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Sister Dyke Is Getting Old

Fugit inexorabile tempus…

There was a time when Lesbianism was seen with grave disapprobation all over the West, and considered a sexual perversion.

There were no feminist clubs for angry lesbians back then. No easy way to meet and start relationships with fellow dykes. There was no internet to allow them to interact with each other. There was, also, a Christian environment that would have made it difficult for such dykes to keep their job.

Let’s face it: back then, it was not easy to be a pervert.

There was, however, an easy solution. Starting from the early Sixties, new opportunities started to open themselves for lesbians and assorted sexual nutcases. By choosing “religious life”, they could achieve three important objectives: the living out of their lesbian fantasies, the permanent solution of the income question, and the sating of that most elementary need of every pervert that always was, is, or will be: virtue signalling.

From the Sixties and Seventies, things began to change. Less and less religious sisters kept thinking, and behaving, in a traditional way. More and more, instead, began to look, behave, and go around like, well, dykes. This is, as I understand, a markedly Anglo-Saxon phenomenon.

The Sister Dykes rapidly became a strong example of everything that is wrong with this Vale of Tears: pacifist, Marxist, feminist, obviously atheist, pro abortion in all but name, and enemies of Christ and the Church, they distinguished themselves for the fight against every value of the Christian West. I don’t think they officially promoted satanism, but it could be that I have not being paying attention. Still, they made the work of the devil with remarkable energy.

As the West de-Christianised, these organisations should have prospered. In the end, there is assured scrounging for life, courtesy of countless generous faithful of past generations, and the favourable , fertile environment of alphabet culture.

Instead, these organisations withered.

I think I know why. The Perv Revolution brought, to later generations of dykes, ample opportunities to do exactly the same work, but in the employment of leftists “charities” and NGOs, sponsored not by past faithful, but by present billionaires and wealthy faggots. There is no need to call yourself “sister” anymore. You can be “out and proud” about your own perversion sexuality. You will not need to hide behind a different profession. Father Georgina’s wet dream…

Hence, the crisis of Sister Dyke. They are still around, but not for long. The only one who likes them now must be Francis. Heck, he might hate them, too!

On a completely, completely, completely unrelated note…

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