Pope Francis is, here, seen not wrestling

Pope Clown has made another one of his interventions, in which he has invited the faithful to “wrestle” with God.

Mind: in a different context, this might have a sense of its own. If St Catherine of Siena had spoken of such “wrestling” (I don’t know whether she has), we would immediately understand the broader context of this, that is: a context of total submission to God’s will.

However, we live in the time of Francis, when the context is diametrically opposed to obedience to God, an opposition incessantly promoted by Francis himself. Therefore, it seems to me that the Evil Clown’s words have a subversive potential which, in another time, they would not have.

Your average, garden variety Catholic nowadays lives in a state of constant wrestling with God, in the sense that he either thinks that he is right and God is wrong or, hopefully in most cases, that somehow the Church was always wrong then and he and God are right now. All those people who add to “I am a Catholic” that fateful little word, “but”, are doing just that, all the time.

The idea of prayer is not wrestling, it is accepting. It is, when you ask, an asking that must come from a position of perfect obedience, or total acceptance of whatever humiliations, troubles, or pain the Lord has seen fit to let us have, for reasons which, whilst unknown to us now, are surely for our good.

Thy will be done. Full stop.

XXI Century “wrestling” (no doubt, the one Frankie has in mind) has nothing of it. It suggests, rather, the rebellion of the one who cannot accept what Christ says about his homosexual son, her divorced and remarried daughter, and their unbaptised nephews.

It’s the wrestling that opposes to God’s law my own law. It’s the wrestling that makes one decide that his lurv for the adulterous wife of another must be god-given, and therefore infallible and sacred. It is the belief that “muhh conscience” trumps what the Church says.

It is easy stuff. It makes one feel pleasantly rebellious, but righteous at the same time. It is quite after the spirit of the age.

My suggestion is: never wrestle with God.

You will lose every time, and will run a serious risk of ending up barbecued for eternity, together with countless other wrestlers.

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  1. He’s a joke. The Dutch are in schism and he’s worried about the Tridentine Mass and whether Pelosi and Biden can fake being Catholics in public.

    The guy was elected Pope with 2 key voting blocs: Socialists and Pedophiles (often one and the same). To expect him to do anything about either is ridiculous.

    Time to starve these SOBs of all $$$ so their left-wing “social justice” nonsense goes up in flame. The “social justice” baloney is what sustains these frauds and is THE attractive nuisance that draws garbage like Rembert Weakland and Roger Mahoney to the Catholic Church.

    Shift to the right politically, these guys will leave in droves.

    • There are many, many people in schism, and more in heresy (which, according to Pius XII and others excises one from the Church…with or without an official statement). Bergoglio has only made that number more obvious.

    • Yes. nor is this a new phenomenon. It is only more brutal than in the past.
      I was shocked when I read Iota Unum. But hey, the Church survived those times, too..

  2. The first to wrestle with God was the devil. His non serviam, when God revealed His economy of salvation as a test for the angels. The consequences of this rebellion we see and experience only too clearly. It’s a pity the apostate prelates cannot see their alliance with the enemy of Christ, and where they will end up, except for a miracle of repentance.

  3. Precisely. Is it not obvious to any sentinent Catholic ?

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