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Once in Royal David’s City

Francis’ Multiple Own Goal (Plus: What Do The Russians Know That We Don’t?)

One and a quarter man.

Francis gave an interview to a Jesuit magazine. it means the interview was read, re-read, vetted by likely several people, and then agreed in its final form. Unless, that is, Francis’ papacy is now so reckless that not even that happens anymore.

The guy who apologised to the descendants of the savages in Canada, now scores a multiple own goal of the most unsavoury sort.

Let us see it in detail:

“When I speak about Ukraine, I speak of a people who are martyred. If you have a martyred people, you have someone who martyrs them. When I speak about Ukraine, I speak about the cruelty because I have much information about the cruelty of the troops that come in”.

Ah, the good old vomiting of Western propaganda. The unquestioning relaying of Goebbelsian public manipulation with outright lies, as seen in Krematorsk and Bucha (and, soon, in Kherson!). Congratulation, Francis: you are now Number One Dummy of the Western propaganda. You are Forrest Gump without the innocence. You are, just, plain stupid.

Generally, the cruelest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryati and so on.

This is utterly from the Clown Manual. Firstly, Francis is saying that all components of Russian army are cruel, some are merely less cruel than others. Then he proceeds to decide which ones have the right to feel more or less Russian, and concludes that the non-stereotyped Russian (like the Chechens or the Buryati) are actually worse than the others. This is fourteen-years-old casually racist propaganda level.

Someone please explain to this man that Russia is a multinational entity, and people of different cultures and traditions, and even religions, identify as Russian just as fiercely as the Slavic founders of the state and deeply resent being considered second-rank Russians. This explains to you (but not to Francis) why the Chechens have provided such a large number of volunteers; people who are, by the way, being universally admired on the battle front.

Certainly, the one who invades is the Russian state. This is very clear.

More fourteen years old logic. There is nowhere in Catholic doctrine that says that a country cannot invade, for the right reasons (think of the Crusades!). In this case, Frankie Boy conveniently forgets the 14,000 people, (thousands among them women and children, going about their life, walking in the park, or coming back from the grocery store) senselessly murdered by an 8 years long campaign of mass killing, explicitly and indisputably targeting civilians, without Francis or the West ever saying a word. When, finally, Russia decides that the time has come to put an end to this shame (mind here: Putin certainly would have wanted to do it earlier, but he simply had to be ready), Francis’ IQ70-logic stops at “who has invaded whom”.

This is Fort Sumter all over again, with the aggressor forcing the other to act, and then playing victim.

Sometimes I try not to specify so as not to offend and rather condemn in general, although it is well known whom I am condemning. It is not necessary that I put a name and surname.

Yeah, well, actually it is, Frankie dear. You did not condemn Zelensky, who was elected on a promise to put in place the Minsk 2 Agreements and then made a complete U-turn, continuing and intensifying the shelling of poor Donbass civilians.


A final observation: Maria Zakharova, speaker for the Russian Ministry of defence, replied to Francis with the following words:

“This is no longer Russophobia, it’s a perversion on a level I can’t even name”


Is it me, or Mrs Zakharova is, here, saying something along the lines of “we know something about this guy we are now, actually, tempted to reveal?”

Why, otherwise, this accusation of perversion on a level that cannot even be named? I read Zakharova on the Telegram Channel of the Russian Foreign Ministry every day, and I can testify that she does not throw the word “perversion” around casually.

It seems to me, in fact, that this choice of words (thrown is the “I can’t even name” if you need corroboration) is not casual at all.

If the Russians were to tell the world something that Francis does not want the world to know, and coincides with what many actually suspect, they would greatly help the cause of traditionalism and help the Church to free itself from the filth now pervading Her at every level.

Liberal Sickos

And it came to pass that yours truly was on Youtube looking for videos about daily life in Russia (you don’t need long to understand that they are doing quite fine and, in fact, several of these Youtube channel mercilessly mock the Western narrative about Russia being “on the ropes”).

One of those video was of a guy (I don’t want to give him more publicity, so no link) who, as in many of these channels, is an American living in Russia and explaining various aspects of life in Russia.

Well, this guy has what appears to be a son. The guy (perhaps 3.5 or 4 years old) has a guy’s name. He plays with male toys. He looks, well, like a normal boy.

However, his American father calls him “he” or “she”, “boy” or “girl” alternatively.

No, it’s not a mistake. It happens in several videos.

Sickening stuff.

This guy signals virtues with the life of his son. He will do all he can to make him grow utterly confused as to who he is. Not only will the father not help his son to grow into a manly adult, he will undermine at all times the natural tendency of the boy to grow up, think, and behave like a boy.

I remember a time when we were, all of us boys, encouraged from our fathers, uncles and family friends to behave like little men. There was a beauty, and a special kind of child’s pride, in being considered, and praised, as a little man. Not only it was perfectly natural, but it was reassuring, character-building, and spine-promoting. Girls underwent the same process, of course, through their mothers, aunts etc.

As we grew older, the advise became “older” (as in the song above), but the principle remained the same: it is exactly the job of the men in the family to help the boys grow up to well-adjusted, adult, manly men.

Not anymore. Now we have sickos around who do all they can to ruin the lives of their children. When they have succeeded, they will proceed to complain about those who are still normal in the country where they live, demanding that the normal people pervert their own brains just like they have done with theirs.

This guy lives, of all places, in Russia. A fifth column of the enemy if there ever was one.

There is now, in Russia, legislation aimed at preventing the perversion of children.

I hope this guy gets in the crosshairs of the Russian authorities soon.

Sicko puts himself on Youtube, too, so he can broadcast his virtue signalling as far as he can.

I know the solution for these people, and it involves a security institution, adequate surveillance, a huge potato field, and a lot of hard work.

A couple of years of that, and all those ideas about gender will melt like snow in the sun.

Still: what a darn sicko.

Reality Is Knocking On Ukraine’s Doors

Knock, knock, knocking on Ukraine’s doors….

The events in the Ukraine are getting more and more unreal. As the Ukraine is literally hacked to pieces for everyone to see, Baghdad Bob goes on with his propaganda.

The detachment from reality, the wishful thinking, the total disregard of facts on the ground is quite cynical and, at this point, certainly not in good faith anymore. This is the stuff that Western bigots (or CIA assets, or people wanting to curry favour with the US Government) would write to encourage Ukrainians to fight to the last man so that the dream of “deposing Putin” can be kept alive. What an evil way to send people to die.

Meanwhile, the very capital of the allegedly so well-positioned country has electricity for only 2 or 3 hours a day, and its very Mayor is telling his citizen that whoever has access to a wood stove and water outside of Kiev had better get out of Dodge as fast as he can.

A wood stove and current water. The luxuries of modern Ukraine.

Few things put one in touch with reality like lack, or scarcity, of electricity, heating, running water and, possibly in the very near future, food. For anyone living in Kiev or Lvov (notice the spelling), war was, for a long time, something you read about. Now, war is knocking at the door, pretty loud, is looking like a grim-faced Russian general, and is bringing very bad news.

The denial is staggering. After the Ukrainians themselves admit their electrical net is on its knees, the shocking satellite pictures showing a dark Ukraine at night are still branded as propaganda fakes. No, it is better to believe, as the linked article does, that a small matter like the lack of, well, everything will not stay in the way of the glorious Nazi army of the Azov, Kraken, and Right Sector Sturmtruppen.

Nor can anyone say that Russia is being cruel, or going against human rights, in targeting energy. NATO did exactly the same in Iraq (twice), Afghanistan, and Serbia. With good reason, I add, as energy is as vital as oxygen to any army (and to any Country at war) and, in the case of Ukraine, even directly, immediately vital to their logistics as they have largely electrified trains. It’s not easy to permanently damage roads and railways (which are difficult to damage and easy to repair), but when there is no energy for the trains, literally everything stops.

I am informed that the pro-Russian Telegram channels like Rybar, Intel Slava Z, Slavyangrad, Intel Republic, or Geroman (there are many others) now have millions of subscribers from the Ukraine. Methinks, this means that reality is paving its way into the brainwashed consciousness of more and more Ukrainians; an activity, admittedly, greatly encouraged by suddenly discovering that the electricity, the heating and the water have gone. There is only so much cognitive dissonance even a bigot can bear.

Still, it is staggering to think that most Ukrainians still likely have no darn clue as to how many of their own are being massacred in the most stupid, senseless, avoidable war of the Century. They likely think their dead are around the 7000 mark, whilst the Russians have lost half Moscow and have now assumed the fatal position in their trenches. Articles like the one linked help them to dream, and their people to die. Until they don’t.

The reality is more similar to 100,000 Ukrainian soldiers dead, and at least as many seriously wounded, with the Russian losses in the region of one tenth of the Ukrainian ones. Which makes perfect sense because, as I have been constantly stating, this is an artillery war in which even the Ukrainians admit the Russians have a 7, 8, 10 to one advantage.

There is no worse deaf than the one who does not want to hear. B

ut when the deaf suddenly becomes cold and hungry, you will how fast he recovers his hearing.

Choosing Trannies Over Christ.

NCR’s new god.

Huge pile of rubbish from the ncr today. I am afraid you will have to click because I don’t have the time to give you the whole story.

Let us forget the reprehensible behaviour of the deacon, who was unable to be man enough to refuse the usual abject apology, therefore projecting himself into the stratosphere of Catholic Betadom.

Let us focus on the “empathetic trannie” instead.

At NCR, evidently, nobody finds strange that a trannie would identify as such and claim allegiance to the Catholic faith. They are utterly unable to see the rebellion that all these perverted “identifications” automatically entail. Being a member of the heathenish Church of Nice, at NCR they merely report, of said trannie, his being a (and I quote) “gentle, empathetic, compassionate person”.

In their complete lack of charity and Christian spirit, NCR even as much as praises (though this is not said explicitly) the reaction of said empathetic trannie to the interfaggot massacre in Colorado. That the words used by the trannie (“being LGBT hurts”) to comment the interfaggot massacre further confirm the man’s identification with his own perversion and, therefore, the rebellion to Christ that the words clearly mean is not commented with a single word. The trannie is right, the (lame) deacon is wrong.

This is not even Christianity anymore. This is siding with Satan in the name of niceness. What does the trannie (and his enablers) think, that he has been treated cruelly by God? That Christ had fun in making a woman be born with a “little friend”? That there has been an assemblage mistake in his mother’s womb?

Now, this guy is (as they all are) depressed and suicidal. Would not Christian charity command that he is helped to get out of his degeneracy, instead of being confirmed in it? And what is the (lame) comment of the deacon doing, but telling the guy that a life of such great sin, such open rebellion to Christ’s order, will be a life of great suffering? Heck, this is basic stuff. It’s something told to children. It’s quite incontrovertible.

Of course, the deacon could have said it better. Of course, the deacon could have pointed out that if trannie thinks that being a pervert on earth hurts, he needs to reflect on how much it hurts being a trannie in hell. Still, one thing is clear: one part is, clumsily, trying to save this soul; the other is helping him to go to hell with the high speed train.

Let me say it once again: this is not even Christianity anymore. This is a perversion of God’s rules to “include” the perverts rebelling to them.

Inclusion is the new golden calf. But those adoring at its altar do not build new temples. They are among us, call themselves Catholic, and demand that we apologise for offending their religion.

If these are his friend, the most probable outcome for the perverted man is the usual one: suicide, followed by hell.

I wonder how many at NCR will, one day, find themselves in the same company.

Reaping What They Sow: Colorado Fag-On-Fag Violence Explained

Five more of those to Colorado, please….

And it came to pass that there was one of those fag-on-fag episodes of violence where one of that parish shoots several people of the same parish (the parish is, of course, the one of Sodom).

You would expect, the times being what they are, that the secular, utterly godless press pretends not to know that the violence happened in a den of iniquity, where people with all sorts of issues, sexual and not, congregate. They will sprinkle their article with the word “gay”, trying to look as liberal as they can.

But what really makes me angry is when bishops of the church express their sadness, solidarity, pain, condolences and other (worldly) shows of support, and can’t say a word about the said den of iniquity, leading to a very sad end for some among the sad life lived by all and the eternity in hell which, bar repentance, is their own final destination.

Dear bishops, please realise this: when some violent fag kills other people like him, your job is to point out what the consequences of sin are, not to beautify those sad individuals, and completely ignore their filthy existence, as if what they were had no relation to what happened to them.

The job of a bishop should be to say to his sheep: “see? These people live a totally debauched existence. Their souls have been perverted by Satan to the point that their perversion has become quite existential, depraved to a self-deluded born-that-way level. Satan wants to secure as many of those souls as fast as he can. Suicides, psychosomatic diseases, derangements of all sorts and that most typical of events, fag-on-fag violence, is the unavoidable consequence of it. And now, five more souls are most likely in hell, which Satan could rapidly secure for himself ***exactly*** because of the filthy life they chose to live”.

Sin begets death. Violence is a typical characteristic of inter-fag relationship, because, as we have seen now several times, those people hate each other, even to the point of mass murder.

You would expect a catholic bishop would find some catholic words when such things happen. But no: it has to be the usual, worldly, utterly secular whining, perhaps accompanied by some anti-gun rant to please the stupid. The simple fact that it was exactly the degeneracy that led to the deaths cannot be said.

And so, once again we have a beautiful example of what these people, who dare to call us “homophobic”, do to themselves.

They are the true homophobes. They hate each other with a passion. They hate themselves with just the same destructive energy. They carry in their heart all the misery, the hate, the violence, the filth they have allowed Satan to instil in them. They are not the victims, they are the culprits. They are their own butchers.

A pig who gets murdered does not become a lamb. It becomes a dead pig. A pervert’s violent death does not improve his character, does not give him any virtue, does not make him worthy of praise, does not give him any redeeming quality. In fact, his violent death has, most likely, fixed him forever in the iniquity he had chosen to embrace.

That means, most likely, roast pig in hell, for all eternity, and I am sure the roast pig has a toxic taste, too.

But hey, don’t let the faithful reflect on this.

It will be considered unkind.

Suicidal Madness

Ukrainian version below

A good example of the utter rubbish going on in Western media is here.

This stupid woman is, most emphatically, no Joan of Arc. Firstly, Joan of Arc was a saint, and this one here is a suicidal cretin scratching her itch and, most likely, a latent lesbian. Secondly, Joan of Arc had no children.

What is appalling here is not only the extreme form of egotism of joining the army with a toddler in tow ( and note here that every mention of a husband, if any, is accurately avoided: is the new Joan of Arc, by any chance, a single mother? Or is she disobeying to her husband? What does hubby think of the madwoman he has married?) It is the fact that this behaviour is presented as a Christian virtue, including the shockingly hypocritical FrancisAppeal when you praise a young mother who is going to die for a bunch of Nazis.

I don’t know what is wrong with these people at Aleteia, but boy, the brainwashing has gone very far (and a fine brain was likely not there in the first place) when one has to read something like that in a so-called “c”atholic magazine, proving once again that it is only a waste of precious resources stolen to the toilet paper industry.

Now, one of two things will happen here: either this woman is just for show and she will accurately be kept away from the line of fire, or she will be sent to an almost certain slaughter, like the rest of the artillery men in the Ukrainian Army. Also, Aleteia does not seem to reflect that – unless this is merely a publicity stunt – the appointment of a woman with mere 6 years of service to commander of an artillery battery clearly points out to very high casualties among her peers; which, publicity stunt or not, is exactly what we all know is happening.

This is an artillery-dominated conflict, where drones and satellite communicate with great precision the position of enemy artillery positions, and where Russia has a clear air superiority and a huge artillery superiority. Do the math. The only more dangerous place to be than near a Ukrainian piece of artillery is, most likely, inside a Ukrainian tank. Compared to wannabe Joan, the not-so-holy unnatural mother, even a Ukrainian infantryman lives in security, and I can assure you his security is very, very precarious.

Then there are the lies. The article linked to by Aleteia states that the woman entered the army with a 1 year old boy at home (again, father is nowhere to be found). Her family forbade her to do something so stupid when she was young, but they are suddenly proud of her now that she has a seven years old son. This unmitigated piece of propaganda excrement is then basically copied over and uncritically fed to its readership by, of all things, a supposed catholic magazine. This is how low presstitutes can stoop nowadays.

Shame on you, Aleteia.

Shame on you, unnatural mother.

This is really beyond the pale.

Reverence, Expanded

My post of last week about reverence has caused many reactions, which showed me that the issue is more pressing than your average Novus Ordo, V II, “let’s have an applause for Mrs Jenkins, who always greets everyone at the entrance”-priest would like to admit.

However, reader Michael Warning pointed out to something that, I think, needs reflection: there are Latin Masses that are disrupted, too.

I only ever experienced one of these masses. I did not find it as disrupted as your typical NO mass (by far not), but certainly, it was more disrupted than I expected it to be.

I noticed this and could only – sadly – reflect on this: that you can’t bring Sodom out of Lot. Unless there is a work of education of the faithful on the deep meaning of reverence at Mass, and on the fact that a disruption is still a disruption even if it is caused by a child, chances are that, among the young couples attending to a Latin Mass, there will be those who still struggle to grasp that “reverence” thing, and have no cultural instruments to understand that, in the end….

no, it is not OK.

It has been, in saner times, a constant praxis of the Church that children should only be in church when they can behave and cause no disruption (this will, of course, depend from the degree of maturity and self-control of the single child). Also, it has been a constant praxis of the Church that, if there is no possibility to leave a child at home when attending mass, there is no mass obligation for the person who minds the child.

So, if papa and mama want to attend the Latin (and not only Latin) Mass but have a small, noisy toddler, or a baby, and there is no reasonable way to park the child by grandma on a Sunday morning, the mother can and should well stay home with the child until such time as the child can attend mass without disruption (perhaps, at times, papa could stay, though I wonder how many Italian mamas would like the arrangement…).

How do I know all this, you will ask?

As to the second statement, I have it from a homily at a Latin Mass.

As to the first statement, I have it from frequent, lived, personal experience. In fact, I distinctly remember the many times in which my art-loving, but not churchgoing parents would not allow me to enter a church they were visiting (papa would go first, then he would get out and it would be mama’s turn), explaining it with the fact that I, a mere child, was not disciplined enough to enter the church. Later, when I was old enough to be allowed to enter, I was still forbidden to do so in days in which I was restless or noisy. This was because, even for my agnostic father, it was not OK that it would enter the sacred space of a church and even only cause a risk that the place, – mind, ***outside of mass*** -, be sullied by my unruly behaviour.

I also happen to remember ( I remember a lot of things of my early childhood; then I struggle to remember what I ate for breakfast…) that no one of my cousins was allowed to enter church, either; the village church of our early childhood being, for us, an inaccessible, magical place full of mystery and, in fact, tremendously awe-inspiring (and note here, my aunt and uncle did go to Mass!).

These things did not happen out of my father’s strange idea about reverence and, again, my father was agnostic and not at all church going. This can only have happened because of a concept of reverence that was deeply embedded in the Italy my parents grew in, something that was cultural before even being specifically religious. Today’s behaviour is what 50 years of happy clapping, guitars in church and aggiornamento do to people.

Mind, there were certainly exceptions and, perhaps, different regional sensitivities (in one of the Don Camillo movies, you can hear a baby crying during the homily; perhaps it was done for effect…); you can also say that I was raised strictly, and so were my cousins, and you would certainly be right; but yes, reverence was a big thing, no doubt about it.

When sanity comes back, the return to proper liturgy will have to be accompanied by a work of reeducation of the faithful; reeducation to, well, sanity, then it is a mystery to me how people can even chit chat in church before the mass starts. The naturally reverent Latin Mass will help a lot; but, on its own, it will not do the trick, because what is going lost is the sensus catholicus and the deep reverence that contributed to the Latin Mass in the first place.

Helping me To Find That Book: Full Success By Half!

After I wrote this post, I had many answers, showing the great quality of the readers of this little effort.

One of the answers had (with huge hat tip to reader Quoter Meister!) what it seemed to me the winning take: Thomas Aquinas’ Compendium of Theology.

This book had two characteristics of the book I was looking for and that I remembered (or seemed to remember):

  1. Written by St Thomas Aquinas, and
  2. Structured as “steps” building one on another.

Full of enthusiasm, I started reading the book (there is a link to an electronic version in the comments to the other post).

The book is excellent, and I recommend to everyone with an interest in theology to give it a try. It can be read in sections, which further enhances the possibility of a reader to get from it the required information or to digest it in more manageable logical chunks. The book also shows, though there is no need for that, the utter superiority of old, thinking people to what passes for intellectuals today.

However, the book is not exactly what I was looking for, or better said: it is not exactly the book I was trying to find.

This is a theological treatise starting with a treatise on Faith and, specifically, God. It is, therefore, a theological work from the get go.

The book I remember reading had two differences with this one.

  1. The “steps” were much shorter than in this book. They were so short that you would devour the first ones, same as you might get a flight a small steps running (before, slowly, the going gets harder). Also, every step had only one logical advancement, explained once (this one often has three or more explanation of the step, from very early on).
  2. The steps started not from God, but from the observation of reality. It was a theology work built on philosophy. It was a book which (as far as my memory can assist me) set up to explain reality, and God’s place in it, starting (in pure Aristotelean fashion) from the observation of reality itself and building from there.

Therefore, what I would say is that the Compendium of Theology does exactly what I remember the other book doing, but not in exactly the same way I remember the other book doing it. Of course, you can say that my brain has a certain age by now, and I would agree with you. It can also be that the other work I read was a manipulation or extrapolation of Thomistic thinking, perhaps from more than one source. But it was not quite the Compendium of Theology.

I might, or not, manage to find the book again.

Still, the search already brought me to what is clearly an accessible masterwork of theology, for which I am grateful to all the readers who have helped me in this quest, particularly Quoter Meister.


A dumb “c”atholic publication (no link) put out an article stating that we should stop saying that the Latin Mass is more reverent. At the end of the article, and after the usual small c catholic bloviation, it is said that if something is made to honour God (and the author add, respect others; because in NuChurch the others are deified) it is reverent.

Exactly there lies the problem.

The clapping, the noises, the chatting, the walking around at the “sign of peace”, the casual kindergarten exercises with the children, and all the rest that comes with your usual Novus Ordo are, exactly, not reverent because they lack that sense of awe, solemnity and utter respect traditional linked with the word.

Reverence is not only a matter of intention: it is in the way this intention is showed. If this were not the case, the playing of guitars in church could be considered reverent merely because the happy guitarists think they are honouring God, whilst every reasonable person would tell you that such an exercise is exactly the definition of lack of reverence. Similarly, the chanting of Gregorian chant is, by definition, reverent even if no one of the singers actually has any faith. If there is no exterior expression of the sense of awe in front of God’s power, and of deep interior submission to Him, then there is no reverence. All those soi-disant “charismatic” people with their disordered vociferating may think that they are being faithful, they may even think that they are proper worshipping God, but one thing they will never be is being reverent.

This is, to the common sense, so obvious that even those who have no contact with the Church instinctively, automatically grasp it. Countless movies have represented Catholic Traditional masses exactly in order to transmit the reverence. Nobody, who has to make a movie, would use the happy clapping and the applauses of the modern rituals instead.

It’s not even about silence, though silence is an important part of it. The Dies Irae of Giuseppe Verdi’s Requiem is, in fact, extremely loud, but nobody in his right mind would ever think that it is not reverent.

Silence, though, is a very big ingredient. Modern V II do not know any better, which is why you see them chatting in church before the beginning of mass like they were in line for cinema tickets. But hey, I am sure if you asked them, they would tell you they are doing nothing wrong.

The new liturgy has destroyed, inter alia, the sense of reverence. Masses which your average V II churchgoer would describe as “reverent” have lost almost every trace of it: but everybody feels so good when the children are called in front of the altar, or sent back to the pews, like it’s the Christmas school recital; or when the usual applause at the end of it, and everybody feels so sanctimoniously good at encouraging each other. Almost as diabetes-inducing as those namaste signs at the “sign of peace”….

We need to recover the very sense of the word, and learn from what our ancestors did for so long, if we want to restore the very basics of proper worship.

And no, almost no Novus Ordo mass can be defined as “reverent”.

Because the Novus Ordo is made exactly in order to be irreverent.

Pies In The Sky, 1752 vs 2022

A French peasant, circa 1752, is living a bitter life, deprived of faith and sick from the injustice that can be seen all around.

His neighbour, also a poor peasant, has a solid faith and lives a serene life, watered by his hope in a better one to come.

It is a big paradox of the universe that the most important thing of this life it’s actually not in it, because it is what happens when this life ends.

Some, unable to understand – or better said, to accept in serenity and obedience – this simple fact of life, did all they can to ruin this life before completely destroying all hopes of happiness in the next. Others, who had that serenity and obedience and, therefore, understood, created a better life for them on this earth before an inconceivably happy one in the next.

What does this tell us? A Believer is not deciding to suffer now, so that he may live better later. A believer is deciding to embrace now whatever suffering is sent to him, and make of it fuel for serenity in this life, and happiness in the next.

How bitter it must be to be an atheist, both in 1752 and today. To see some born beautiful, rich and happy, and other deformed, poor and resentful.To see everything that does not work, and believe that there is no second dimension in which everything works out right, and a sense is made of every injustice. To live, perhaps, in strict contact with iniquity, and knowing that at the end of it there will be no consolation and no justice, only a meal for worms.

Is it, today, so much different from rural France, circa 1752? Today is not rural France in the middle of the XVIII Century, but many a young software engineer in San Francisco or accountant in New York must feel not very differently, when he realises that he is, like countless of his pears, working 50 or 60 hours a week in a qualified job, but still living hand-to-mouth with no possibility in sight of even buying a place to call his paid home in retirement; a destiny which, in fact, has more than a passing similarity with the one of the peasant; a peasant who certainly worked less, had no student debt, possibly owned a small cottage, and had a lot of time for his family, friends, and simple leisure activities.

The new proletariat is, or so it thinks, well educated and very intelligent. It thinks of itself as intelligentsia, cultural elite, spearhead of a new world. But it is still that: proletariat, useful cogs in a huge machine that does not even allow them to buy a place they can call their own. Only, the new proletariat has no prole (can’t afford them anyway), no faith, and no quality of life. Their existence is, often, dominated by the constant apologies to someone they have offended, the terror of being considered racist or cut off from their acquaintances’ social media, the excruciating choice of which flags to put beside their profile, and the constant bitching about what goes on in some remote part of the planet or, for the most advanced, about what is going to happen with the planet itself. For the Modern Peasant, being miserable is an entire way of life.

So we see that the situation, compared to 1752, hasn’t really changed, only the angry people are way more, and they likely live a much worse life. There are, also, the happy ones. But, particularly in great cities, they seem to be a minority. Bitterness, resentment, fear, and insecurity (about the future of the planet, their own future, even their own sexual identity!) seems to be the mark of the 2022 atheist.

Miserable then, and miserable now. But now there is a Twitter handle, a rainbow flag, a collection of pronouns, likely one or more abortions, and the same quiet desperation of walking toward nothingness. As to food, entertainment, free time, and friends: the 1752 peasant guy probably wins hands down.

Meanwhile Good Peasant, 2022 Edition, lives a serene life in the Lord, hopes for better times but has no illusions on humanity’s improvement, lives in serenity, suffers in faith, and dies in hope.

Then as now, he gets a better life down here.

And he gets the pie in the sky, too.

Can You Help Me Find This Book?

Before I become entirely mad, I thought I would make an attempt and ask the audience of this little effort if they can help me, because I am really hitting a wall here.

It is about a book of theology.

The book is organised in this way, that it has many hundreds (or thousands) of little elementary steps, like little steps in a huge ladder. You start from a very low level (in fact, the book starts from extremely elementary concepts) and then slowly, slowly build up from there.

The steps are made in such a way that you will always be able to understand that the very small progress from one step to the other is incontrovertible. Every step will, therefore, be a little unassailable truth. You will never find a hiatus, or a logical jump. Every step always follows from a step preceding it.

As you progress, the initially simple steps start to create more complex issues, and these issues are solved. logically, one little step at a time. At some point, the author starts to refer to former steps, for example stating, at step (say) 145: “but this needs to be so, as we have seen in step (say) 74”. You go back to step 74 and read again that, yeah, that was a little piece of logical truth you had actually not thought about; a step which, by the way, was incontrovertibly proven by the steps that preceded it and helped to build the steps after it.

For some reason, my very seasoned brain thought, for many years, that this was the Summa Theologiae. In fact, though, it wasn’t, as the Summa Theologiae is built according to a different schema: the well-known collection of questions, divided in articles, with the presentation of objections, a contrary thesis, Aquinas’ answer, and the final replies to the objections.

But the book I was reading was not that. It was, as stated above, divided in little logical steps, such that at first the steps are so easily and so naturally flowing one into the next that you think your intelligence is being insulted (it is not: it is merely the desire of the author to start from an extremely solid, evidently sound foundation), and then things become more and more complex and more challenging, but without losing the extremely rigorous logic of the start.

One of the most fascinating literary/philosophical/theological experience I ever had.

Many years later, I forgot how this book was called. I am sure I started to read it as I haven’t dreamt it (I would never be able to dream anything of that complexity). I might have read an online version, the book is not in my shelves or, for what I can find, in my Kindle. I would have said the author was the Aquinas, but again I can’t find any book of him written in that way. I am positive it was not the Summa Theologiae for the reasons explained above.

Internet researches yielded no result as I am unable to remember the title or the author of the book, I only remember the way it was structured.

I am very grateful for your help.

In Praise Of Intolerance

The Intolerance Reblog

Mundabor's Blog

Intolerant, because a believer: Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.  Intolerant, because a believer: Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange.

“The Church is intolerant in principle because she believes, but is tolerant in practice because she loves. Enemies of the Church are tolerant in principle because they do not believe, but they are intolerant in practice because they do not love.”

Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange

This was written by the great Garrigou-Lagrange, who had the privilege of dying before the “great Drunkenness” took its course.

It is consoling to see that the “Inclusiveness Nazism”, or if you prefer the “Dictatorship of Relativism”, wasn’t born in the XXI century but is in the very fabric of secular thinking.

Our religious values are under attack. Not for the first time, not for the last.

We would be far more effective in the fight if we stopped behaving like sissies already, and decided to shoot from all cannons still at our disposal instead.

Pope or no Pope, Western countries…

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O Ye Of Little Brains!

The place apparently chosen by Russia for the start of WW III.

Yesterday evening a great wave of mediatic hysteria broke all over Western Europe, as the headless chicken of the Press (and of the Polish Government) went around screaming of an allegedly Russian missile falling over Poland, in an obscure frontier village, killing two.

Yes, Sherlock. When the Russians want to escalate the conflict to Poland and NATO, they will pick an obscure village and let fragments of a surface-to-air missile fall there. This will mark the start of the dance.

Not. If the Russians ever want to extend the conflict to Western Europe (which, at some point, they might be forced to do, and the NATO/EU Governments are gravely deluded if they think they can keep extending more and more obvious military help to the Ukraine without risking grave consequences) they will, first, give ample warning and, second, attack strongly and unmistakeably. No fragments of missiles falling on obscure villages. Rather, some military base reduced to smithereens, hundreds of soldiers dead, many more wounded, and a big, big wake up calls for the Twitter soldiers and Facebook generals, that the time of posturing has ended and, now, it is time to put their blood where their mouth is.

This is, obviously, something that every politician or military expert with half a brain knows in private, whether they may say so in public or not. But the Western audience is so deprived of any knowledge of warfare (and so allergic to any type of logic) that even an accident like this one – most likely a Ukrainian surface-to-air missile, launched trying to intercept some Russian missile and gone astray, which happens regularly – can be pumped up for some hours, further feeding the narrative of these bloodthirsty Russians enjoying a couple of Polish villagers before going to bed.

Also, you will notice that this big fanfare happened on the evening of one of the most brutal missile treatments of Ukraine since the start of the Special Military Operation, another quite eloquent signal that the Russians – who, according to Western sources, have finished their missiles in, I don’t know, March? – have all the ordnance they need, many times over.

The Collective West’s audience seem not to notice the brutal cognitive dissonance. Almost nine months after the start of the Special Military Operation:

  1. The Rouble is as strong as never before.
  2. Russia is laughing all the way to the bank.
  3. Russia has an unbreakable chain of very powerful allies.
  4. The Russian military machine proves way superior to everything the West has the guts to field.
  5. Germany and UK alone are spending, on energy bills subsidies to their own people alone, pretty much as much as they have seized, and want to steal, from Russia.
  6. The EU have now become the willing lapdogs of the US, from which they have made themselves totally dependent in matters of energy, arms, and political support.
  7. Europe is facing a long-term loss of competitiveness due to the end of the cheap, high-quality energy Russia was delivering to them. Germany will suffer the most, but no one is going to remain unscathed.
  8. The difficulties that the West wanted to inflict on Russian people, “forcing” them to topple Putin, *are now being visited on the Western European people*.

Nothing of what the “elites” (actually, a bunch of incompetent nincompoops) of the Western block had forecast has happened. Nothing. Nada. Zippo. Worse still, they never had a Plan B and, when they saw that nothing of what they had forecast was happening, they had neither the guts not the brain to admit the mistake and backpedal. They doubled down instead, risking immense destruction and damaging their economies.

But the Western leaders, incompetent as they are, are not the only culprits in this. The peoples of Europe have called this on themselves, and will now have to pay the price of their own childishness. This is what happens when millions of people refuse to be responsible adults and think they can, and should, have a say on every conflict on the planet.

It makes them feel good, you see. Whether it helps keeping them warm, is a different matter altogether.

Whilst the dumb Europeans deal with the high energy costs – and, if the winter is very rigid, the cold -, Russia can go on indefinitely, getting richer every month as the Ukrainian army is slowly, but ruthlessly, made to go through the meat grinder. As long as this situation goes on, Russia will enjoy high energy prices, particularly gas. The US will benefit, too, at least in part. Europe will slowly but steadily decline.

There is no reason why Russia should not keep doing this for all 2023, 2024 and 2025. Look at how they did it Syria, and reflect.

This is now way more than a local military conflict about how much of the Ukraine should become, again, Russian territory. This is now a big, geopolitical settling of scores between a dwindling superpower still deluding itself it keeps being The Hegemon, and three big emerging regional powers (China, India) or superpowers (Russia, one day China), showing the US and their European lapdogs what is what. The matter is, as it is clearly evident, now also linked to an ideological, civilisational one, as the Russians fight for their Christian heritage and their right to mental sanity, whilst India and China are sick and tired of the planetary bullying of Uncle Sam.

These elements, all together, ensure that this conflict will not end in a draw.

From it, a new world order will emerge, and it will not be the one Western homosexuals are dreaming about.

Get This, Francis!

What you see above is the interior of a brand new (consecrated in 2020) Orthodox Cathedral. It is very peculiar in that there are many glass mosaics, giving it a particular atmosphere within the frame of usual Orthodox sacred building style. The outside has been finished in metal, not stone, in an obvious reference to warfare, but it still looks very traditional. Can you imagine Francis promoting the construction of a Cathedral for the Armed Forces?

But this is not all. The Cathedral is built in what appears to be a huge “patriotic park”, well outside of Moscow but still easily reachable. From what I understand, you have there museums of the Great Patriotic War, armed forces exhibitions, and the like. It must be quite the one-day trip, or school trip. It is, likely, an ideal complement to the Museum of the 1812 War, just at the border of the Red Square.

But back to the Cathedral. Russians still build Cathedrals. Big, expensive ones. Made to look like Christian churches, not like shopping centres. Richly decorated in the tradition of Christian Orthodoxy. Proudly declaring the Christian faith of the Russian nation.

Francis must have the conniptions.

This building shows the excellent state of health of Russian Christianity, which we can compare to a boy who is growing healthy and strong and promises to, one day, become a great warrior for Christ. In just twenty years, Vladimir Putin has taken a still vivid patriotic spirit and has re-implanted in it the Christian Faith that had been, for one thousand years and until the savagery of Bolshevism, inseparable from the identity of the Russian nation. Much is there to do, of course, and you only need to remember that not only divorce, but abortion are still allowed in that Country. These things have to be seen in a historic perspective, and the re-christianisation of such an immense body as Russia is not something that can be done in a few years, or even in a generation. It was always so. The Roman Empire did not wake up entirely Christianised the morning after the Edict of Milan.

There is a strong, healthy, growing Christian spirit in Russia, and this growth is fostered by both the religious and the political power. Christian spirit and Patriotism grow together, are intertwined, are part of the way people understand themselves, of their entire way of being. It should be this way in every Christian Country and, in fact, it was this way until the Second Vatican Council slowly tried to transform Christianity in the Pacifist International.

But Christ is peace, not pacifism. War can, and should, be fought for the right reasons. The soldiers involved in it, and their relatives and dear ones, should see their role in it, their suffering and even their death, in a Christian framework.

Dulce et decorum est pro Patria mori. We forgot it. The Russians didn’t.

Take that, Francis, and bring it home to your trannies and degenerate priests.

You will never understand this stuff, because evil and rebellion dominate your heart.

The Everyday Degenerate

Father Georgina had already selected his hearse…

The Evil Clown has received Father Georgina once again. This time, he was allowed to witness the cringeworthy, effeminate ways of the “man” for a full 45 minutes (or so Georgina says).

It is very obvious at this point that the guy just can’t be without his fix of perversion for long. In fact, you would say that, to him, being near to people as obviously degenerate as Georgina has now become an addiction that needs frequent doses of filth.

Francis once said that the so-called “gays” don’t go around with a sign saying that they belong to the so-called gay mafia. However, it seems he can detect them all right, anyway. He would need to be totally blind, and even more stupid than he is, not to notice that there is something fundamentally wrong in this extremely creepy, disquieting guy he keeps receiving.

But then again Francis is a guy who makes a point of receiving freak shows from the tranniedom of the extreme fringes of Italian societies every week (I have written on this; look it up), so a circus tool like Father Georgina must serve as an appetizer to him.

To say that Francis is worthy of being despised is to put it too mildly. A red-pilled Catholic should see in him a very direct, physical attack of Satan against the Church.

The smoke of Satan has entered the church, not from some fissure, but from the main door. A big barbecue is now going on. Faggot priests and trannies are participating, laughing out loud. Francis is looking at them, smiling, and trying to get out of the lewd spectacle all the excitement his old body and old lewd mind can get out of it.

Nothing happens, unless God allows it for His own providential reasons. God has allowed this man to be made pope. One day we will see the mechanism at work in all its (again: providential) beauty.

For now, it seems evident enough that this guy has become a cautionary tale for everything that is to do with Vatican II; and the mor ehe – and, I am afraid, his successors – go on with this, the more a solid, sane, healthy Catholicism will grow exactly as a reaction to him.

As to him, he wrote in one of his Excrementations that an eternal punishment is not in the logic of the Gospel.

Let him experience for himself, if he were to die unrepentant, how logical the statement was.

Meanwhile, don’t be (too) upset for the antics of this tool and his effeminate minions.

Providence is at work. Every moment.

Nil inultum remanebit.

Kherson Examined, Or: What Would General Mundabor Do?

Might be a better military commander than General Mundabor…

Yesterday, something strange (and sad) happened: the Russians announced they would retire from Kherson city and all the territories west of the River (the “right bank”, as the river flows towards the south). Not what I wanted to read, for sure.

This is unpleasant for every supporter of Russia. However, instead of behaving like children (a fashionable behaviour in pro-Russian Telegram channels), we should look at the situation and see what prompted this decision. Military operations, special or not, are not fought on twitter, and they require a longer time horizon than the next two hours.

It was clear since the famous interview of General Surovikin (the new Military Supremo) that he *did not like one bit the situation he had inherited in Kherson*. This can be described, in two words, as a dangerous bridgehead with an immense river (the Dnepr) at the back, a risk of flooding of your soldiers if the nearby dam is broken, and a great difficulty in resupplying them with food and ammo. You need to imagine the Kherson region as being constrained by a big bottleneck, causing a great danger of having tens of thousands of soldiers either flooded or left without ammo. If the soldiers are cut off from resupply and retreat, you have a huge cauldron with 20k or more Russians soldiers stuck in. Hence, Surovikin statement, last month, that “difficult decisions might have to be made”.

Around one month has gone since that interview. I think that Surovikin has seen that the bottleneck cannot be eliminated (the river is still huge, and the Ukrainian are still good at shelling the pontoon bridges). Now that the civilian population has been (wisely) evacuated and he is free to make his own decision, the guy has simply decided that he would do what is better for his soldier and his army, not the PR machine and the Twitter warriors.

Could he have held Kherson? For sure. This is so obvious that you can see, since yesterday, that the Ukrainians still hesitate to advance, so scared they are that this is a trap. He could have held Kherson and he could have, when the attack comes, inflict big losses on the Ukrainian forces. Still, this would have come at at a price to pay in losses for his own soldiers, and at the risk of the Ukrainian managing to break the dam, or to starve his troops of ammo and other logistics. From the fact that Surovikin decided to choose the safety of his soldiers, you understand that this one is the exact opposite of Zelensky, sending his soldiers to die for the sake of two days’ headlines or more almsgiving from the West.

Basically, you can see it in this way: Surovikin is put in charge of the entire front. He looks at it and says to himself: “if I had had my way from day one, is this the front line I would have wanted? With this highly symbolic, but difficult to keep bridgehead, that could, one day, cause a huge loss for which I, not my predecessors who put me in this situation in the first place, would be blamed?”

We know for sure, since yesterday, what answer Surovikin gave to this question. I think he decided to do this one month ago, he simply needed the time to evacuate the civilian population and prepare the Russians for the “difficult decision” he had announced. He is also showing that this one is his own decision, not a retreat forced by an actual, ongoing Ukrainian attack.

Is this pleasant? No. Kherson undoubtedly has a very high PR value, and this one is undoubtedly a boost for the Ukrainian’s morale, which they will milk to the last drop. It will also force the West to keep bleeding weapons to the Ukraine. It will also mean giving away a convenient bridge head the other side of the Dnepr. But Surovikin is as prudent as Putin. He does not care for the moaning of Twitter generals. He will have the front line he wants whilst he keeps dismantling the Ukrainian infrastructure piece by piece, starving them of the energy they need to keep the war going.

This is not what we see in the movies. This is not the war made of heroic advances many would have. This is the business of war as conducted by a guy who wants to keep his own army intact as he slowly dismounts the one of his enemy. No big proclaims. No great offensives. He seems to be a followers of the first rule of Italian boxing: primo, non prenderle, or “first thing: avoid being hit”.

Many disagree with this. They know (and they are right) that the Russian potential to inflict pain to the Ukraine is so big, that they see no need to keep being so prudent, and gentle, and casualties shy. They know (and they are right) that if Russia wanted to go all in against the Ukraine, soon you would have a heap of smouldering ruins where the enemy used to be. Clearly, this is not wanted by either Putin of Surovikin, and it’s not really smart to destroy everything in front of you when you want to keep the territory as your own after the conflict. I have no doubt the Russians would scorch the earth in Finland. They just won’t do it – unless absolutely forced – in the Ukraine.

Surovikin has shown great intelligence and self-assuredness. He has also shown that he will conduct this operation according to sound military principles, not social media frenzies. He has, in fact, shown great ability in first telling you that he *might* do the unpleasant stuff, and then doing it when the conditions are right. Sad as I am that this decision has been made, I cannot but admire this guy’s ice-cold decision making.

Would General Mundabor have made the same decision? Who knows what he would have done, having the same information. Also, who knows whether General Mundabor, tired of this conflict being protracted by the constant deliveries of weapons from the West, would not have decided to stay in Kherson, and bomb to smithereens some Polish military base used as a distribution centre, or some German military base used as training centre, or to completely annihilate Portsmouth’s naval base in order to persuade the Brits to leave the adults alone and go play with the dolls.

You see: in that case, general Mundabor would have, very likely, forced a rapid end of the conflict without any need to leave Kherson. But he might also have – unlikely, but possible – caused a big escalation in the military confrontation; one that would see Russia emerge as the victor very fast – barring a nuclear escalation – but would have also caused great losses for the Russian army and devastations everywhere. Who knows.

The Russians do not mind tactical retreats. They let Napoleon arrive all the way to Moscow (Borodino is more than 100km away). Then they started to work on Napoleon’s grave there. Imagine if twitter, or Telegram, had existed at the time!

All in all, I would say that Surovikin is acting prudently and wisely.

I trust both him and Putin to do what is smart in the long term.

Rigged Democracies

Today is Mid-Term day, and the one or other of you might have wondered why I have not written – I think – one single post about it.

The fact is, that I have lost faith that the process is sufficiently tight and such that voter fraud – which has always existed in the US, but on a smaller scale – can never determine the final outcome.

More in general, I would say that the crisis is broader than at the level of notorious cesspools like Detroit, Atlanta, or Philadelphia. It is, it seems to me, a crisis of values.

The inhabitants of Pennsylvania, or Michigan, or Georgia, or New Hampshire or Arizona seem just not as interested in a fair voting process as they used to be. The ever-growing polarisation of American politics makes it preferable, for very many Democrats, to live with a rigged system that favours them rather than being interested in a fair voting process as absolute priority.

The absurdity of some of the Democrat ideas about “voter suppression”, with the attempt to transform the elections in a third-world joke without – to my knowledge – equivalents in Europe indicates just this: whether they succeed or fail in their plan, the plan itself shows no desire whatever for fair elections.

The issue becomes even more laughable when one considers that these people dare to criticise the Russian democracy, a system of power where there can be no doubt whatsoever that the 80% victories of Vladimir Putin accurately reflect the situation on the ground, and the great discrepancy between Putin’s support (80%) and the electoral share of his de facto party (49%) is the exact consequence of the great popularity of the man.

Nor can anyone say that the Russian Democracy is worse than the American one, because “regime change” to the second party (the Communists, at around 20%) would never be allowed. In the Italy of my youth, that would not have been allowed, either, but no Americans were decrying the “rigged” democratic process.

On the contrary, it is my conviction that Trump was not allowed to win in exactly the Russian way. Really, the US are an electoral glass house that should not go around throwing stones.

I do not have a solution for this beside one of the two: the recovery of sane patriotism, or a blood bath when the situation reaches the point of no return. Mind, the rigging might not be so evident when the elections are not so controversial, but the next Trump will get the same treatment as this one.

Again, at some point it might get down to the AR-15, and we know who will get out of that as the winner. A great tragedy, if that happens, and certainly a wound comparable to the War Between The States. But I don’t see any – as it is fashionable to say today – “off ramp”, as a growing percentage of Americans consider their Country flawed to the core, and are therefore simply not interested in the preservation of its constitutional structure.

If things keep going on in this way, at some point

there will be blood. In 10, 15, or 20 years things might get really , really serious, in the same way as the differences concerning tariffs – and, to an extent, slavery – poisoned the American life with growing virulence for decades before things came a head in 1861.

I don’t see anything of the sort in Europe, much less in the very uniformly thinking Russia. But in the USA – with lunacy advancing, no sufficiently robust voting process, and no real external threat- all bets are off.

As the guy used to say:


So sad.

The Game Of Virtues And The Real Doom

“Prof Hannah Cloke, a climate scientist at the University of Reading, has previously said “history will judge us to be the most pathetic, short-sighted and stupid generation that ever lived if we continue to ignore the evidence of that catastrophic man-made climate change” “.

Well, if you wanted a joke to lighten up your day today, here I have it, fresh from the lies’ press of the Buggers Broadcasting Communism.

It is a kind of Ukrainian situation going on here: the longer reality keeps deny the predictions of the “experts”, the louder the “expert” become in telling us that they are just as right as before, they now merely need to ramp up on the adjectives in order for people to keep believing their lies.

Meanwhile, even Cretin Thunberg (pic above) has understood that the entire exercise is a lot of virtue signalling, mixed with deleterious economic measure meant not to hurt the economy too badly, considering that most people are still more interested in a prosperous life than in protecting themselves from a climate apocalypse they never believed in in the first place. The latter point is shown, extremely eloquently, by the countless luxury homes Obama & Co. buy very near the sea, blissfully forgetting all the catastrophes they tell us we should avoid at the cost of our quality of life.

Greta, in her legendary thickness, still understood what many still need to grasp: she has been used by the alternative energy lobby to shift some energy production, and from countless other companies for massive virtue signalling. Yes, the economy will suffer from the net zero craze, but nothing revolutionary as the “fairly little, and as late as possible” principle keeps applying. Meanwhile, China and India keep pumping CO2 like there is a tomorrow; which there is, so they are right.

The tones are now entirely apocalyptic, but Obama’s house in Martha’s Vineyard seem to flatly contradict them. Also, it is difficult to grow more apocalyptic now than you were one or two or five years ago. They will need new adjectives because literally, world fail to describe their alarm, whilst life goes on exactly as it did when the “inconvenient truths” came out now, heavens, sixteen years ago.

It’s a huge Game Of Virtues: billionaires try to profit from new technologies and new subsidies as they keep flying private jets, Cretin Thunberg desperately tries to stay relevant as she slowly understand she was, always, just an excuse and a facade. Failed politicians like Boris Johnson use the “climate” to try to get some headlines, but they still fly to the Caribbeans for holidays. It’s not only the hypocrisy that is staggering, it is the arrogance!!

Meanwhile, the world is full of “climate scientists” (like the vapid trombone opening this little effort) who would never had achieved any career step, or would immediately be cancelled, if they tried to challenge the Climate Narrative, now enforced with the brutality of a North Korean Secret Police.

The Game of Virtues will go on. We will damage ourselves, but not too much. The super rich will not have any inconvenience. We will be able to survive the inconveniences they send us.

The apocalypse will not come. The climate will do what it always did and it will always do: change. People will grow old believing in an impending doom that will never come. The real doom will come, for them, the day they die, but I doubt they understand this very real danger in their future.

The Game Of Virtues must go en, and everybody who is a dumb somebody wants to jump on the carousel.

They will not like the real doom. But hey, should I waste time explaining it to them? They have made their bed. There’s not much we can do.

About Miss & Miss Dyke

That’s more like it…

We are informed that a South American Miss Something carried out a Mickey Mouse so-called “marriage” with another South American Miss Something.

Even for a guy like me, more attracted to the Nordic, Russian Blue-Eyed, Porcelain Skin type, the two females in question (“ladies” really does not apply here) appear very, and I mean very fetching.

First thing I thought was: “what a waste!”. So much of God’s grace, that should have been used to attract a worthy husband and give to God healthy children, has been thrown away (but… has it?) on the altar of degeneracy. In hell, no Miss Dyke will look attractive, ever.

Second thing I thought is: this is a publicity stunt. I don’t know the “details” of this “Juliet & Juliet” affair, but it is easy to realise that this is a lot of publicity on the cheap, promising all sorts of yields, from magazine articles to book deals to TV shows to cinema contracts, to who knows what else. Attractive and perverted, the two certainly are in line with the times, and will titillate the curiosity of many a gossiping woman. There is a big market for attractive filth.

The third thing I thought was: this gets headlines exactly because of its absurdity. As everybody with a minimum of observation skills knows, your typical dyke is ugly, fat, coarse, and likely violent. The “pushing” on social media of very fetching (and possibly fake) examples of the species glamourises perversion and is used to divert attention from the inner and outer ugliness of these people. It was the same with that lesbian actress who married Johnny Depp; who, by the way, was also a serial sampler of exactly that… stuff she is supposed to not like.

The press looks for ways to glamourise perversion, both because they want to appear all alphabet-supporting, and because filth sells. The sheep sniff the excrement, because it gives them a strange sort of perverted excitement. This is despicable, and part of the problem.

The reality, though, looks just as grotesquely ugly as in the picture above.

Never Forgive, Never Forget

They are for you, Mr Trudeau…

As the harsh reality of what has happened during the Great Couf Oppression begins to emerge, there are voices calling for a “forgive and forget” attitude.

We need to keep living forever, and all that stuff.

Well, er, no.

If you want to “forgive” your baker for being a Couf Idiot, this is up to you. I personally don’t, and will keep boycotting establishments that went beyond the legal requirements. My good opinion, once lost, is lost forever. My money, too.

What is an altogether different business, however, is the public officials who embarked on this tyranny journey. They need to be trialled, their responsibility ascertained, and their complicity punished harshly. Same as for Nazism, alleged ignorance should not be an excuse.

All members of Parliaments and all Government officials who were at the forefront of measures that restricted work for people without vaccines, or kept people prisoner at home, have no place roaming the streets as free men. The same goes for those police chiefs who went beyond the legal requirements and started persecuting their own citizen. Make them spend all the time necessary in a lockdown of the other sort, behind bars. It will teach them the meaning of freedom.

This debate will, God willing, increase in the years to come, as the negative effects of the forced vaccines become more and more visible. However, to me this is not only about that, and how “bogus” the “science” was should not really be a matter of big reflection.

The main issue is the limitation of freedom, both of movement and of deciding whether to get the vaccine, and this issue would be, if you ask me, a huge elephant in the room even if the vaccines had proven wonderful.

I understand that a Government might have to take emergency measures. I understand curfews in time of war. I understand limitations to freedom after a big hurricane. These measures are reasonable, traditional, limited in time, and part of our understanding of a functional freedom framework. I even accepted the “fourteen days to flatten the curve” stuff, thinking that it would be a one-off, emergency measure akin to, say, curfew. But when the extraordinary measures are used as a pontoon bridge to inflict on us limitations of liberty for an undetermined time, and even loss of livelihood for those who do not take part in a medical experiment, then I think that jail is warranted, deserved, even sacrosanct. All this is, it goes without saying, fully independent from the effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the vaccines.

Unless harsh measures are taken, the Western freedoms will always be at danger of being trampled again: a “climate emergency” might well be next, and if the sheep keep bath-ing, “forgiving”, and “forgetting”, the danger will remain a real and present one.

Countless people, in Italy, have lost their livelihood, or had their pay suspended, because of this madness. They deserve to see their damages paid, and their persecutors in jail.

So, no; you forgive as much as you want. You bring all the fruits and biscuits to your MP as you wish.

When you visit him in jail.

Christianity Is Supposed To Hurt, You Dumbass.

Bishop Browne in his free time.

Bishop Ray Browne of Kerry, Ireland, has apologised for one of his priests, who is culpable of actually doing his job.

Father Sheehy, the priest in question, expressed basic Catholic truths: mortal sin unrepented leads to hell, sodomy is a mortal sin, etc. Really, basic stuff. I knew this stuff when I was in kindergarten. In kindergarten, I was man enough to accept it.

It seems this was, however, too much for some of the most obdurate inveterate sinners or perverts in the pew. They were, wait for it, “hurt”.

What does the bishop do? Apologises for his priest’s Catholicism and dares to say that Catholicism does not represent the Christian position. According to him, if some pervie is “hurt”, Catholicism needs to hide in some deep hole.

Bishop Browne is a Catholic-free space, an arrogant supporter of perverts, and an ass to boot.

Catholicism is supposed to hurt, you dumbass!

When was the last time this ass read the Gospel? If he had done so once or twice in the last fifty years, he would know that Christ hurts, shocks and admonishes an awful lot. And yes, you dumb joke, this represents the Christian position to 100%.

This bishop needs to be defrocked, stat. He is an offence to Christianity. He is a pagan priest of the cult of niceness masquerading as a shepherd. He is just the way Satan wishes a bishop to be. A toxic donkey.

Not only does he not know Catholicism, but he does not even have the humility and basic decency of trying to, at his very old age, learn the basics of it. No, it must be the basics that are wrong.

I don’t know who stinks of reprobation more here: the supposed “faithful” who dare to complain because a priest preaches the basics, or a bishop who actually completely forgets what Christianity is all about (hint for the bishop: avoiding hell, *****not***** preventing a fag from feeling “hurt”!) and actually sides with Satan, openly, profusely, unapologetically.

Boy, you read this guy and you understand how things must have been in Sodom, where, no doubt, everybody was “inclusive”…

What a cretin. What a joke. What an unspeakable ass. What a fraud.

It’s people like him who cause lukewarm faithful to lose the faith. It’s people like him who make people stay away from the One True Faith. This guy needs to repent, or he will spend eternity in some very, very dark hole, together with all the people he did not want to be “hurt”.




Servant of Satan.

Christianity Is Supposed To Hurt, You Dumbass.

Bishop Browne in his free time.

Bishop Ray Browne of Kerry, Ireland, has apologised for one of his priests, who is culpable of actually doing his job.

Father Sheehy, the priest in question, expressed basic Catholic truths: mortal sin unrepented leads to hell, sodomy is a mortal sin, etc. Really, basic stuff. I knew this stuff when I was in kindergarten. In kindergarten, I was man enough to accept it.

It seems this was, however, too much for some of the most obdurate inveterate sinners or perverts in the pew. They were, wait for it, “hurt”.

What does the bishop do? Apologises for his priest’s Catholicism and dares to say that Catholicism does not represent the Christian position. According to him, if some pervie is “hurt”, Catholicism needs to hide in some deep hole.

Bishop Browne is a Catholic-free space, an arrogant supporter of perverts, and an ass to boot.

Catholicism is supposed to hurt, you dumbass!

When was the last time this ass read the Gospel? If he had done so once or twice in the last fifty years, he would know that Christ hurts, shocks and admonishes an awful lot. And yes, you dumb joke, this represents the Christian position to 100%.

This bishop needs to be defrocked, stat. He is an offence to Christianity. He is a pagan priest of the cult of niceness masquerading as a shepherd. He is just the way Satan wishes a bishop to be. A toxic donkey.

Not only does he not know Catholicism, but he does not even have the humility and basic decency of trying to, at his very old age, learn the basics of it. No, it must be the basics that are wrong.

I don’t know who stinks of reprobation more here: the supposed “faithful” who dare to complain because a priest preaches the basics, or a bishop who actually completely forgets what Christianity is all about (hint for the bishop: avoiding hell, *****not***** preventing a fag from feeling “hurt”!) and actually sides with Satan, openly, profusely, unapologetically.

Boy, you read this guy and you understand how things must have been in Sodom, where, no doubt, everybody was “inclusive”…

What a cretin. What a joke. What an unspeakable ass. What a fraud.

It’s people like him who cause lukewarm faithful to lose the faith. It’s people like him who make people stay away from the One True Faith. This guy needs to repent, or he will spend eternity in some very, very dark hole, together with all the people he did not want to be “hurt”.




Servant of Satan.

We Have All The Answers (We Can Grasp).

Here, Francis is seen in the act of not trying to sabotage the faith…

The Evil Clown has kept sowing the seed of unbelief once again, saying words to the effect that religion cannot have all the answers. I have no link here, but hey, he has said worse.

Well, religion (the right one) actually has. The problem is that Francis does not believe in this simple fact, and prefers to ignore it.

Catholicism offers, so to speak, a closed circuit of knowledge.

What I can grasp, the Church teaches me. What I cannot grasp, the Church explains and teaches to me to the extent that I can grasp, and commands that I defer to God’s superior wisdom and knowledge to the extent I can’t.

This is a truly wonderful arrangement, that allows every Catholic to walk – or, rather, march; then we are supposed to be a pretty tough bunch – through life knowing that all is fine, all is under control, we always know what we have to do, and we can trust God for all that is not in our power to do, or to understand.

This, to me, means having all answers. It also means that serenity – that factive action that is, ultimately, abandonment to God’s plan – that is a sweet spiritual nourishment to everyone who tastes it.

Some people die young. Some people get cancer. Some people die with Alzheimer. Some people live a life of suffering, struggle, or humiliation. God has a plan for all of them, a reason for their suffering, and a reward for their Christian dedication.

If I manage to get to heaven, I am one hundred percent sure that I will find, there, many an exploited peasant, many a mistreated servant, and many a work-demolished miner or sweatshop worker, who, after a life of toil spent in prayer and Christian resignation, enjoy the presence of God more fully that I will be able to. At that point, all answers will not only be present – I know already now that they are – but they will be made fully transparent to me. Even then, though, some things will remain somewhat obscure – for example, my knowledge of God will never be full -; still, they will still be perfectly clear in their nature and structure ( I will never fully know God, because I am not God). That, to me, will still as complete and satisfactory an answer as it can be.

We already have all the answers, even if some of the answers contain a shaded area. The “we don’t have all answers” seems, to me, as admission of little, or even non existent, faith.

When the mother asks why her three years old child died, “we have no answer” is no answer at all. “Your child died because this is the plan that God, in His infinite goodness, had for him” is a full, 100% true, legit mind-resting answer. This – to stay by our example – is true even if the child has died because of an injustice, an injustice God allowed to happen so that a greater good may come out of it; a greater good not less true, and not less infallibly good, merely because our little brain cannot grasp it whilst on this vale of tears.

This applies to all areas of our life. “If there is a Goooood, why waaaar?” Is the most childish question every Catholic can ever pose, closely followed by statements along the lines of “if we don’t reduce CO2 emissions, God’s creation will fail and die” and “we need to limit the number of souls God can have on this earth, for the good of His own Creation”.

We already have all the answers we can grasp, and we know that there is a wonderful answer even when we can’t. A Catholic needs to inform his life on this principle, instead of looking elsewhere (least of all, in case of hoaxes called “science”) and discover he still does not have the answer he craved, but he has damaged – or lost – the all-important key to the Kingdom of God: the strong faith for which we were born, and which our heart craves.

We are on this earth to earn our ticket to heaven. This is the main event. All the other circumstances in our lives – both those we can impute to our own mistake and those which seem simply fallen on our head by pure bad luck – are steps that God has either willed or allowed on our way there, in order to help us along the way.

It is infinitely unimportant whether we live 8 years, or 108. Whether we get in heaven or not is infinitely important and, in fact, the only thing that ultimately count. The worst bastard who ever got saved still ended up infinitely fine in the end. The worst “good guy” who ended up in hell still botched everything in the most eternally gruesome of ways.

Fighting The Deep Bird, Or: Musk Against The Wokecongs

We have all read about Elon Musk firing the top echelons of Twitter immediately after taking control.

What some might not know is that, for the rest, nothing much seems to have changed. Scott Ritter sent a “test” tweet and was promptly suspended. Other conservative people have been suspended just days before the Primaries. It is early days, but I think what is happening is clear enough.

There is a Deep State (let’s call it Deep Bird) inside Twitter, too. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people working on everything from algorithms to appeal decisions, and from HR to training, who will likely start their little personal insurgency against Elon Musk.

Musk will, also, likely be told that he “cannot do” certain things, because he would find it impossible to hire people if he did them, or because hate legislation would be coming his way. This has always been the way, and if you know the beautiful tv show “Yes, Minister!” You know what I am talking about. Musk needs to pay much attention to the legal people he hires, and take care that he has aggressive people in all places that count.

Trump had to deal with a massive Deep State insurgency; but, unlike Musk, he was not free to hire and fire as he pleased; plus, he had to work with clearly hostile Republican representatives. Musk has a much bigger latitude in his actions and, in fact, it might make sense for him to move the entire shop to Texas at the first sign Californian soyboys prefer to work elsewhere rather than being excluded from the Facebook pages of their metrosexual friends.

Musk needs to show that he will never allow Twitter to be domesticated into some “libertarian light” version of the oppressive apparatus he just bought. He cannot go for half measures, because by doing so he will not gain the trust of sensible America, and will still keep the enmity of the insane one.

Twitter must become the platform par excellence of free speech. It must also use its considerable PR and financial muscle to fight in court every measure of the EU aimed at clipping its wings.

This bird will never be free, unless a massive purge frees it from all the toxins it has accumulated in the last years.

Mr Musk is very smart, and he likely understands all this; however, what he might not be prepared for – or too interested in destroying – is the middle and low level, atomised Vietcong (Wokewong) resistance he is likely going to get. He needs to work on this with the same obsessive dedication he puts into cars and space.

Will he understand this, or will he treat Twitter merely as a kind of toy he can play with in his free time, and disregard when he is tired of it?

Time will tell.

For the moment, I suggest potential new members to wait for more positive news because giving Twitter their business.

The End Of The Craze

With great pleasure I have noticed, during the Years Of The Couf, that the Halloween pagan rite was rapidly receding.

This Year Of The Lord 2022 was the first year since 2019 that life was totally unaffected by the Virus Craze. It was, therefore, a very interesting test of where we are with this.

The results were excellent. The trade has basically ignored the entire thing, evidently considering it not worth it to redo the shop window and launch “special offers” to sell their consumerist rubbish. It was a total flop.

Yesterday evening I went for a stroll to the same shopping centre where I had been observing, year after year, the Pagan Craze (a big concentration of shops gives you a much faster way to take the temperature of the real situation).

You would not have thought it was, in fact, Halloween.

It seems to me that we are now back to where we were several years ago, before the craze began: a misguided ritual for children looking for sweets and, more often than not, being fed this stuff instead of the Four Last Things.

I salute this development. It marks a little step towards normality.

Now, if our clergy would put a bit more energy in reminding the population that today is All Saints and tomorrow All Souls, perhaps we could make some more progress.

But you see, I think they are afraid of not being nice. This saints stuff is so non-inclusive that it would be difficult, for a bishop, to explain what it is without getting into some detail as to what is necessary to be among the saints.

Still, one must be happy for little joys.

I don’t think the Halloween Craze will ever go back. It flared, it started to recede, then it was kicked in the butt by the Couf, and now it seems to have gone back to square one.

Today is the feast of All Saints. Let’s hope this feast resounds more and more in the public square in the years to come. But we’ll need a new and much better pope for this.

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