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About Miss & Miss Dyke

That’s more like it…

We are informed that a South American Miss Something carried out a Mickey Mouse so-called “marriage” with another South American Miss Something.

Even for a guy like me, more attracted to the Nordic, Russian Blue-Eyed, Porcelain Skin type, the two females in question (“ladies” really does not apply here) appear very, and I mean very fetching.

First thing I thought was: “what a waste!”. So much of God’s grace, that should have been used to attract a worthy husband and give to God healthy children, has been thrown away (but… has it?) on the altar of degeneracy. In hell, no Miss Dyke will look attractive, ever.

Second thing I thought is: this is a publicity stunt. I don’t know the “details” of this “Juliet & Juliet” affair, but it is easy to realise that this is a lot of publicity on the cheap, promising all sorts of yields, from magazine articles to book deals to TV shows to cinema contracts, to who knows what else. Attractive and perverted, the two certainly are in line with the times, and will titillate the curiosity of many a gossiping woman. There is a big market for attractive filth.

The third thing I thought was: this gets headlines exactly because of its absurdity. As everybody with a minimum of observation skills knows, your typical dyke is ugly, fat, coarse, and likely violent. The “pushing” on social media of very fetching (and possibly fake) examples of the species glamourises perversion and is used to divert attention from the inner and outer ugliness of these people. It was the same with that lesbian actress who married Johnny Depp; who, by the way, was also a serial sampler of exactly that… stuff she is supposed to not like.

The press looks for ways to glamourise perversion, both because they want to appear all alphabet-supporting, and because filth sells. The sheep sniff the excrement, because it gives them a strange sort of perverted excitement. This is despicable, and part of the problem.

The reality, though, looks just as grotesquely ugly as in the picture above.

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