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Meet Guy-Ladriel, Or: Why The “Rings Of Woke” Flopped

The mega-expensive, mega-woke show The Rings Of Power is turning into an epic defeat for the forces of woke.

The PC disfiguration of Tolkien was total. Astonishing stuff happens there: Galadriel has been appropriately re-christen Guy-Ladriel, there are Black elves (yes, you read it right), female dwarves without beard and, of course, also, “of colour”. There are the dumbest attacks to the MAGA movement (“Elves will steal your jobs”). There is, most of all, this insufferable, arrogant, superpower-endowed, go-grrl woman who is, in fact, the total opposite of Tolkien’s Galadriel. It’s a total catastrophe.

If you go on the Internet, you will find critics videos that are, in fact, quite funny, as this gigantic flop is now creating a cottage industry of ferocious mockery. It is, in fact, quite entertaining to see how they dissect the woke fest in many different ways.

Mind, this is Youtube. These critics are not Catholics. In fact, the mention that Tolkien was fiercely Catholic and would never have written the rubbish you get dished on Prime I have heard only once (but the entirely non-religious Elon Musk got it, and said it, too, see above). No, what I think is happening is something different.

Firstly, Tolkien is loved all over the world. The unicity of his creation is admired many decades after his death. There must be few corners in the planet in which the man is not held in extremely high regard, and his literary legacy as something sacred. The revolt of the Tolkien world to this abomination has, correspondingly, been much, much stronger than the outcry for the woke superheroes of the cartoon world, so much loved in Hollywood.

Secondly, it is clear that more and more average people (the people, that is, that are not interested in Catholicism, or even Christianity) are getting fed up with having the woke agenda rammed down their throats.

Amazon made all worse. In a stunningly transparent show of pathetic public opinion manipulation, they made a pre-show with “influencers” to promote their own work. These influencers were, if I am correct, four, of which two degenerates. Imagine that: creating an obviously manipulating self-promoting “critic” review, in which perversion is the main ingredient and “inclusion” is the only thing that count.

Mind: if the writers of this rubbish had created a completely new, fictional universe that is inspired by the fantasy world of Tolkien (countless such works have been written), and had decided to make this fictional world woke, the criticism would have been far less harsh, and the woke propaganda would have had a better chance of getting through. But no: this was supposed to be a commercial success without precedent, which is why $250m were paid *for the right to Tolkien’s notes alone*, and another three quarters of a billion for the rest of this mess. This is way too expensive to merely be the way Amazon curries some favour with the woke crowd. This is simply a failure to understand that if you get woke, you go broke.

These cretins really wanted to sell their rubbish as Tolkien’s lore. This is how stupid they are.

We are living in a world in which the entertainment industry is so prisoner of the woke mentality, and so detached from the world out there, that not only they think they can savage Tokien’s fictional work, but they promote this very act of savaging as what is best in their show.

Yes, the special effects are good. But, honestly, not better than in the “Lord Of The Rings” movies, that are now around 20 years old. Buying the DVDs of those works – who were, apart from a couple of blunders, as a whole very respectful of Tolkien’s world, other than the disastrous Hobbit movies that followed – will give you an overabundance of special effects, as you enjoy a largely truthful, well-rendered, if – unavoidably – strongly condensed version of the story.

The numbers coming from Roku (they run the software of countless television sets; therefore, they are a better statistical sample than every Nielsen you can imagine) tell a disastrous story of a rapid flop that will now be impossible to reverse. Consider simply this: the first two episodes were released together. A paltry 1.8 million people watched episode number 1, and only 1.4 million people watched episode number two, which was immediately available to watch. This was, by the way, largely before the absolute onslaught of criticism, and the countless memes now flooding the Internet.

But seriously, what else could you expect? Normal people do not think the way these degenerate and libtards do. You give them a “Tolkien lore” where all the heroes are females, all men are duplicitous, weak, dumb or without understanding for The Heroine, and the only thing that counts is The Way She Feels, and you are in for a total disaster.

Guy-Ladriel effortlessly kills a snow troll that has severely beaten all her *male* expedition companions. She does so defying the laws of physics, as in a parody of a Tolkien movies. The same theme goes through the entire show.

And this, ladies and gents, is how you create a huge flop.

Lesbians and Libtards applaud.

All the others stop viewing, and go to their PCs to enjoy the memes or the scathing reviews.

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