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Rigged Democracies

Today is Mid-Term day, and the one or other of you might have wondered why I have not written – I think – one single post about it.

The fact is, that I have lost faith that the process is sufficiently tight and such that voter fraud – which has always existed in the US, but on a smaller scale – can never determine the final outcome.

More in general, I would say that the crisis is broader than at the level of notorious cesspools like Detroit, Atlanta, or Philadelphia. It is, it seems to me, a crisis of values.

The inhabitants of Pennsylvania, or Michigan, or Georgia, or New Hampshire or Arizona seem just not as interested in a fair voting process as they used to be. The ever-growing polarisation of American politics makes it preferable, for very many Democrats, to live with a rigged system that favours them rather than being interested in a fair voting process as absolute priority.

The absurdity of some of the Democrat ideas about “voter suppression”, with the attempt to transform the elections in a third-world joke without – to my knowledge – equivalents in Europe indicates just this: whether they succeed or fail in their plan, the plan itself shows no desire whatever for fair elections.

The issue becomes even more laughable when one considers that these people dare to criticise the Russian democracy, a system of power where there can be no doubt whatsoever that the 80% victories of Vladimir Putin accurately reflect the situation on the ground, and the great discrepancy between Putin’s support (80%) and the electoral share of his de facto party (49%) is the exact consequence of the great popularity of the man.

Nor can anyone say that the Russian Democracy is worse than the American one, because “regime change” to the second party (the Communists, at around 20%) would never be allowed. In the Italy of my youth, that would not have been allowed, either, but no Americans were decrying the “rigged” democratic process.

On the contrary, it is my conviction that Trump was not allowed to win in exactly the Russian way. Really, the US are an electoral glass house that should not go around throwing stones.

I do not have a solution for this beside one of the two: the recovery of sane patriotism, or a blood bath when the situation reaches the point of no return. Mind, the rigging might not be so evident when the elections are not so controversial, but the next Trump will get the same treatment as this one.

Again, at some point it might get down to the AR-15, and we know who will get out of that as the winner. A great tragedy, if that happens, and certainly a wound comparable to the War Between The States. But I don’t see any – as it is fashionable to say today – “off ramp”, as a growing percentage of Americans consider their Country flawed to the core, and are therefore simply not interested in the preservation of its constitutional structure.

If things keep going on in this way, at some point

there will be blood. In 10, 15, or 20 years things might get really , really serious, in the same way as the differences concerning tariffs – and, to an extent, slavery – poisoned the American life with growing virulence for decades before things came a head in 1861.

I don’t see anything of the sort in Europe, much less in the very uniformly thinking Russia. But in the USA – with lunacy advancing, no sufficiently robust voting process, and no real external threat- all bets are off.

As the guy used to say:


So sad.

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