The Going Gets Though

NATO now running furiously against it

For now almost seven months, Russia has conducted a military operation with white gloves, and very much “on the cheap”.

I have a feeling this all ends now.

It becomes now clearer what the plan was all along: make a ton of money all Spring and Summer whilst Europe is left half-starved of energy, before turning on the pain factor for Ukraine and, well, the West when it starts to get colder and harsh realities count more than virtue-signalling.

It is also clear, to me at least, that all the events of yesterday were carefully planned and coordinated: the referendums – not only in the two Donbas States, but in almost all of old Novorossiya – put to sleep once and for all the naive idea that Putin might agree to end the hostilities and go away with Lugansk and Donetsk only.

Russia is going to be enlarged by four historical provinces. More soldiers are needed for the harder push that will follow, and to make those territories really Russian rather than aspiring territories defended by militias. The legal framework for the new situation must be created. All this has been announced in, basically, one day. It’s all part of the new phase of operations.

Make no mistake: Zelensky is shitting his pants. Scholz, Truss & Co., too.

All points to the fact that, at some point in October – perhaps as early as the first or second of October – the Western help to Ukraine (the satellites, the intelligence personnel, the weapons, and the “mercenaries”) will have to be seen as direct hostility towards the Russian people and land.

If my analysis is correct, this means that the Western powers will very soon be put in front of the choice to a) back off or b) face direct military action. A total loss of face in the first case, and a total humiliation – and immense tragedy – in the second.

No matter what the Baghdad Bob Media say, the situation on the ground is very simple: in a conventional war, Russia can obliterate NATO every day of the week. As it is, NATO has ammo for perhaps two weeks, three weeks max, but I doubt they would have many tanks or howitzers left after that time. The only thing that Putin will have to do – and he will most certainly do it – is to avoid attacking the American soil. The immense losses he will cause to NATO soldiers and military infrastructure in Europe will soon persuade even the most stubborn “Slava Ukraini” do-Gooder that staying alive and living in a functioning country comes first.

Will NATO listen? This is the same as to ask: are they really as stupid as they look? Or was it all posturing to please the Twitter crowd? On one hand, I trust that reason will prevail. On the other hand, these people might be so stupid as to think that Putin is bluffing. I am an optimist, and keep thinking that they are not that stupid; not even Scholz, van der Leyen, Borrell, or Truss (well, the jury is out on this one).

If the Biden hits the fan, the only real alternative for the West to total defeat and utter humiliation will be nuclear escalation. This is, I really hope, not happening, because the Pelosi, Graham, Truss and Macron of the world will not want to sacrifice their comfortable lives for a nuclear Holocaust (and no, it’s not about you; they would let you die in a second).

Every other scenario is a loss-loss-loss for the West, and Ukraine made mincemeat of. The Americans will never countenance a huge rearmament program meant to give them the powerful industrial apparatus – which they now don’t have, as they only produce software, consultancy companies and a vast number of “genders” – needed to defeat Russia. They are hopelessly inferior in missile technology. They would be torn to pieces conventionally first and, if nothing else helps, with nukes later. They would, in fact, end up choosing self-extermination for the sake of a bunch of effing Neonazis they actually wanted to use as cannon fodder to “extend” Russia (google Rand Corporation Extending Russia, it’s all there). Not a smart choice.

Of course, I do not know whether Putin will choose the brutal escalation that Donbas becoming Russia (again) should engender. But if I know the Russian culture, history and mentality well enough this is what, at that point, all Russians will expect of Putin.

From memory: During WWII, Italy lost around 200,000 people.

The USA around 450,000.

Russia 26,500,000.

Let that sink in, and reflect how likely it is that the Russians are scared of their losses now.

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  1. If the referenda is in favour of the Russian Federation, then after ratification, any attack on these regions will be viewed as an attack upon Russian soil. Such an attack will be met with unprecedented force. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation remain silent. This is a huge game changer! Western Liberal perversity, 0. Russia-Eurasia 10. Where will it all end. Globalism is dead in the water.

  2. Will NATO listen? This is the same as to ask: are they really as stupid as they look?

    It’s awfully hard to put anything past a political class that is openly at war against its own people. And the NATO countries are all governed by the same interlocking directorate of evil.

  3. Possibly, the idea is to get Putin to escalate against Europe, and then the US being OVERTLY dragged to war to “defend our allies” to further economic and population destruction. An awful lot of stupid Americans buy the “media” Ukraine propaganda. As satanic and anti-American as the US government is, I don’t think they care about the country getting nuked, they may like the idea. They will know ahead of time and plan to be elsewhere.

  4. I hate to actually type this, but what if WWIII is what the plan has been all along? Your analysis is correct: the US (NATO) forces are inadequate (I mean the American Sec Def walks around with a mask, gloves, and a flipping face shield because he’s afraid of a cold), and a full-on conflict involving American forces will be disastrous for the DC cabal. However, a nuclear threat would give the cabal an excuse to tighten the screws, confiscate food, and other lovely things.

    [On a side note, seeing as the “good guys” are being driven from the American military, that would mean the trannies, sodomites, and other perverts would be sent to kill Russians instead of fellow Americans. Yes, it’d be lose, lose, lose for the DC cabal.]

  5. This post is ridiculous. The Russians are getting their ass handed to them by the Ukraine (with help from NATO and the U.S.)….and you think NATO can’t handle the Russians alone ?

    Russia didn’t lose 27 MM in WW II — STALIN did. You think the Russian people today are willing to die for Putin’s war of aggression in Ukraine ?

    Very disappointed that Mundabor would side with a thug like Putin simply because he may oppose the “woke” liberal agenda.

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