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Mundabor: The Feminist Blog Post

The article linked here seems, judging from the colour, from a women’s magazine. It is dated November 2020, but I’d say the problem had been going on for decades before then: men are discriminated against in everything that is to do with marriage and children. The article mentions them, but what it does not mention (and should have done) is the great suffering of the fathers separated by their children, and the accusations of “rape” now thrown away like candies in the “wars of the roses” during divorce.

Let me give you a piece of my mind and tell you what I think should be done to put an end to this situation. I hope my readers will not be shocked by my responsible, enlightened progressivism. We cannot always be Old Conservatives. At times, we need to be courageous and ready to break conventional societal schemes, and our accustomed thinking. We need to break the boundaries of old thinking, and protect women again. We need to stop being old conservatives, and become Alt-Conservatives. This is, my friends, revolutionary.

The first thing I would do, is take active electorate away from women. Women can be elected to every political office, if they are voted in by men. This way, you never miss on Margaret Thatcher, but you cut off Liz Truss from the start. The restitution of decisions to men (as it has always been in the history of Western civilization) also takes the emotionalism and easy manipulation away from politics. Things are right or wrong. If they are wrong, no emotional rubbish can make them right. Abortion is wrong, and screw the coat hanger emotional terrorism. Illegal immigration is wrong, so spare me the picture of the illegal dead child. You get the drift. Patriarchy means this: the rules of the fathers. Patriarchy is good. Patriarchy works. Patriarchy is not only progressive, but revolutionary. Patriarchy is Alt-Conservatism in action.

The second thing I would do, is to take judgeship away from women. Heck, when I was born, a woman could not be judge in my native Country. Never had been able to. Were all generations before us stupid? No, they weren’t. They recognised that the wonderful traits of femininity – that constitute women’s peculiar sweetness, nurturing instinct, and loving nature – make women intrinsically not suited to be a judge. Historically, the introduction of women in the judgeship brought, inter alia, a sharp discrimination of men in divorce courts. Yes, pal, it’s because an awful lot of women are judges now. No, really. No, you are wrong.

The third thing I could do (if the first two are possible, the third will go without saying) is to abolish divorce. Divorce isn’t a Christian thing, nor should a Christian Country care for the customs of Muslims and Hindus. Even Protestants, not much more than 100 years ago, considered divorce pure poison. Catholics should not, ever, even entertain the idea.

Let a court decide whether the convivence is impossible, and – in that case only – allow a separation in which the parent who wants the child must be able to pay for him. No no-fault divorce. No no-fault anything, really. For better or worse means for better or worse.

Then – and I am getting, here, so progressive I am basically a fourth wave feminist – let us abolish DNA fatherhood tests. We go back, instead, to the old rule: the husband is presumed father. Husband, you say? Yes. Husband. This means that first there is a marriage, and after that there is the child. See how easy it is? This puts an end to unwanted fatherhoods, with the associated threats (happened to a friend of mine, who confided it to me merely because of our close friendship; I am sure it is way more frequent than people think). The old, time-honoured system of shutting one’s legs will be back in fashion in no time.

Cohabitation with children? Gone! Get that ring, young woman!

Before long, the proper order will be followed: first, a marriage that is the fruit of deep commitment, and then the primary scope of the marriage: procreation.

“But Mundabor, Mundabor!” – I hear you say – “how will this happen, if we have just said that men don’t want to marry anymore?”.

Wrong premise. Men want to marry because lifelong marriage and nurturing children is in their DNA, too. But they want to be the man in the relationship; they want to fulfil their God-given role (whether they believe in God or not) without knowing that they will lose fatherhood, economic security, and peace of mind. They need to have a deal that is fair to them.

Women get a much better deal, too. A women who does not long after a lifelong companion and father of her children is a woman gravely damaged by modern society. The progressive, revolutionary institution of the Patriarchy gives women the security of a lifelong commitment and security in raising children that corresponds to her deepest, most natural wishes, instead of creating an army of late thirty of early forty sluts going from one man to the next in the statistically very, very dumb hope that Mr Right will now, magically, appear on the horizon, bewitch her with his love for soybeans, cleaning the kitchen, and “sex and the city”, and fall in love with the 42 years old woman who had 14 men into her, as he finds both her emotionally damaged teen children so adorable it cannot be believed.

Whatever feminists tell you (not me; I am the real deal feminist), feminine women yearn for an order that gives the freedom to be women and mothers, even as it makes it desirable for men to be husbands and fathers. The other women (the unfeminine or brainwashed ones) need to be educated and, at any rate, cannot be allowed to count.

Do not tell me that this is a fantasy. This is (by and large) the world I grew up in. This is the world my grandmas and grand-aunts (which I remember fondly, all of them, and were ten time smarter than the nowadays aging sluts on the prowl) thought the only one possible, and a jolly good one at that.

Nor (please) should you be swayed back into Obscurantism by the usual argument about the pathology of marriage. Bad cases make bad laws. It is much smarter to have good laws and say to every boy and girl, with the great Friedrich Schiller:

 Drum prüfe, wer sich ewig bindet, / Ob sich das Herz zum Herzen findet! / Der Wahn ist kurz, die Reu ist lang.

(Therefore let him test, who binds himself forever, / whether the heart finds itself in the heart! / Delusion is short, regret is long)

Life isn’t a simple affair. It never was and it never will be. Any attempt to escape the God-given challenges will cause us to end up with the ones prepared for us by the devil.

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