Social Gospel?

Even he is bored by his own drivel.

I have been informed that the Social Gospel (so-called) has been a thing in the United States for about a century now. It seems to be a mild form of Liberation Theology, with a lot of the whining and the bitching but without the communism and the violence.

Well, let me be very short about this.

The Gospel is social. Christianity (better said: Catholicism, as intended within the frame of proper Catholic doctrine) gives you the framework for all the social recipes, all the social justice, all the social whatever you may desire.

You know what they say, that every time you make the word science be preceded by an adjective, it’s a clear indication that it is not science anymore (social science, political science, etc.). I think the same can be said about the word Gospel, and this “social” Gospel seems exactly the same to me.

There is no such expression in Italian. There has never been. Either Italians never understood the Gospel, or there is something smelling of rotten fish here.

As to the strange social construct mentioned in the title, I would love to know how many of its original proponents had lost the faith or were, even, sexual degenerates, as it is my conviction – proven by solid facts on countless occasions – that those two conditions are an extremely powerful fuel to every kind of deviation from the Gospel to the something gospel, where the word something signifies any kind of fake apostolate because one is very uncomfortable with the authentic one.

We are Catholics. When we are properly instructed, we have all the social doctrine we need, and we don’t need any social doctrine that is not there.

I would suggest a daily effort to save one’s soul instead.

This is, in fact, the most social thing one can do for both oneself and society.

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