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Four Cuddly Bear Cubs

It’s called Russia, Sherlock…

I do not know the political orientation of the author of this article. However, it seems to me that said article makes a lot of sense. I invite you to read it and to reflect on the main point (that is: if Putin = Pure Evil Guy, well then we have a permanent-war-until-a-probable-nuclear-outcome scenario, because “eeeviill”).

I would like to fly a bit higher now (like those Russian drones who stand 1 km up in the air, unseen and unheard, above the Ukrainians lines and give to their guns the coordinates for the fire) and give you a more bird-like (or drone-like) perspective.

The Four Cuddly Cubs are going to be annexed to Mama Bear. It is happening, and nothing will stop the process now. All of Russia finds the Four Cuddly Cubs adorable, and will defend them will all the energy Mama Bear has showed in the past (ask Napoleon, or Hitler).

This creates a completely new situation on the ground, one that makes the old one looks like Cokehead’s Paradise for Zelenski & Co.

The Russians still keenly feel the humiliation of the Tatar yoke. They never forgot the Time of Troubles. They lost (as Soviet Union, I think, but you get my drift) more than 26 million people during WWII, and will do it again any time. They have a total lack of sportiness in what concerns territories they consider authentically, genuinely Russians. The entire Donbas and Black Sea coastal region, including all ports, undoubtedly qualify.

The Russians are, at the risk of being obvious, no Germans. Germans can have millions of innocent German civilians bombed to death, Prussia and Silesia taken away from them, and – again – millions of Germans desplaced, and they will go on for decades telling you how much they deserved it. The Russians will nuke Biden’s sorry ass, no questions asked.

New facts have been created. The four new Oblasts will soon be just as Russian as St Petersburg or Kazan are. This puts even a very prudent, astonishingly patient man like Putin under pressure to not allow any territorial concession on these territories, ever, and to defend them with consequence.

The rest follows from this. As this is now Russian land, the time of the gentle, “you can keep your TV, Internet, electricity, gas, roads, factories and bridges” Special Military Operation is going to an end. In the next two-three months we will see this special military operation more or less gradually morph, officially or unofficially, into something far more closely resembling war. It will still not be as brutal as it would be against, say, the poor Finn army, because the Russians still see the Ukrainians as, largely, their own. But brutal it will be.

Russians don’t wage war the way NATO does, say, in Serbia. That stuff, the Russians do not really even call “war”.

In Russia, war means, rather, that everything in front of them is destroyed and the Russian tanks advance over the rubble. Search “Russian military doctrine” and you will see what I mean. The Russians don’t do that kind of high-tech, low-casualties warfare NATO is so fond of. They are more like WW II, “steel hell” guys. They don’t really care about how many of their own soldiers will die, imagine how much they care about the enemy losses!

Zelenski can snort all the coke he wants, but this will not change anything in the fundamental way the game has now changed. This is not Russia protecting ethnic Russians living in allied republics and contested regions anymore. This is Cocaine Clown Guy officially sitting on Russian territory, and shooting at Russia to boot.

I do not know about the pace of the escalation (I would say a gradual increase in the next two-three months is the most likely scenario; mind, I have been wrong before), but I do not doubt that a massive escalation **will** come.

The LBGTWTF+ side will not be able – unless they want to be incinerated – to counter this with a massive, all-out, NATO military intervention. They have, for this, no ammo, no military/industrial capacity, and no desire to die. The only thing they can do is to make the demise of the Elenski regime more painful for the Ukrainians and more expensive for NATO, even as a lot of European States senselessly castrate themselves with their own sanctions.

More mercenaries @ $1000/day. More Soviet-era Western tanks about to be destroyed. More howitzers that will go the way of those they have sent before. More HIMARS that will also be slowly, but systematically destroyed. It will be a slow, expensive, bleeding in both men and material.

Plus, all this will have to happen from the background of increasingly more angry European citizen; citizen who were never asked whether they wanted a war and the castration of their economies, and who – with the possible exception of the “Cermans” – will grow more and more intolerant of being told to shut up, pay, lose their job, and freeze.

Time clearly works for Russia. Also, Russia had a clear idea of what they wanted to do, when to escalate, how to react to any possible development, etc. The NATO countries had no Plan B. When the sanction failed, they stood there naked, stupid and, now, freezing.

Incompetent leaders have followed the Twitter mob and thought they would get an easy victory. They will now have to suffer, and we will have to suffer because of them.

Meanwhile, the outcome of this conflict was decided on the 24th February, and nothing will change in that, bar a nuclear confrontation that makes everybody lose.

Invented Diseases

One of the things that anger me most these days is the adoption of liberal ways from the alleged “conservatives”.

The language of the enemy must never be used, unless it is to mock it.

Latest example: the increasing frequency with which alleged conservative outlets like Breitbart and others, mention “gender dysphoria”.

There is no gender dysphoria. There has never been. There will never be.

What has always been there, and will always be there, are madness and sexual perversion. A guy is not afflicted by a “condition” that makes him believe he is a gal. A guy is barking mad or, far more likely, a pervert.

It’s as simple as that, it’s the reality that has always been around us. Supposed new diseases are merely the trick of the devil to make us accept abnormality as normal.

We need to react, in the comments or however we can, to everyone from the (alleged) right crowd adopting talking point of the wrong crowd. To accept the language of the enemy is to adopt, or at least condone, the thinking of the enemy.

We think the way we talk. This is why propaganda is so important and every tyrant always makes such an effort to impose his own language.

There is no gender dysphoria.

The “gays” are sexual perverts. And miserable people.

“Reproductive rights” means baby killing.

If we refuse to talk right, we will end thinking wrong.

Lepanto And Putin

Today is the anniversary day of the battle of Lepanto.

It is also Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

I don’t know you, but I can’t avoid seeing the connection here.

Happy Birthday, Mister President!

Social Gospel?

Even he is bored by his own drivel.

I have been informed that the Social Gospel (so-called) has been a thing in the United States for about a century now. It seems to be a mild form of Liberation Theology, with a lot of the whining and the bitching but without the communism and the violence.

Well, let me be very short about this.

The Gospel is social. Christianity (better said: Catholicism, as intended within the frame of proper Catholic doctrine) gives you the framework for all the social recipes, all the social justice, all the social whatever you may desire.

You know what they say, that every time you make the word science be preceded by an adjective, it’s a clear indication that it is not science anymore (social science, political science, etc.). I think the same can be said about the word Gospel, and this “social” Gospel seems exactly the same to me.

There is no such expression in Italian. There has never been. Either Italians never understood the Gospel, or there is something smelling of rotten fish here.

As to the strange social construct mentioned in the title, I would love to know how many of its original proponents had lost the faith or were, even, sexual degenerates, as it is my conviction – proven by solid facts on countless occasions – that those two conditions are an extremely powerful fuel to every kind of deviation from the Gospel to the something gospel, where the word something signifies any kind of fake apostolate because one is very uncomfortable with the authentic one.

We are Catholics. When we are properly instructed, we have all the social doctrine we need, and we don’t need any social doctrine that is not there.

I would suggest a daily effort to save one’s soul instead.

This is, in fact, the most social thing one can do for both oneself and society.

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