Vomiting Francis Out Of The Church

“That unbearable, pesky Viganò!”

Archbishop Viganò has given a brilliant interview concerning, inter alia, Vatican II and the Novus Ordo Mass.

Viganò’s central point is very clear: the new mass has to go. There can be no compromise on this, as the new Mass is the rotten fruit of a rotten mentality.

I was pleased to read the Archbishop’s words, because this is something this little effort has been saying for many years now: no accommodations, no compromises, no “new new Mass”, no “revised Tridentine Mass”. The past must be the future, period.

It seems to me, also, that what is happening is something yours truly had also predicted at the time of Traditionis Custodes: the attempt to kill the Tridentine Mass will cause more and more sensible Catholics to go for the jugular of the V II thinking and ask for the abolition of the Novus Ordo instead.

If you allow me a strong comparison, you can equate Francis issuing Traditionis Custodes to Hitler invading Russia. When that happened, the only possible outcome was that either the Third Reich or Russia would cease to exist, as what was before “merely” a big problem had now become an existential threat for the attacked.

Francis is, in the end, just another Adolf – not anywhere near as smart, but with a comparable spirit of rebellion to Christ – trying to fagocitate the Mass of the Ages and, with it, Traditionalism. Like Adolf, Francis is discovering that he has bit more than he can chew. Granted, Francis will die without the help of a Walther PPK, but I doubt that he will die in a much more optimistic mood than the one of Adolf on that 30 April 1945.

At least, Hitler knew that the Soviet Union was a purely human construct, perishable like everything that is man-made. But Francis seems, in his stubbornness and hatefulness, too dim to understand that the Mass of the Ages is not the work of man, and he will not be able to destroy it more than he would be able to install a communist government in Russia.

Viganò also makes another point I have often made: this crisis is there exactly to awaken the faithful and allow them to see the evil that has infiltrated the Church. Without this awakening there can be no course correction, in the same way as the one who does not know he has ingested something poisonous will not try to induce vomit before the problem gets worse.

And this is, in fact, the issue.

Francis and the mentality he carries are poison that has been doing damage for far too long.

It’s time to vomit both of them out of the body of the Church.

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  1. Francis had done more to try to destroy Catholicism since the Roman emperors. He frightening parallel to Hitler is also amazing. I recall in history at first the German military was given the option of a regular military salute or the Nazi seig heil. After the assassination attempt the the Nazi salute was the only one acceptable to insuring loyalty to the furher. So too with Francis and his MOD(modernist)Squad. In the recent attack on the ICKSP in Chicago Francis version of Frank Nitti (Chicago talk for the enforcer, Capone’s or in this case Francis’s chief gunso) Blase Cupich tried to force the institute to sign a document that the Novus Ordo was the only accepted form of Catholic worship. To their credit the institute refused. I think when Hitler took power he also forced a loyalty oath to him from the German military. Using the old corny but applicable phrase here Francis has awoken a sleepy giant. People who only wanted a simple Latin mass are now starting to question Vatican II and how it is destroying the Catholic faith. The movie Catholics predicted the horrible results of Vatican II back in 1973. Church militant is becoming Church militant thanks to Francis, Catholic Family news is launching a Declaration of War march for Catholics at the end of this month. I know more and more priests who have said the will read the Latin mass and carry out traditional sacrament in peoples homes if they have to (Something Father David Hewko has been doing for years). This is a great time to be Catholic, persecution and hardships is what makes saints.

  2. I too have been thinking and saying this for years: the Novus Ordo has got to go. It never made sense to put the half-century-old Novus Ordo, cobbled up by a committee, on a par with the venerable Vetus Ordo whose roots reach back to the Apostles. Pope Benedict’s Hegelian attempt to make two fundamentally incompatible things co-exist has been given a more-than-fair opportunity to be tried, and has been found wanting. And as for Vatican II, I like what Bishop Williamson recently said: that it is a fact that the documents of Vatican II are ambiguous; the Church has never previously dealt in ambiguities or played with the truth; and ambiguity is hateful to God. (Here is the link, with these comments being about 47 minutes in: https://youtu.be/sc6CSOTrLQM) At least Pope Francis has done us the inestimable service of ridding us of that albatross around our necks known as the Hermeneutic of Continuity.

    P.S. There are people out there claiming that the new Mass is not that which the Council called for in Sacrosanctum concilium. I can well believe that at least some Council Fathers never imagined the new Mass would go as far as it did; but I also think that, on its face, Sacrosanctum concilium is full of loopholes that you could drive a truck through. It pretty obviously contemplates sweeping liturgical change, to which the “limitations” it purports to set would really be no obstacle.



    …””The Francis Effect is to disarm us.”…

    Published 2015.

    I admire this Priest and would like to have him hear my general confession anytime. This is a true Shepheard, not a wolf. A smart and learned man.


  4. This raises a serious issue. Pope Pius VI, in Auctorem Fidei, said the Church CANNOT issue a defective rite, nor can She teach error or in any way lead the faithful astray. Such things ARE NOT POSSIBLE for the Church of Christ.

    To say that the NO must be jettisoned (which is true) along with the entirety of V2 (also true) is to say the CHURCH issued those abominations…which is impossible. The only explanation is the the Conciliar church is NOT the Catholic Church.

    The Church (which includes the faithful) must first and foremost recognize that V2 and the NO are not Catholic.

    • Nonsense.
      The Church even made councils that were reneged upon years later.
      Also, don’t try to be smarter than Archbishop Lefebvre, who signed all Conciliar documents.

  5. Abp Vigano is a fresh, cleansing wind that overcomes the stench that has been emanating from the Vatican. His comparison of the US Deep State with the superimposed false church is spot on.

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