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The Game Of Virtues And The Real Doom

“Prof Hannah Cloke, a climate scientist at the University of Reading, has previously said “history will judge us to be the most pathetic, short-sighted and stupid generation that ever lived if we continue to ignore the evidence of that catastrophic man-made climate change” “.

Well, if you wanted a joke to lighten up your day today, here I have it, fresh from the lies’ press of the Buggers Broadcasting Communism.

It is a kind of Ukrainian situation going on here: the longer reality keeps deny the predictions of the “experts”, the louder the “expert” become in telling us that they are just as right as before, they now merely need to ramp up on the adjectives in order for people to keep believing their lies.

Meanwhile, even Cretin Thunberg (pic above) has understood that the entire exercise is a lot of virtue signalling, mixed with deleterious economic measure meant not to hurt the economy too badly, considering that most people are still more interested in a prosperous life than in protecting themselves from a climate apocalypse they never believed in in the first place. The latter point is shown, extremely eloquently, by the countless luxury homes Obama & Co. buy very near the sea, blissfully forgetting all the catastrophes they tell us we should avoid at the cost of our quality of life.

Greta, in her legendary thickness, still understood what many still need to grasp: she has been used by the alternative energy lobby to shift some energy production, and from countless other companies for massive virtue signalling. Yes, the economy will suffer from the net zero craze, but nothing revolutionary as the “fairly little, and as late as possible” principle keeps applying. Meanwhile, China and India keep pumping CO2 like there is a tomorrow; which there is, so they are right.

The tones are now entirely apocalyptic, but Obama’s house in Martha’s Vineyard seem to flatly contradict them. Also, it is difficult to grow more apocalyptic now than you were one or two or five years ago. They will need new adjectives because literally, world fail to describe their alarm, whilst life goes on exactly as it did when the “inconvenient truths” came out now, heavens, sixteen years ago.

It’s a huge Game Of Virtues: billionaires try to profit from new technologies and new subsidies as they keep flying private jets, Cretin Thunberg desperately tries to stay relevant as she slowly understand she was, always, just an excuse and a facade. Failed politicians like Boris Johnson use the “climate” to try to get some headlines, but they still fly to the Caribbeans for holidays. It’s not only the hypocrisy that is staggering, it is the arrogance!!

Meanwhile, the world is full of “climate scientists” (like the vapid trombone opening this little effort) who would never had achieved any career step, or would immediately be cancelled, if they tried to challenge the Climate Narrative, now enforced with the brutality of a North Korean Secret Police.

The Game of Virtues will go on. We will damage ourselves, but not too much. The super rich will not have any inconvenience. We will be able to survive the inconveniences they send us.

The apocalypse will not come. The climate will do what it always did and it will always do: change. People will grow old believing in an impending doom that will never come. The real doom will come, for them, the day they die, but I doubt they understand this very real danger in their future.

The Game Of Virtues must go en, and everybody who is a dumb somebody wants to jump on the carousel.

They will not like the real doom. But hey, should I waste time explaining it to them? They have made their bed. There’s not much we can do.

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