Bad Custodians.

“I despise you all!”

An article in the “American Thinker” (a publication alternating quality stuff and unspeakable garbage, like Putin’s SMO costing Russia 30 billion USD a day) forecast a mass exodus from the Church in case the new Pope is Francis II.

It’s not happening. Here is why.

Outside of the wacky world of tepid converts and “c”atholic “church shoppers”, Catholicism is vastly more important to every Catholic than a Pope or five.

A Catholic fed up with pacifist, emotional, effeminate stuff will cease to attend, but he will not convert to a different Church. You see this already in the huge number of people who attend at Protestant services, and still do not formally leave the Church. They are, and always will be, Catholics. They will merely (I know it’s wrong, but it’s the way it is) want to attend to a church when they are, at least, given Christianity. The level of instruction being very low, many of them will not see the big issue, and will feel exiled Catholics rather than newly converted Protestants.

Being Catholic is like being German, or American, only much stronger. You are what you are. You don’t become someone else because Joe Biden is President, or Olaf Scholz Bundeskanzler. Granted: many of these Catholics will start flying below the radar; but they will go back with a vengeance when they can feel they are, authentically, at home again, and their shepherds care for their salvation.

You only need to look at phenomena that are easily observable, like the extreme popularity of the Traditional Latin Mass and, even, the sharp increase in vocations during the Pontificate of a weak Pope like Benedict, to understand that the yearning for Catholicism is massive, and will irresistibly pops out again as soon as the environment allows.

If two, three, or seven horrible Popes were enough to make the Church go the way of the Methodists and the Quackers, it would not be the Church, but just another Protestant outfit. The reality is that the Church is an extremely tough nut to crack, and even eight and a half year of Francis only cause Francis’ constant, constant whining, that Catholics keep ignoring him. Heck, even his priests ignore him, as (at least in my neck of the woods), the guy is too embarrassing to even mention him in an homily.

The Church is as strong as an oak, and as stubborn as weed. It will keep popping up again and again, and it will not be defeated by the occasional idiot, or idiots, dressed in white. One thing that Catholic culture does extremely well is down to earth, straight logical, common sense. We are not the Sect of the Francis Followers.

Will the Church suffer? Yes. Will Francis the II, the III and the IV do damage? A lot. Will they make the Church go extinct? Never.

Heck, I only need to mention religion in passing with friends and colleagues, and I immediately see people thirsting for more.

The Pope is only a custodian. If he is bad, he is a bad custodian. The Message, however, does not depend on its custodian to survive, because Christ protects it at all times.

Be in good spirit. We will, likely, still die in the Age Of Stupidity. But no amount of stupidity, bad faith, or outright perversion will even demolish the Only Church.

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  1. Joseph D'hippolito

    The Church is only as strong as its commitment to Christ. Nothing else matters. Everything else — liturgy, theology, identity — become pure vanity if the Church is not connected to Christ, as opposed to a coterie of perverted hierarchs who view themselves as equal (if not superior) to the Holy Spirit.

    I strongly suggest you read about the vision that motivated Leo XIII to write his Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. Unless the Church, from the Pope on down, repents from centuries of the institutional arrogance that led to its current state, its fate is sealed.

    You can talk about “the Gates of Hell not prevailing” as much as you want. That doesn’t deny the fact that spiritual traitors are working quite hard to reinforce those gates so that the Power of Christ can be resisted.

  2. For many years, I anticipated a pedal-to-the-medal Vatican II Pope — which is part of the reason I do not buy the arguments that Benedict XVI is still the true Pope. Now we have such a Pope, and even I never realized just how bad it would be. But, it had to get this bad, or else we would not see the need to repudiate the revolution that brought us to this pass. Francis is a typical cleric of his generation, and, having raised up such a generation, it was only a question of time before we got one like him on the Throne of Peter. This is another reason I don’t buy the Benevacantist case. When you do what we did, you get what we got.

    I do not think, however, that this state of affairs is going to go on as long as you think it will. For one thing, the Franciscrowd are all a bunch of octogenarians, and the number of their disciples among the young is insignificant. For another, I think more and more people everywhere are getting more and more fed up with the whole “Enlightenment” ideology, of which Vatican II is a part. Events both in and out of the Church are accelerating rapidly, people are being pushed to desperation by a malevolent rulership, and it is clear that the Church of the New Advent is in cahoots with this rulership. God will not let the chaos go on for so long that no one will be saved, though I fear His intervention will be a very frightful thing.

    We need to pray the Rosary every single day!

  3. Thank God and Our Blessed Mother for the SSPX! So many Latin Mass Society members are beginning to appreciate that as bishops of England and Wales happily obey Pope Francis’ TC, in the same way they disobeyed Pope benedict. SP-07. Hirelings!

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