that Putin is bluffing. I am an optimist, and keep thinking that they are not that stupid; not even Scholz, van der Leyen, Borrell, or Truss (well, the jury is out on this one).

If the Biden hits the fan, the only real alternative for the West to total defeat and utter humiliation will be nuclear escalation. This is, I really hope, not happening, because the Pelosi, Graham, Truss and Macron of the world will not want to sacrifice their comfortable lives for a nuclear Holocaust (and no, it’s not about you; they would let you die in a second).

Every other scenario is a loss-loss-loss for the West, and Ukraine made mincemeat of. The Americans will never countenance a huge rearmament program meant to give them the powerful industrial apparatus – which they now don’t have, as they only produce software, consultancy companies and a vast number of “genders” – needed to defeat Russia. They are hopelessly inferior in missile technology. They would be torn to pieces conventionally first and, if nothing else helps, with nukes later. They would, in fact, end up choosing self-extermination for the sake of a bunch of effing Neonazis they actually wanted to use as cannon fodder to “extend” Russia (google Rand Corporation Extending Russia, it’s all there). Not a smart choice.

Of course, I do not know whether Putin will choose the brutal escalation that Donbas becoming Russia (again) should engender. But if I know the Russian culture, history and mentality well enough this is what, at that point, all Russians will expect of Putin.

From memory: During WWII, Italy lost around 200,000 people.

The USA around 450,000.

Russia 26,500,000.

Let that sink in, and reflect how likely it is that the Russians are scared of their losses now.

This Little Slut Of Satan


Like millions of others I watched, yesterday, the solemn funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was a very solemn occasion, and a fitting farewell to a beloved Sovereign. I followed on Sky, where the commenters actually pretended to believe in God; something very, very unusual on British television.

However, when the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, went on the pulpit and dared to read the “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” part, I must say my adrenaline level started to rise. This is one who is on record for voting for so-called gay marriage, and she has the almighty gall to stand in Westminster Abbey and pretend she is a follower of Christ. May she be punished, unless she repents, also for this special kind of hypocrisy.

One might say that, on such an occasion, it is expected that the Prime Minister speaks. My answer is that no doctor has prescribed that a Prime Minister makes a strong, obvious profession of Christian faith when it is clear that she does not pass muster. She could have blabbered something about the Queen’s faith (which is unquestioned), instead of trying to look all “conservative” to the televised audience.

Alas, this is the nature of our politicians. This little slut of Satan would, I am sure, not hesitate one moment to call herself “Christian” whenever it is convenient to her. The next moment, she would spit on Christianity because “equaliteee”, and her career. Again, unless she repents, may she be punished extra harsh for yesterday’s very special show of hypocrisy.

These people think that we will forget. They think that they can be on the side of Satan today, and solemnly talking about the Way, the Truth and the Life tomorrow. I have bad news for them: not only will true Christians never forget, but Christ will not be mocked, either.

I hope she enjoyed her little stage yesterday.

One day, she might well wonder whether it was worth the price.

Meet Guy-Ladriel, Or: Why The “Rings Of Woke” Flopped

The mega-expensive, mega-woke show The Rings Of Power is turning into an epic defeat for the forces of woke.

The PC disfiguration of Tolkien was total. Astonishing stuff happens there: Galadriel has been appropriately re-christen Guy-Ladriel, there are Black elves (yes, you read it right), female dwarves without beard and, of course, also, “of colour”. There are the dumbest attacks to the MAGA movement (“Elves will steal your jobs”). There is, most of all, this insufferable, arrogant, superpower-endowed, go-grrl woman who is, in fact, the total opposite of Tolkien’s Galadriel. It’s a total catastrophe.

If you go on the Internet, you will find critics videos that are, in fact, quite funny, as this gigantic flop is now creating a cottage industry of ferocious mockery. It is, in fact, quite entertaining to see how they dissect the woke fest in many different ways.

Mind, this is Youtube. These critics are not Catholics. In fact, the mention that Tolkien was fiercely Catholic and would never have written the rubbish you get dished on Prime I have heard only once (but the entirely non-religious Elon Musk got it, and said it, too, see above). No, what I think is happening is something different.

Firstly, Tolkien is loved all over the world. The unicity of his creation is admired many decades after his death. There must be few corners in the planet in which the man is not held in extremely high regard, and his literary legacy as something sacred. The revolt of the Tolkien world to this abomination has, correspondingly, been much, much stronger than the outcry for the woke superheroes of the cartoon world, so much loved in Hollywood.

Secondly, it is clear that more and more average people (the people, that is, that are not interested in Catholicism, or even Christianity) are getting fed up with having the woke agenda rammed down their throats.

Amazon made all worse. In a stunningly transparent show of pathetic public opinion manipulation, they made a pre-show with “influencers” to promote their own work. These influencers were, if I am correct, four, of which two degenerates. Imagine that: creating an obviously manipulating self-promoting “critic” review, in which perversion is the main ingredient and “inclusion” is the only thing that count.

Mind: if the writers of this rubbish had created a completely new, fictional universe that is inspired by the fantasy world of Tolkien (countless such works have been written), and had decided to make this fictional world woke, the criticism would have been far less harsh, and the woke propaganda would have had a better chance of getting through. But no: this was supposed to be a commercial success without precedent, which is why $250m were paid *for the right to Tolkien’s notes alone*, and another three quarters of a billion for the rest of this mess. This is way too expensive to merely be the way Amazon curries some favour with the woke crowd. This is simply a failure to understand that if you get woke, you go broke.

These cretins really wanted to sell their rubbish as Tolkien’s lore. This is how stupid they are.

We are living in a world in which the entertainment industry is so prisoner of the woke mentality, and so detached from the world out there, that not only they think they can savage Tokien’s fictional work, but they promote this very act of savaging as what is best in their show.

Yes, the special effects are good. But, honestly, not better than in the “Lord Of The Rings” movies, that are now around 20 years old. Buying the DVDs of those works – who were, apart from a couple of blunders, as a whole very respectful of Tolkien’s world, other than the disastrous Hobbit movies that followed – will give you an overabundance of special effects, as you enjoy a largely truthful, well-rendered, if – unavoidably – strongly condensed version of the story.

The numbers coming from Roku (they run the software of countless television sets; therefore, they are a better statistical sample than every Nielsen you can imagine) tell a disastrous story of a rapid flop that will now be impossible to reverse. Consider simply this: the first two episodes were released together. A paltry 1.8 million people watched episode number 1, and only 1.4 million people watched episode number two, which was immediately available to watch. This was, by the way, largely before the absolute onslaught of criticism, and the countless memes now flooding the Internet.

But seriously, what else could you expect? Normal people do not think the way these degenerate and libtards do. You give them a “Tolkien lore” where all the heroes are females, all men are duplicitous, weak, dumb or without understanding for The Heroine, and the only thing that counts is The Way She Feels, and you are in for a total disaster.

Guy-Ladriel effortlessly kills a snow troll that has severely beaten all her *male* expedition companions. She does so defying the laws of physics, as in a parody of a Tolkien movies. The same theme goes through the entire show.

And this, ladies and gents, is how you create a huge flop.

Lesbians and Libtards applaud.

All the others stop viewing, and go to their PCs to enjoy the memes or the scathing reviews.

Drunk Sun Tzu Meets Baghdad Bob, Or: How To Lose Big And Claim Victory.

“We just achieved a glorious victory in Kharkov, comrades!”

It is Friday as I write this and, from all that can be seen, the dreams of glory of the pro-Neonazi faction have been shattered against the hard wall of reality. Yeah, one week can do this to you.

The Glorious Super Duper Turbo Advance of the Ukrainian troops in the Kharkov region proved a great PR balloon, full of nothing but hot air.

The “conquest” is limited to some 2000 (being extremely generous here) square kilometres of… pampa.

No coal. No gas. No steel mills. No appreciable Russian losses in both men or material. In fact, no Russian forces to be found in the first place, as the region was “defended” by a small number of Rosgvardia (akin to the Italian Carabinieri, an armed police force without front combat capability or vocation) and Donbas militia’s reserves, made of oldish men kept there in the thinking (more on this later) that nothing would happen on that part of the front.

The Russians may have been caught with their pants down. Greta happens. They may, also, have hoped for a Ukrainian advance, actually luring the Ukrainians out of their NATO-paid, concrete-reinforced trenches by dangling in front of their swastikas a biggish territory very scarcely, actually barely protected, and retiring promptly when the hoped-for attack took place.

In both cases, the result is the same: the Ukrainian wasted precious resources – in men and material – on a senseless drive through the pampa, and are now being pounded mercilessly by the Russian artillery, rockets and Air Force with, literally, nowhere to hide.

The Russians have, also, paid a price. If they were surprised, they now look complacent and, if not incompetent – the retreat was a masterpiece, again corroborating the second hypothesis – certainly careless. If they lured the Ukrainians, they played a very cynical game with the local population, told for months that Mother Russia was there to stay and forced to flee at very short notice to avoid the Ukrainian “safaris” (this is where the Neonazis of Kraken & Co. go around killing all those suspected of collaborating with the Russians).

Be it as it may, the result is the same: heavy, irreplaceable Ukrainian losses against strategically insignificant territorial gain. A military disaster considering that the Russian losses amount to almost zero. This is the kind of expensive game you might want to play if you are China trying to invade Taiwan. It is not the game a bankrupt, half-depopulated Country can play against an adversary with 5 times the population, 10 times the artillery, and 100 times the money.

This comes, also, on the back of the Kherson offensive in the south, an unmitigated disaster with only a couple of villages to show for the brutal losses sustained. If your enemy has total air and artillery dominance, it might make sense to stay in your trenches and wait for the US Cavalry; an attack like this is not a brilliant surprise strategy, it is “drunk Sun Tzu meets Baghdad Bob”.

As always, on the parallel planet inhabited by totally unaware – or stupid – Nazi fanboys, everything is all right and the operation in Kharkov was a great success. They can’t see beyond their little, stupid Ukrainian flags, and breathe this “success” like oxygen they have desperately craved for for the last six months.

It’s like smoking a Twitter Joint together with fellow potheads. Makes the pothead feel good. Doesn’t change anything.

Does this mean that Zelenski is Greta-level retarded? Not at all.

Zelenski is an entertainment guy. To him, war is a PR exercise. The “success” in Kharkiv helps him to get more money and weapons for his joke of a Fourth Reich attempt. I have little doubt that he and his, together with many others, will keep enriching themselves out of the faggotry (yes, mate: f-a-g-g-o-t-r-y) and stupidity of the Collective West.

So there you have it, the Glorious Super Duper Turbo Advance of the Ukrainian troops in the Kharkov region. Thousands had to die, so that Elenski & Co. can keep enriching themselves at the expense of their own soldiers, with money paid courtesy of depraved Westerners.

In other news, Winter Is Coming.

I am afraid this will get very interesting.

Vomiting Francis Out Of The Church

“That unbearable, pesky Viganò!”

Archbishop Viganò has given a brilliant interview concerning, inter alia, Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass.

Viganò’s central point is very clear: the new mass has to go. There can be no compromise on this, as the new Mass is the rotten fruit of a rotten mentality.

I was pleased to read the Archbishop’s words, because this is something this little effort has been saying for many years now: no accommodations, no compromises, no “new new Mass”, no “revised Tridentine Mass”. The past must be the future, period.

It seems to me, also, that what is happening is something yours truly had also predicted at the time of Traditionis Custodes: the attempt to kill the Tridentine Mass will cause more and more sensible Catholics to go for the jugular of the V II thinking and ask for the abolition of the Novus Ordo instead.

If you allow me a strong comparison, you can equate Francis issuing Traditionis Custodes to Hitler invading Russia. When that happened, the only possible outcome was that either the Third Reich or Russia would cease to exist, as what was before “merely” a big problem had now become an existential threat for the attacked.

Francis is, in the end, just another Adolf – not anywhere near as smart, but with a comparable spirit of rebellion to Christ – trying to fagocitate the Mass of the Ages and, with it, Traditionalism. Like Adolf, Francis is discovering that he has bit more than he can chew. Granted, Francis will die without the help of a Walther PPK, but I doubt that he will die in a much more optimistic mood than the one of Adolf on that 30 April 1945.

At least, Hitler knew that the Soviet Union was a purely human construct, perishable like everything that is man-made. But Francis seems, in his stubbornness and hatefulness, too dim to understand that the Mass of the Ages is not the work of man, and he will not be able to destroy it more than he would be able to install a communist government in Russia.

Viganò also makes another point I have often made: this crisis is there exactly to awaken the faithful and allow them to see the evil that has infiltrated the Church. Without this awakening there can be no course correction, in the same way as the one who does not know he has ingested something poisonous will not try to induce vomit before the problem gets worse.

And this is, in fact, the issue.

Francis and the mentality he carries are poison that has been doing damage for far too long.

It’s time to vomit both of them out of the body of the Church.

Unintended Consequences.

Mom and Pop have a small store in your village neighbourhood: say, a bakery. They likely live nearby, and have enriched the local economy with their investments in the home, possibly another rented location or two, possibly the shop they operate from. They live and spend locally. They know the people of the neighbourhood. They are, most likely, family-oriented. Not perfect, but at least family-oriented.

Mom and Pop retire, and the activity is taken over by a chain. The chain offers absolutely constant quality standards, and everybody knows their products are high quality and good value for money.

However, the shop will now – from the 24 years old manager down – be manned by very young people. They will have blue hairs, or rings in improbable places. They will be gone in three months, replaced by other part-time students possibly believing they are bi-quadri-penta curious. The quality will still be excellent, but something will slowly be broken in your community. The young servers will commute to their place of work. They will have no investments or roots in the place. They will soon change jobs and be substituted for someone just like them. They will not know anyone, they will not care for the place, and possibly consider it a den of dangerous, rayciss White Supremacists.

Meanwhile, the locals get accustomed to the blue hair, the strange rings, and the turnover. They are more receptive to the next chain, and the next one after that. They appreciate the predictable quality and good prices.

What they are not noticing is the unintended consequence of this convenience: the constant transfer of money from their village to a 20 miles distant university city, or the subtle but constant subversion of values they gave for granted. At some point, blue hair becomes normal even as the real estate prices slowly begin to go down, driven by the lack of money staying local. The haemorrhage of money causes the influx of younger, poorer people. More blue hairs, more tattoos. Criminality, never an issue before, starts popping up.

At some point, the dollar store shows up, attracted by the sinking shop rentals. You know how this goes on.

Big chains prevalently employing students are the vehicle of a massive transfer of wealth from conservative to “progressive” places and people. They are, also, the carriers of societal germs threatening conservative values.

Please keep this in mind, next time you are tempted to buy from one of those chains.

Borat Meets A Clown

In Kazakhstan there is a world meeting of “leaders” of “traditional religions”.

It sounds so good, doesn’t it? “Traditional”, like a tiramisù recipe. “Religion”, meaning everybody is very pious. “Meeting”, which makes everything oh so inclusive.

These exercises are all very misleading. I mean, they might make sense if you are, say, a Buddhist (and are, therefore, misled), but they certainly don’t make any sense for a Christian.

All these soi-disant “people of god” engage in self-delusion, when not outright self-celebration. They want to look as if they were, as a whole, part of the “right” category of people. Again, this is an unChristian perspective.

There is only one Church.

There is only one Truth.

There is only one Saviour.

When this is understood, all the rest falls into line. Let me spell it for you: all other religions are false religions, and all Christians who are not Catholics are wrong in a variable degree of objective wrongness and subjective culpability.

There, see how simple it is? When things are seen from the right perspective, this Kazakh meeting becomes a meeting of wrong people wanting to keep souls away from their Saviour, or from His Church. It cannot be any differently, because truth does not change with the latitude, or the climate, or the “spirit of the time”.

The spirit of the time put the “meeting” ahead of Christ. The exercise obviously flattens everything toward a minimum common denominator: we, “traditional” “religious” “leaders”, believe in something.

What is lost in all this is exactly what is most important of all: Christ.

I like chocolate ice cream. You like vanilla. The guy over there prefers strawberry, and the fourth one nougat. Let’s have a meeting!

Now, all this would be sufficiently scandalous if one Christian organisation (say: a small, ridiculous, dying outfit like some Quacker or Methodist sect, provided they still exist) decided to signal virtue and take part in such an exercise. But it becomes, undoubtedly, the devil’s work if even the One True Church, represented by the Successor of Peter, takes part in it and contributes to this utter de-Christianised “let’s sing kumbaya together” exercise. Choosing to focus on what “unites us” is exactly to choose to ignore what divides us; and what divides us is, exactly, Christ.

For Francis to choose that his knee is not well enough for the Ukraine (no criticism from me here), but is good enough to fly the other side of the planet to preach, in fact if not in words, religious indifferentism, is quite in line with both the church-destroying thinking of V II and the church-hating stance of the Clown Pope.

A clown pope Who flies to Kazakhstan and makes, in the real world, the fictional Borat look very good.

A Strange Story

And it came to pass that Yours Truly presented himself, as debonair (two generations ago, one would have said “gay”) as ever, to the wine shop, where he soon appeared at the till with a selection of fine Italian wines.

At that point, something strange happened, which I am bound to duly report.

“£227, please”, said the man at the till.

“Er, no”, answered yours truly.

“What do you mean, no?” – said the man at the till, perplexed.

“I mean, no” – I answered, quite naturally, in a perfectly even voice.

“There is no mistake, Sir. The labels have been electronically scanned. You can make the addition yourself if you want”.

“I know what the price adds to” – I answered, without the slightest facial muscle moving.

“What is it, then?” – said the guy.

“It’s the cap”.

“The… cap?”

“The cap”.

“I don’t understand”

“Let me explain it to you ” – I said with great condescension – “There is now a cap on the price of Barolo. It can never exceed £7.50 a bottle.

“What?” – said the incredulous man.

“For the Amarone, it’s £8. The Brunello, instead, is capped at £9. Therefore, I owe you £96.”

“Wh… who said that? Is this a special offer?” (makes a gesture to call his supervisor).

“No” – I said, patiently, and with the facial expression of a teacher having to deal with Greta Thunberg – “it’s not a special offer. It’s a cap. The cap is the maximum price that can be paid for a certain article”.

“The max… what? Who has set this cap?”

” I did. In fact, I did it together with a bunch of friends of mine, all very interested in your wines. We have grouped together and have imposed the cap. The cap establishes the price at which you will now have to sell your wines, as explained one minute ago. Again, this is my card. Where do I tap?”

“But… but… *you* don’t make the prices, Sir! This establishment does!” – The man was, by now, struggling to contain a surprise rapidly veering towards indignation.

“Tut, tut..” – said I, my face by now Goodness itself… – “this was before, my good man. Nowadays, things have changed. Commerce is now based on caps. We decide a cap, you sell to us at the capped price we have fixed. Again, this is the card.”

… and then something very, very strange happened.

I was asked to leave the premises.

I did not get any wine. Not even one bottle.

I was told that I was not welcome in the establishment and would be refused entry if I tried to visit again.

Very, very strange.




I need to call Ursula.

Something is not working properly.

Two Words About The British Monarchy

Rest in peace, Ma’am…

If you want to understand the English ways, you need to understand how the Monarchy works.

The Monarch is completely, and I mean completely, deprived of power. There is nothing, in political matters, that the Monarch has the right to decide on. Whilst Britain does not have a written constitution, and the lack of power of the Sovereign is not, so to speak, black on white, Britain has an unwritten constitution that is stronger than most written ones. Any fantasy of the Queen doing this or that, refusing to sign laws, or firing Prime Ministers, is a fantasy for old, grumpy men with too many beers in them and no understanding of how the world works.

The Sovereign cannot appoint a Prime Minister of his choice, disband parliament and call new elections, or have a veto right over the appointment of ministers. The “Queen’s Speech”, (now “King’s Speech”), which opens the parliamentary year, is written by the Prime Minister and the Sovereign merely reads it. The Queen (or King) is even forbidden from expressing any political opinion whatsoever. His/her other titles and roles (like the famous one: “defender of the Faith”) are a remnant of the past, as he/she has absolutely no power to defend anything, much less the faith.

There is, of course, this fiction that the Sovereign “consults” the Government and, in fact, I think that the tradition that the Prime Minister visits the (now) King every week for a chat where the former informs the latter about the latest news is merely a social occasion, where what the King says counts, if at all, as much as what I think. Still, it keeps this idea that the King “cares” (see below).

Why, then, a Monarchy? There are several reasons.

The first one is historical. Oliver Cromwell rid the Country of monarchs and, whilst the guy is remembered positively as a whole, the experiment was soon abandoned after his death, and the Monarchy restored. Also, the existence of monarchy and nobility is, in a way, a way to show that the French Revolution never reached the British shores. This is something of which many, here, are proud, and I think they are right.

The second is economical. Countless studies show that the Monarchy is an immense business. The total government costs for the upkeep of the monarchy (some 20-30 million pounds a year, including all security costs) pale, actually disappear when compared with the tourist attraction represented by the Monarchy. It may be sad, for someone, to see that the British Monarchy is reduced to the British version of Disneyland, but this is the way it is.

The third is social. The United Kingdom thinks it can profit (and I agree with it) from a figure that, whilst “at the top”, is totally outside of political controversy. This is a big contrast to, say, the United States, where the number one man is, invariably, the most controversial and hated one. A powerless Sovereign smooths the angles, helps the populace to separate the Institutions from the political fray, and creates a “glue”, a shared value, an Institution everyone can get behind.

This worked a charm with Elizabeth, because Elizabeth had an extremely keen sense of her duty as a Monarch and understood that, as a Monarch, her job was to live a life completely devoid of scandal and controversy; a life in which she is, in a way, utterly powerless (because there is no alternative to this, nor should there be), but, in another way, enriching the Country with her devotion to the task given to her. Everyone (but the most callous) liked her, because everyone understood this devotion.

This also helps to put in the proper light the fact that the Queen “signed off”, one after the other, all abominations that her government put in front of her in these seventy years. The simple fact is that she was, in this, not more culpable than the notary public who files the deeds of the two fags buying a house. Yes, she could have resigned. But again, this would have been, to her, exactly a betrayal of what I have written before; besides, this is something that would have rapidly destroyed the Monarchy, because the job of the British Monarchy consists **exactly** in this political irrelevance. Don’t blame the Queen for “gay marriage”. Blame the PM (Cameron) and the MPs who legislated it, and the British People who did not get rid of it afterwards. Still, I can well imagine the tears that this and similar legislation must have caused in such a religious (if protestant) woman. But again, those were tears she would have never showed, because this is not who she was.

Yesterday, Elizabeth went to her judgment. I prayed for her, sincerely, and consider her chances of salvation quite good.

We will see whether her stupid son, now Charles III, is able to keep her work, or ruins everything, including the monarchy, with political stunts or private scandals.

He will have to learn to keep his mouth shut very fast.

Whether he has the brains to do it, only time will tell.

Institutionalised Mediocrity: How Britain Selects Its Prime Ministers

Liz Truss is now the Prime Minister of Great Britain. She is a person of quite worrying qualities, her ignorance and arrogance being, probably, surpassed only by the extremely high opinion she clearly has of herself.

Truss was seen, from the beginning, as the potentially emerging candidates among a sea of nullities, with the only ones able to show intellectual prowess either not candidating (Jakob Rees-Mogg) or being unpalatable because too rich and wanting to increase taxes (Rishi Sunak). Others were just too inexperienced and therefore not realistically eligible.

You might wonder why this sea of mediocrity. If you ask me, the answer lies in a truth that, whilst not often spelled out, is immediately perceived by everyone with a brain: in XXI Century Britain, if you are smart, politics is not a good option for you. But if you are mediocre, without dignity, and with a huge ego, it’s just the ticket.

Professions like lawyer, accountant, banker, industry manager bring a much better reputation and, in various degree, financial satisfactions that the professional politician will only be able to achieve by legally selling himself to some lobby and cashing in, Gerhard Schroeder-style, when he retires from politics.

There was a time when MPs could openly hold directorships, but this has now come into disrepute. Most MPs have their extra income capped by their party, or frowned upon. The generous “expense policy” gave rise to a huge scandal which destroyed many careers and further tarnished the reputation of the Members of Parliament.

An MP makes, last time I looked, less than £70k a year. In London, the opportunities to earn more for a smart guy (or gal) are vast. Against this £70k, the guy will be expected to be a yesman all his life, unless he manages to rise at the top, where he will have 3 to 5 years of great ego-pumping before becoming a yesman or a privateer again. And if he is a mediocre man, like Gordon Brown, he will make very little from the paid speech and consultancy positions with which the industry rewards those who have licked their booths thoroughly.

It is, as you understand, a career only good for people with an ego vastly superior to their intellectual ability. With few exceptions (these are those successful businessman who retire from business and dedicate themselves to politics as a retirement hobby, or those few coming from money and having politics as a family tradition), it’s a world made of bootlickers, and mediocre ones at that. In fact, even Boris Johnson, a man clearly belonging to the “family tradition” category, licked all the boots he had to lick in order to enjoy less than 3 years as PM, before and during which he was, certainly many times though only time the police was called, scolded like a little child by his notoriously bitchy wife. What a life.

This explains your Liz Truss and so many of the public figures you see today. There are, again, exceptions, but the environment is not conducive to them rising at the top. Jakob Rees-Mogg is the kind of guy who has the guts to go on the morning show and tell you in your face all he believes in concerning, say, abortion and sodomy. Clearly, he is not becoming PM any time soon.

When will things change? In my opinion, when times get tough again. Tough times make quality people emerge: the Churchills and Mussolinis, or the De Gasperis and the Thatchers, are the product of turmoil.

Winter is coming, and the British Prime Minister cannot tell the Black from the Baltic Sea.

We might well have tough times ahead of us again.

Bad Custodians.

“I despise you all!”

An article in the “American Thinker” (a publication alternating quality stuff and unspeakable garbage, like Putin’s SMO costing Russia 30 billion USD a day) forecast a mass exodus from the Church in case the new Pope is Francis II.

It’s not happening. Here is why.

Outside of the wacky world of tepid converts and “c”atholic “church shoppers”, Catholicism is vastly more important to every Catholic than a Pope or five.

A Catholic fed up with pacifist, emotional, effeminate stuff will cease to attend, but he will not convert to a different Church. You see this already in the huge number of people who attend at Protestant services, and still do not formally leave the Church. They are, and always will be, Catholics. They will merely (I know it’s wrong, but it’s the way it is) want to attend to a church when they are, at least, given Christianity. The level of instruction being very low, many of them will not see the big issue, and will feel exiled Catholics rather than newly converted Protestants.

Being Catholic is like being German, or American, only much stronger. You are what you are. You don’t become someone else because Joe Biden is President, or Olaf Scholz Bundeskanzler. Granted: many of these Catholics will start flying below the radar; but they will go back with a vengeance when they can feel they are, authentically, at home again, and their shepherds care for their salvation.

You only need to look at phenomena that are easily observable, like the extreme popularity of the Traditional Latin Mass and, even, the sharp increase in vocations during the Pontificate of a weak Pope like Benedict, to understand that the yearning for Catholicism is massive, and will irresistibly pops out again as soon as the environment allows.

If two, three, or seven horrible Popes were enough to make the Church go the way of the Methodists and the Quackers, it would not be the Church, but just another Protestant outfit. The reality is that the Church is an extremely tough nut to crack, and even eight and a half year of Francis only cause Francis’ constant, constant whining, that Catholics keep ignoring him. Heck, even his priests ignore him, as (at least in my neck of the woods), the guy is too embarrassing to even mention him in an homily.

The Church is as strong as an oak, and as stubborn as weed. It will keep popping up again and again, and it will not be defeated by the occasional idiot, or idiots, dressed in white. One thing that Catholic culture does extremely well is down to earth, straight logical, common sense. We are not the Sect of the Francis Followers.

Will the Church suffer? Yes. Will Francis the II, the III and the IV do damage? A lot. Will they make the Church go extinct? Never.

Heck, I only need to mention religion in passing with friends and colleagues, and I immediately see people thirsting for more.

The Pope is only a custodian. If he is bad, he is a bad custodian. The Message, however, does not depend on its custodian to survive, because Christ protects it at all times.

Be in good spirit. We will, likely, still die in the Age Of Stupidity. But no amount of stupidity, bad faith, or outright perversion will even demolish the Only Church.

Understanding The Conflict

Yep. It’s fun to be smart…

Almost no day passes without yours truly reading some pro-Russian comment about the West being mad, psychotic, or otherwise out of its collective mind.

I think the answer is much simpler, and bases on some elements that are all as common in the West as running water.

The first: ignorance.

The West – collectively speaking, and certainly at decision levels – just does not know history. The new British PM does not even know geography. They have none of that cultural layer that makes a person educated rather than merely instructed. Therefore, they have tragically underestimated (as in 2014, with less bloody consequences) the ability of Russians to suffer for the cause of their Fatherland. I would say that, perhaps, 3% of this ability to suffer (but it might well be 1%) has been exhausted. The Western rulers, who think Russians are scared sissies just like them, think it’s more like 70% or 80%.

Liz Truss is as cool, collected and cold-blooded that she goes in utter panic because a (clearly, multi-vaxxed…) woman faints in front of her. Imagine her being informed that the Russians have just thrown a dozen Kinzhal missiles on the Portsmouth naval base, most of the warships there have been sunk, and almost nobody in the crews has survived. She would cry hysterically for three hours, and nobody would dare to even give her a slap to calm her down.

The West also vastly underestimated the vengefulness of the Russian psyche when you attack their Fatherland. Napoleon – another extremely genial Italian individual, but culturally unprepared to deal with the Russians – never imagined that, with him occupying a half-destroyed Moscow, the Russians would even refuse to receive his diplomatic envoy. Even less did he imagine that, not two years after the start of his Russian adventure, the Russians themselves would occupy Paris.

Hitler made the same mistake, and it took a while more; but the Russians occupied Berlin, too.

Free history lesson to take home: poke the Bear, and you don’t know whether you will be in one piece when the bear gets angry. Plus, the Bear will not care about losses. He will care that he destroys you, and only that will count.

A second type of ignorance is economic ignorance. These people can’t think, and can’t count. They have no idea of how much gas, how much oil, how much steel, aluminium, fertilisers, how much of everything they need and where they can source it from. Methinks, they have asked some group of 27 years old “consultants” how are things, and said 27 years olds have given the only answer they were conditioned to give, and not terrified to give.

Ja, Herr Bundeskanzler. Ja, Frau Ministerin.

We will be fine.

The second: arrogance

It seems obvious to me that the collective West has greatly overestimate the ability of NATO-trained troops to effectively fight against a First World Army. They thought everybody is an Afghan. Newsflash: Russian soldiers not only live on a different level of technology, but also of soldiering skills than the Pulcinella armies of ISIS, Al Kaida, Iraq 2003, or even Iraq 1991. Couple this with the first point, and you’ll easily realise that the Russians had won this campaign before it started. The Collective West reminds me of a wannabe school bully who decided to go up on the school’s wrestling champ. You won’t want to watch what follows.

As they said in philosophy class at school: γνῶθι σεαυτόν, “know thyself!”

The third: degeneracy

The first and second point explain, to an extent, why the Western rulers have deluded themselves they could eat Russia for breakfast. But I think this is far from all. The fact is, everybody has understood that Russia and the modern West represent two opposite cultural values: degeneracy here, wholesomeness there. The Western ruling classes, well aware of this if rarely spelling it out in public, both hate Russia’s Christian values and hope to garner easy approval by fighting them. This has been spelled out officially by the head of MI6, once a secret service in the service of Her Majesty, now a public service whoring for Western propaganda. Still: one says what one hundred think.

The fourth: Social Media

I have written about the sad, devastating phenomenon of clickwhoring here. I will, therefore, not repeat myself. However, notice how the mechanism described in the post influences the entire press and, in turn, the politicians who are the slaves of the public opinion, real or perceived ( = most of them).

These are, I think, the four main components of why this conflict drags on and everybody systematically pretends to live in an alternative reality where the Ukraine is winning, you are fighting for sodomy and tranniedom, and it make sense to freeze to death and ruin your economy for them.

It’s no psychosis. It’s no imbecility. It’s a short-term, myopic calculation of political advantage, fuelled by arrogance, ignorance and bad advice, and heavily influenced by a media apparatus enslaved by social media, and against which no politician dares to go.

Bad, Broke, And Splattered*: BBBY Now Has Its Suicide.

This is how the top of the “Jenga Building” looks like. One understands its “fitness for purpose”

This story discusses suicide. If you are having thoughts of suicide, please contact the Blessed Virgin and Our Lord in prayer. Yes, They are listening. Yes, They will help.

I have written just a couple of days ago about how BBBY went from Bad to Badder and Beyond, in part certainly due to their alienating a sizeable percentage of their customer base with degenerate stunts, woke culture and, obviously, Anti-Trumpism.

I am now informed (no link, because it’s everywhere) that the Chief Financial Officer of said company has decided to jump from the 18th floor of an “iconic” building in Tribeca, Manhattan; a fall at the end of which there was, if you allow me the pun*, no My Pillow-pillow to soften the blow (not that it would have helped, of course; you can’t appreciate the fluffiness of a good pillow at that speed*).

Your “Eternal Rest” for the guy is appreciated. However, people of my generation tend not to buy the New Excuses (“he was battling depression”; “momentary lapse of reason”; “the death of his cat was too much to bear”, and the like), sensibly thinking that, if these easily fabricated excuses were not around 100 years ago, they should not be around now. The guy obviously has a tiny chance of avoiding hell, hence my request for a prayer. However, let me tell y’all, for the edification of the entire readership, that his odds are very bad.

I have posted above a contact line for any of you who would feel suicidal. It’s free of charge. It can be used anytime. It always, always works!

As an aside, I cannot exclude that this high-profile suicide will cast a shadow over the extremely expensive Condo building. The collective financial damage (145 condo apartments at, again, staggering valuations) will also be something adding up to many millions. Not that the suicide cared, obviously. Still, another pitfall of living among rich liberals, I suppose.

Back to the suicide.

This guy was the CFO of the company. I have not delved into the matter yet, but my decades-long experience with the financial press tells me that, when the CFO of an “embattled” company commits suicide, chances are the accounts were cooked; that is, it can be that the situation is even worse than already advertised, and said CFO flirted with the accountancy rules’ “gray zone” (it’s a very complex world, full of screws you can turn one way or the other, at least to an extent) until the growing difficulties gradually made the gray resemble anthracite, and the line between that amount of window dressing many companies indulge in and criminal behaviour starts to get more and more, ahem, blurred.

Mind, I cannot tell you whether this is the case. What I can tell you is that, if that were the case, it wouldn’t surprise anyone. I am, therefore, speculating, out of the above mentioned decades-long experience, that a brutal audit of the company’s accounts is now in the cards, and the results will not be for the faint of heart.

“Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive’

Meanwhile, My Pillow is doing just fine. Nobody is jumping from any “iconic” building over there. They are challenged and ostracised by the Culture of Satan, and they react prayerfully and smartly. You can buy their pillows in the UK now. They are also made locally, in Coventry, because people who buy their pillow from them tend to be “Make England Great Again” type of guys.

It really is a tale of two world.

Only one of which is wholesome.

* This blog indulges in some macabre humour. If you disapprove, click away now.

Meet Big Creep, My Secret Homo Admirer

I am, generally, a very unassuming, unpretentious guy going about his business without much fanfare and, in fact, this blog is never about me.

However, I am now persuaded that such is the magnetic power emanating from this blog, that I permanently live, rent free, in the head of one of my, I must say, most affectionate commenters.

This guy, who never got one single comment published on my blog as he managed to get instantly banned the first time, has been writing his pearls of non-wisdom for many, many years now.

Every time he gets banned. Every time he creates a new email and writes a new message. Every time he is banned again. Then he writes again. He takes care to always use the same pen name, in order to make me know that he is really, really obsessed with me.

I used to think he is some poor homo hating himself to death for being attracted to my old-fashioned masculinity, but I think this guy might be worse than that; perhaps he is a Satanist, perhaps a trannie, perhaps a mixture of both. Whatever this is, at this point this is, I must say, extremely creepy.

What is most striking, is the position of utter inferiority this guy puts himself in, in order to attract my attention for only two seconds. Every time, he has to create a new email address and write a new message, which takes me only half of a second to make forever disappear in the nether spam regions.

I don’t ever read them.

Name = spam = next…

This, Creepy Homo Guy has been doing for, possibly, ten years.

Imagine what a creep like that could do if he knew my identity and address.

Blog anonymously, folks.

It is always about the message anyway.

Bad, Broke And Beyond

Yep, that’s about right…

The well-known, “embattled” upscale retailer Bad, Bath & Beyond has just announced a brutal restructuring. Only seven years ago, this company was trading at or around its all-time high, not far away from $80 a share.

Even after the recent announcement, they kept falling, and are now trading above $8, tumbling more than 5% today alone as I write this. I think there is a zero missing here. Or not. Ouch.

The company was, obviously, hit hard by the “pandemic” as all the retail sector was. However, it was trading at around $35 in the first days of January 2021, a short time before announcing that they would not sell Mike Lindell’s pillows anymore, because “woke”.

This show of virtue has not done them a lot of good. There might, sure, be other issues; but my point is that wokeness in itself is a sign of incompetence, and this incompetence can then translate, in thousand other little ways, into decline.

If I were running a chain of retailers, I would be aware that I am operating in a very hostile environment, and having to face the headwind of the internet distribution with its lower stocking and running costs and its, likely, superior logistics and distribution. Therefore, the last thing I would do would be to antagonise half my clients with political statements, indicating that my clients will only be able to buy the products I consider ideologically sound instead of the products they, actually, want.

The woke management at Bad, Bath & Beyond could, obviously, not think that far. Plus, they insulted their own clients by pretending that the ousting of Lindell was not politically motivated. This is, simply, considering your clients doubly stupid. I think many of their clients noticed it, and drew the consequences.

Now, I do not say that, if you stop selling Lindell’s pillows, you will automatically go bust, or thereabout. There are woke companies who continue to do fine (Target is one example). What I am saying is that it is a dangerous game, which denotes an ideological blindness likely to infect many other aspects of the running of the company. A woke company does not care for its clients. It is also a company that put ideology before sound decision-making. It is not a surprise when such companies flounder.

BBBY as an independent, stock exchange traded entity might, in the next years, do much worse than floundering. It might, actually, die.

Who knows: that day, they might remember Mike Lindell’s My Pillow.

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