Meet Big Creep, My Secret Homo Admirer

I am, generally, a very unassuming, unpretentious guy going about his business without much fanfare and, in fact, this blog is never about me.

However, I am now persuaded that such is the magnetic power emanating from this blog, that I permanently live, rent free, in the head of one of my, I must say, most affectionate commenters.

This guy, who never got one single comment published on my blog as he managed to get instantly banned the first time, has been writing his pearls of non-wisdom for many, many years now.

Every time he gets banned. Every time he creates a new email and writes a new message. Every time he is banned again. Then he writes again. He takes care to always use the same pen name, in order to make me know that he is really, really obsessed with me.

I used to think he is some poor homo hating himself to death for being attracted to my old-fashioned masculinity, but I think this guy might be worse than that; perhaps he is a Satanist, perhaps a trannie, perhaps a mixture of both. Whatever this is, at this point this is, I must say, extremely creepy.

What is most striking, is the position of utter inferiority this guy puts himself in, in order to attract my attention for only two seconds. Every time, he has to create a new email address and write a new message, which takes me only half of a second to make forever disappear in the nether spam regions.

I don’t ever read them.

Name = spam = next…

This, Creepy Homo Guy has been doing for, possibly, ten years.

Imagine what a creep like that could do if he knew my identity and address.

Blog anonymously, folks.

It is always about the message anyway.

Posted on September 3, 2022, in Catholicism, Conservative Catholicism, Traditional Catholicism. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Ten years of unpublished comments … and he is still trying! That’s bad, really bad. A broken soul, that.

    On a more positive note, somehow after I read this post, I accidentally clicked on one of your links in the header above. I never noticed them before. The link I clicked on was to the Breviary, traditional rubrics. That is something I’ve been looking for, and will now find useful. Padre Pio. Saint of the Day. Catholic Vademecum (handbook). Good stuff!

    So – out of something bad, something good!

    God bless!

  2. I think it’s too late for me to blog anonymously. I have some creepy trolls, but I don’t worry about it. What’s the worst they can do? Kill me? That would just hasten me to the finish line which I’m approaching anyway.

  3. I wonder if it’s the same creep who used to be on Damian Thompson’s blog.

  4. I stopped telling kids there is no such thing as zombies. I stopped because it was not true, there are zombies, many of them. We see them in action all the time in the news. They are the people tossing kids off high-rises, or tormenting kids in general, or other innocent human beings or creatures, like punching elderly people or shoving people they don’t even know in front of subway trains. They are often sexually sick individuals, or just weird people who aren’t happy unless they are making someone else miserable or making the world uglier, more vulgar, crass, and whatever is these, is in direct opposition to God.
    The world is chock full of freaks. There are exponentially more freaks today than years ago. In the 1970’s we girls could actually hitchhike. It wasn’t a great idea then, but thanks be to God we arrived at our destinations. Now it’s suicide by maniac. They walk among us. Many are online.

  5. Wow. Mundabor, I appreciate this post so much. As an anonymous blogger myself it rings true. Do what Barnhardt does and publish his full email so the world can see his depravity. Or just let him hang. Either way, keep up the great work! -HM

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