Living Rooms And Cool Minds.

“Rouble to rubble, did you say?”

The vote on the request for annexation to Russia in the four traditionally Russian provinces in the Ukraine begins today. The outcome is quite obvious, as the annexation is the best thing that can happen to the local populations, particularly after the loss of territory in the Kharkov region.

I think this annexation (about which I have no doubt, as the Duma clearly favours it in case of favourable outcome of the referenda) will shift the game on globalism and homo agenda significantly.

Please note this: since the beginning of the Special Military Operation, anti-homo (to variable extent) forces have won in Hungary, Serbia and, soon, Italy. They have also advanced in France. They will, no doubt, make inroads in Germany in the coming months.

Conservative Europe tends to have a different attitude towards Russia than its Regressive part. This they do because, other than the Regressives, they do not feel the obligation to hate Putin just because they deem him ho-mmo-fffpho-bicc. They look at things in a more neutral way, do not care for the Alphabet, are generally no friends of globalism, and consider a warm home, a job, and a future for their children very valuable things to have.

If I am right (but I have often been wrong in life), the suicidal policies of most Western Governments will cause a general shift to the right. Why would someone who has been lied all year about Russia’s ability to withstand the sanctions, and Europe’s inability to cope with those very same sanctions, keep believing those same politicians when they talk about refugees, homos, or trannies? No. I think that the huge cry of “enough” that will soon rise from Europe will extend to a lot of stuff (globalism, degeneracy, vaccines!) that has been supinely accepted or tolerated in years past.

A cold living room should help a lot to think about these matters with, so to speak, a cool mind.

We shall see. Winter is coming and it will, I think, not care much for virtue signalling and little flags on the Twitter handle.

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  1. Elon proved that Twitter is mostly bots, used to “shape opinion”. Critical thinkers see Putin’s actions as reasonable and defensive of his country, while WEF-NATO “leader” shills destroy their own nations and white populations, in order to more comfortably dominate without opposition. There does seem to be a bit of an awakening, but as the US installed fake “government” mob is busily passing election management law in the event of “catastrophe”, you can bet the farm they’ve got a custom “catastrophe” waiting on their shelf of dirty tricks ripe for exploitation….probably to be blamed on scapegoat nationalist (“white supremacist”) du jour, POOOTINNN!!

  2. There is no greater threat to America and Christian based (historically speaking) Western civilization than, what you call, “Globo-Homo” fascist oligarchy.

    Globo: Because it is global in its intent
    Homo: Because collapsed perverted morality is its black heart
    Fascist: Because it is the combination of government, business, new-military (police state).
    Oligarchy: Because it is controlled by, benefits and advances only the mega-rich.

    Globo-Homo fascism aims for nothing less than the overthrow of the system of constitutional nation-states that developed over millenia from Roman Catholic roots that spread through Europe and beyond from Jerusalem and Rome.

    I can’t speak for what is happening in Russia, per se, but I support completely their intent to defend their sovereign and historically great nation from the blackness that is globo-homo-ism.

  3. I think there has been a lot of discontent out there for a long time, and it has only been gathering momentum as the elite’s wars against their own peoples have escalated. Brexit, the election of Trump, the Yellow Vests and the Freedom Convoy are just a few manifestations of this. A lot more are not being reported on. People really are getting really sick and tired of the “Enlightenment” ideology and the oligarchs who impose it. They might even be open to taking a serious look at — gasp! — the Catholic faith, the only real antidote to all this nonsense!

    At such a time, our Pope is busy playing patty-cake with other religions while persecuting his own, and the bishops are preoccupied with blessing sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. What a chastisement.

  4. Perhaps I’m an outlier but I only know one person here who brings up Ukraine anymore and even she gets mixed messages from her Ukrainian hairdresser who thinks Zelensky is a crook. Here it’s either about Trump/racism/transphobia if you’re an insane liberal or crime/open borders/inflation if you’re anyone else. Putin says something, someone objects and it’s on the news for a few minutes and then they move on to one of the above topics. The elites might be pushing this fiasco behind the scenes but everyone else is concerned about domestic issues.

  5. Trust Truss to be on the wrong side of history. Even Jacob Reese Mogg appears to be on the anti Putin narrative.

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