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This Little Slut Of Satan


Like millions of others I watched, yesterday, the solemn funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was a very solemn occasion, and a fitting farewell to a beloved Sovereign. I followed on Sky, where the commenters actually pretended to believe in God; something very, very unusual on British television.

However, when the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, went on the pulpit and dared to read the “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life” part, I must say my adrenaline level started to rise. This is one who is on record for voting for so-called gay marriage, and she has the almighty gall to stand in Westminster Abbey and pretend she is a follower of Christ. May she be punished, unless she repents, also for this special kind of hypocrisy.

One might say that, on such an occasion, it is expected that the Prime Minister speaks. My answer is that no doctor has prescribed that a Prime Minister makes a strong, obvious profession of Christian faith when it is clear that she does not pass muster. She could have blabbered something about the Queen’s faith (which is unquestioned), instead of trying to look all “conservative” to the televised audience.

Alas, this is the nature of our politicians. This little slut of Satan would, I am sure, not hesitate one moment to call herself “Christian” whenever it is convenient to her. The next moment, she would spit on Christianity because “equaliteee”, and her career. Again, unless she repents, may she be punished extra harsh for yesterday’s very special show of hypocrisy.

These people think that we will forget. They think that they can be on the side of Satan today, and solemnly talking about the Way, the Truth and the Life tomorrow. I have bad news for them: not only will true Christians never forget, but Christ will not be mocked, either.

I hope she enjoyed her little stage yesterday.

One day, she might well wonder whether it was worth the price.

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